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This crazy punk.


“I’ve always been imagining it.”


Why are you imagining that


Following yesterday’s Yurtha, this time it’s Richard.

What karma did I build in my past life—


“I’ve been looking for a maid for a long time, but I can’t believe we’re meeting like this.

I guess we’re destined.”


“—Isn’t it an ill-fated relationship”


“It’s fate.”


Maybe it was because I met Yurtha, so I didn’t want to continue talking with someone who couldn’t understand.


And weren’t you trying to kill me


“—Why did you look for me”


Are you going to kill me


Still, I thought I gave him the best treatment. 


I change dog bowls to clean white plates, share my desserts, and let him peel potatoes for fun.


Suddenly, I felt unfair thinking about the past.


“Are you going to kill me”


Now that the situation has been driven to the end of the cliff, there seems to be no way to run away.


I close my eyes like that.


“What do you mean kill Do you mean me to the maid”


“…Why did you look for me then”


“Because it’s fate.”


Someone, please swear for me. 


I glared at the nonsense that fluttered with sorrowful eyes.


“If you look at me with such a hot gaze, my blood is rushing.”


“…Blood rushing”


“I’m talking about the thing below.”


Ah, this crazy bastard. 


I don’t know how many times l repeated this today.


“I’m here to pick up the maid.

Come with me, maid.” 


“If I have a choice, I will refuse—”


“Unfortunately, you didn’t have a choice.”


Then this is kidnapping!


I’m already frustrated that I’m possessed by a BL novel, but I can’t believe I’m being kidnapped like this.


Suddenly, I remembered Emily who abandoned me here.


“Save me, Emily…”


I miss you, Emily.

Where did you go


“Who is Emily”


As I murmured in awe, Richard narrowed his forehead and asked.


“We share the potatoes you gave to me.”


“So you’re saying you’re sharing me now”


“…What do I share”


What kind of nonsense is this


The more he talked, the more my head seemed to get twisted.


“It’s disappointing.”




He smiled well when he saw my wrinkled expression.

Really, I—.


“Then maid, shall we go”




“I want to leave when you want, but unfortunately, it’s hard to delay time.”


On the subject of kidnapping me, he politely reached out like a knight on a white horse.


His silver hair, sparkling as if sprinkled with transparent glass powder in the sunlight, swayed in the wind. 


Judging from this scene alone, it really is a white horse—.


I sighed again.


“What happens if I don’t hold this hand”


The moment I hold it, I will surely die by Argen.


No tears came out anymore.

I glared at Richard, holding back the laughter that was about to burst out.


I thought I should scream, but I didn’t because I knew it was useless.


“Maid, what do you think is the reason I’m being polite to you”




Are you telling me to follow you when you still say something nice


“The maid is the one I need.”


I’m sure I’m a useful person. 


Need and usefulness were the same, but they were distinctly different words.


“The maid didn’t help me escape, but I’ll give you wealth and honor.”


“…You have a lot of patience.”


There was no way.


I held Richard’s hand crying and eating mustard.

(T/n: eating mustard here mean to be forced to do something against one’s will (울며 겨자 먹기.))


I thought it would be better to run away together and see the opportunity to escape.




A long shadow fell in front of Richard, who was facing the sunlight, and me.


I looked up as if possessed by something and faced a bloody eye. 


Holding a silver sword shining in the sun, the man smiled with a distorted face.


“Are you running away with a man in front of me now, Nunim”


The moment I met the bloody eyes, I stared blankly at them as if I were being sucked in.


Why is he here—


I heard from Emily that one of Herthas’ sons was coming, but I was nervous that I didn’t know I would face him like this.


And I tasted a terrible feeling.


I’d rather be the lesser evil, Dylan Herthas, but then he’s the sub-male lead. 


“There’s a disturbance between our relationship, maid.”


What kind of relationship do we have—


I remember I served you a meal, but weren’t we done


“I heard that the monster of Evantes escaped, but it’s here.

I’m sure he’ll like it if I catch it and give it to the Marquis.”


In other words, the tip of Yurtha’s sharp blade was facing Richard’s neck.

As if he’d cut it right away.


“Come this way, Nunim.”




Richard looked at me as if asking what he meant, and I answered while avoiding Yurtha’s gaze.


“I, I guess the Young Master drank again!”




Richard nodded as if he was convinced, but he looked somewhat down.


“But maid, what does ‘again’ mean”


Then why are you responding to the strange part ‘again’ 


“It’s like you’ve known each other before.

I’m jealous.”


“Please don’t say anything you don’t mean.”



I grabbed my throbbing head.

Someone, please take them away.


“Nunim, you look like you’re having fun with a monster like that.

You’ve been hanging out with lowly things without me.”


This side also had a formidable snout.


Richard and Yurtha stared at each other as if they were beasts who met their natural enemies.


Seeing that, I was desperate to see Emily. 


What’s with this whale fight


Unfortunately, there was no one to protect the shrimp.

To be honest, I think they would eat shrimp in one bite if they had it.


Anyway, this is not the important thing, but as long as this happened, I had to protect my body by myself.


I took advantage of their fighting spirit and looked around.


I was looking to see if there was anything that could be a weapon, and I happened to see a large piece of wood that fell under the tree.


I crept up toward it.






They both looked at me as I picked up a piece of wood and aimed at them.


“Both of you, don’t get close.”


The piece of wood was quite heavy, so my arms trembled, but I tried to pretend to be calm. 


“What will happen if you go, maid”


“I guess you haven’t felt the seriousness of the situation yet.”


I responded as fiercely as possible to Richard.


“I’m going to hit you in the head with this as soon as you come.”


What do you think Scary, huh


I had a terrifying expression on my face in order to scare him, but unfortunately, my opponents were the male lead.


Their gaze on me became mysterious. ‘What the hell is that’.

It was just those eyes. 


It’s like looking at a pitiful rabbit—.

Damn it.


“Okay, Nunim.

Hold it properly.

If that monster comes, swing it away right away.”


“You’re no exception either.”


Then Yurta made a sad expression.

On a subject to not be disappointed at all. 


I had to hurry up and end this situation.


Otherwise, I don’t think my heart will survive.


I looked at Richard with a fierce expression as much as possible.


“Soon the Marquis will come and lead the knights.”




Actually, I’m not sure either.


“So if you’re going to run away, you’d better not think about taking me with you.

If you don’t want to be trapped in a cage again after trying to catch a rabbit.”


I drew a straight line like that.


Of course, since he is not wearing a magic restraint now, I wonder if it is possible to overpower him—.


“The maid underestimates me a lot.”


As I opened my eyes to the ominous words, a white energy swirled around Richard.


Yurtha, who frowned at him, put the tip of the sword at Richard. 


‘Are you going to try it here right now’


I slipped back.

The best way would be to sneak out when the two fight.


I look back so slowly.




Yurtha shouted at me in an urgent voice.


I was surprised and looked forward, and Richard was approaching me.


I hurriedly stepped back, but it was useless.


“I got you.”


Richard’s mouth bent pleasantly.


And at that moment, something incredible happened.



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