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“Marquis, I have something to tell you.”


Argen had work outside today, so he went out in the morning and came into the mansion late in the afternoon.


That’s why he belatedly heard the commotion that took place inside the mansion.


Richard, who he personally locked underground, broke the magic restraint and ran away.


Argen’s expression crumpled when he heard that.


“So what happened”


Argen’s nervous question drew a smile on the face of the butler, who was continuing to explain the situation.


“Don’t worry, Marquis.”




“He’d been locked up again.”


At the butler’s brief reply, Argen had doubts.


Was there anyone in this mansion who could capture Richard, who had escaped after breaking the magic restraint


As if he knew his question well, the butler spoke again.


“Herthas’ Young Master visited the mansion today.”




“Young Master Yurtha actively cooperated in overpowering and locking him up.”


“Young Master Yurtha Why” 


Now that he thinks about it, he doesn’t know why Yurtha Herthas fired up when the monster ran away, but the butler decided to think those good things were good.


This is because he inferred that he would have done such an action to look good to Argen.


It was a well-known fact that Herthas’ first son Dylan and second son Yurtha were fighting each other fiercely for the title of head of the family.


So it’s not beneficial for Yurtha Herthas to line up with Argen.



I don’t know his heart well, but it’s not for the Marquis to worry about.”


Strangely, his master gave a displeased expression.


A strange smile formed on the corner of Argen’s lips, who had been silent for a while.



He helped us, so we should treat him.”


There was a strange light in Argen’s green eyes.


“Prepare dinner.”


“I understand.”




“…Rosie, are you upset”


Emily carefully opened her mouth when she saw me not coming out of the blanket for a long time.


“Emily, did our love cool down”


At my blunt words, Emily blinked as if she were wondering what it meant.


“What are you talking about, Rosie You know how much I like you!”


“Then why didn’t you back when you leave me Are you no longer in need of me”


“R, Rosie! There’s no way!” 


She wouldn’t know how frightened I was to be left alone in the maze garden.


With the maniac male lead and the sub-male lead—.


When I remembered that time again, my whole body became shivering on its own.


‘I got you.’ 


As soon as Richard grabbed my shoulder, his other arm wrapped around my waist.


I was surprised and closed my eyes reflexively and waited for what would happen later.


But contrary to my expectations, nothing happened after that.


His hand slid in vain as I raised my eyelids.




Richard’s face, who always had a leisurely smile, was distorted.


His white eyelashes trembled.


He took a few steps back from me like a shocked person.

It was strange to see him hurry to cover his mouth and step back.




Finally, Richard started talking.


I stood like I was stuck and stared blankly at Richard.


‘What did you do to me…’


What did I do


Rather, what were you trying to do


With those words, Richard collapsed.


He bent one knee and fell to the ground.


Trying to somehow catch his blurring consciousness, he groaned and gripped the grass.




Yurtha, who didn’t miss that moment, approached Richard’s neck with a sword.


But, for some reason, Yurtha’s condition was also not good.


He covered his nose and mouth with a big hand, making a regretful face.




‘…Why are you calling me’


I don’t know how to explain this situation.


So I just stood there blankly.


‘It would be better if you go back with me.’


‘I said before that I like this place.’




Yurtha spoke confidently while smiling bewilderingly.


‘You’ll hate this place soon.’




‘You’ll want to come back with me.’


Very, earnestly.


I laughed at that.

There was no way I could have wished for that, and the real Rosie seemed to hate Yurtha, too.


‘I’m the only one who can protect you, Nunim.’


‘I’ll protect myself.’


‘You’ve said that before, but you’ve always had a hard time protecting your body.’


Was there a problem between Rosie and Yurtha


I, who’s not the original Rosie, couldn’t keep up with the flow of words uttered by Yurtha.


I just respond coldly pretending to be Rosie so as not to get caught that I’m not the real Rosie.


‘You will regret your choice now.’






I listened quietly to his story, not knowing what he was warning about.


At that moment, a fresh smile appeared on Yurtha’s shady face.


‘The monster is here!’


At the same time as one of the knights shouted, I heard the sound of iron rubbing against each other.


They were knights in armor.


When they saw Richard, who was lying down, they opened their eyes wide and immediately saw Yurtha.


‘…Did Young Master do this’


What should I  do, Nunim


Yurtha stared at me as if asking and I signaled him with my eyes.



Say you did it.


‘Yes, I did it.’


Fortunately, unlike Emily, Yurtha understood “Speak with Your Eyes” perfectly.


So the commotion was over.


“Rosie, my love for you is…” 


As I’m thinking again about what happened in the early afternoon, Emily was vowing out her friendship with me alone.


She showed a glimpse of her will to free me somehow.




“Yes, Rosie!” 


“My heart is beating so fast.”


“…A, are you okay, Rosie I’ll kidnap the doctor right away!”


No, kidnapping is a bit—.


I was going to tease Emily because her reaction was cute, but I didn’t know such an excessive answer would come back.


I was about to say no, but I heard a knock.


“Rosie, the butler is calling you.”


…I expected him to call me someday but, I tried to hide my terrible feelings and stood up from bed.


But Emily opened her mouth resolutely as if my innermost feelings were revealed.


“…Rosie, I’ll prove my love by killing the butler.”


Stop it.


I left the room and followed the maid.




As Fram, the butler, approached me, the maid who guided me all the way here quietly left.


“I heard that he had been looking for you.”




I immediately realized that ‘he’ refers to Richard.


I hope I won’t be involved in Richard’s escape.


At that time, when I was anxious, the butler put his hand on my shoulder.


“What happened with him”


“…I just gave him food.”


“How did you feed him And the monster is looking for you like this to kill you”




Is it misrepresentation Richard tried to kill me



That’s what I thought at first.


“I didn’t call you today to scold you for what happened.”


“Actually, I had no doubt that you wouldn’t punish me because I had done nothing wrong.”


“…Is that so”


I bowed my head sensibly.


“I called you because you didn’t have much time left until you said you were going to quit.”


Oh right.


I have to tell him that I’m going to work here a little longer.




“I told the maid about the severance pay.

It’s been over a year since you worked in this mansion.”


“T, that’s…” 


“You haven’t worked here for a long time, but I’ve put it in a lot of money because of your hard work so far.”


“T, that’s why…” 


“If you want, I’ll write you a letter of recommendation for later work just in case.”


I have to say that I will continue to work, but it has become difficult to bring up anything because of the butler who has completed all preparations.


“Yeah, what were you trying to say”


“Keep working…”


“Your voice is low, what”


My voice naturally lost momentum due to awkwardness.


“Are you trying to refuse the letter of recommendation”


No, it’s not.


Please listen to the end, butler.


“Just in case, take the letter of recommendation.

Since you’re leaving the mansion—”


“Are you quitting”


After the butler’s words are cut off, a voice is heard.


At that moment, my body stiffened.

The body didn’t move freely as if the bones of the whole body were frozen.


When I lifted my head in a chilly atmosphere, I met the red eyes that filled with joy.


—It was Yurtha.


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