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I got goosebumps at the voice that I shouldn’t have heard. 


Speaking of the intensity of goosebumps, it was creepy as if I had encountered a zombie crawling out in front of the tomb on a midsummer night.


“What are you doing here, Young Master Herthas”


“The Marquis invited me to dinner, so I’m on the way—”


Yurtha’s gaze stuck in me.


No matter how ominous his pleasantly curved mouth was, I sneaked away from the gaze.


“By the way, did you just say that the maid is quitting her job”


Butler, please be quiet.


I sent intense eyes towards the butler, but unfortunately, the butler didn’t look at me.


“Yes, that’s right.

Do you know Rosie”


“Of course.”


—Obviously, the two were talking about me, and it formed an atmosphere in which I, the party, could not join.


“She’s the Marquis’ bedroom attendant, that maid.”


At that, the butler burst into a dry cough as if embarrassed.


Yurtha persistently sent me a gaze and smiled.


“Then I’ll get going.”


Like that, Yurtha left, and I had no choice but to grab the back of my neck while looking at the back.


Even after Yurtha disappeared, the butler kept coughing and looked back at me. 


“Rosie, what were you trying to say”


Ah, my back—.


I grabbed the back of my neck reflexively.


“Rosie, are you sick”


“My back neck hurts—”


“Oh, my.

You’re still young—”


The butler clicked his tongue as if it can’t be, but I was so depressed that I wanted to cry. 


Because the person who made the thing very worst actually doesn’t know what’s going on—. 


“You must have a very sore throat.

Can we continue to talk now”


“… Of course.

It doesn’t interfere with what I say.”



What were you going to say, Rosie”


“For the time being—I was just going to tell you I think I’ll have to keep working here.”


As I was talking, I thought I would shed tears.


However, unlike my feelings, the butler had a welcoming face.


“Is that true”


“Please take good care of me in the future, butler—”


“Yeah, Rosie.

Let’s keep up the good work.”




After talking to the butler, I headed straight to my room.


It made me miserable to think of Yurtha, who knew I was going to quit right away. 


I’m worried about his next move and quite uncomfortable, but Emily was waiting for me in front of the door. 


She welcomed me when she saw me.


“Rosie, let’s go to the kitchen together!”


“To the kitchen”


“I have a lot of work right now, so they have asked me for assistants.

So I decided we will go.”


Ugh, I hate it. 


With a terrible look on my face, Emily asked the chef to secretly give me a dessert after finishing work.


It was a confident tone that seemed to have left the desserts alone.


Since the last time I worked with the kitchen maid and Marie, the chef and Emily have grown closer and often come for dessert.


Emily would mutter to herself as she saw me happy to see the dessert.

What did she say Did she have a rival 


Anyway, it’s special.


I shook my head and moved along with Emily.


I had to pass through the main hall to go to the kitchen.

It was time to go down the stairs leading to the central hall.


“I, I don’t want to! P, please save me!’


A desperate cry rang out.


Emily and I stopped talking and looked to the center alone, in the sound’s direction.


That place—.


“I really didn’t know! It’s unfair! Who knew I didn’t know the monster would escape!”


“Don’t be loud and follow me!”


“Ugh—I really don’t know! He was wearing the restraint properly—”


The maid being taken through the center by the knights had a familiar face.


The one who serves Richard’s meal. 




I called her name in a very small voice.


It must have been a very small voice that even Emily next to me would not hear, but Ella turned her head as if she had heard my voice.


Tears-filled eyes stuck in me.




She called my name with eagerness as if she wanted me to save her, but there was no way I could do anything about it. 


Because I’m just a maid. 


I couldn’t do this or that, and I stood around and saw Ella being dragged, and she pulled my sleeves.

It was Emily.


“Let’s go, Rosie.”


Emily turned her head away from Ella’s gaze and pulled my arm.


“Rosie, don’t go!”




Emily turned my body roughly from the voice.


And look at my face and say it over and over again.


“Let’s go, Rosie.”


It was a clear voice, as if the word had a distinct appearance.


I followed Emily’s voice and took a step forward.


“I heard the monster was looking for the pink-haired maid!” 


The sound that followed stopped my steps.


Ella said something against me, just as I pretended not to know her.


“… Is she talking about Rosie”


“Ella, are you crazy What are you talking about”


“You know, Emily.

Rosie is the only one with pink hair.”


“W, what are you talking about Our Rosie has red hair!”




Emily tried to say nonsense again.


She grabbed my hair over my shoulders and shook it in front of everyone.




“Look everyone! Rosie’s hair looks pink at first glance, but it’s actually red!”


Emily’s determined face made the people around her look dumbfounded.


Noticing this, Emily grinned and raised her clenched fist to the ceiling.


What are you going to do—.





When Emily hit the railing as it was, there was a violent sound, as if the wooden railing had broken.


“By the way, I will not accept any refutation.”




Isn’t that property damage—


“S, she has pretty red hair.”


“T, that’s right! L, like roses!”


When the surrounding people responded awkwardly to Emily, Emily looked satisfied.


“That’s enough, Rosie.”


No, it doesn’t work.

That’s not it.


Emily’s abnormal behavior shocked me because I couldn’t get used to it, no matter how much I looked at it.


At the same time, I felt strange as I saw Emily smiling proudly.


It’s a question I had before.

But it didn’t really matter.


Why has Emily been nice to me No, I mean to Rosie


No matter how close friends are, it would not be easy to take sides with them when they are at a disadvantage.


I knew that her affection was not for me, but it was a question that I had kept silent until now.


“Let’s go, Rosie.”


Emily grabbed my hand and dragged me, and I lifted my stiff feet as if rooted.


I’m going to move like that.


“What’s going on”


The person who created this situation broke in.


Argen Evantes. 


“M, Marquis!”


All the knights and servants bowed their heads.


When Argen blinked, annoyed, they quickly raised their heads, especially those who had worked in this mansion for a long time.


And with a single gesture, a nearby knight approached Argen and explained the situation one by one. 


Those eyes, really. 


“The monster has been looking for that pink-haired maid.

What should we do, Marquis”


“I told you because our Rosie has red hair!”


Stop it, Emily.

I’m all embarrassed.


Argen’s gaze reached me.


At that moment, I had a hunch.


It’s meaningless to have endured Richard’s meal service all this time, and it might end here.


I bit my lip as anxiety approached my heart.

Argen is a madman without mercy.


“Isn’t she say red hair”


“… Yes”


“The monster said he was trying to look for a pink-haired maid.

But she has red hair.”




All those around him looked absurd.


I was speechless, too.

But gradually, when reason returned, I felt strange.


Why is he showing mercy to me, whom Richard had been looking for, while he hasn’t shown mercy to Ella


Or was the main character of this novel actually color blind


“What should I do with this maid”




She looked at Argen with an exhausted face.

Her lips seemed to beg, please, and please. 


“Take it.”


“I understand.”


At that moment, I almost said something I shouldn’t have said by voice.

This bastard. 


The main character of this novel was really trash.


And I hated that kind of thing.

Those who think human life is ant life. 


When I was reading a novel, I liked this keyword was stimulating and fresh, but it was like this in reality. 


He was just a bad guy.


And when people are being dragged around, I don’t think it’s much different from me as a bystander.


“Why are your eyes like that”


Argen, who noticed my eyes, asked me.


“It’s nothing.”


However, Argen didn’t seem to believe much.


“Are you displeased with this situation”


Of course, it’s displeasing 


She’s being dragged like that!


But there was no way I could respond like that.


“It’s the will of the Marquis.

How can I argue”


Argen smiled satisfactorily only then.

He had a pure smile, like a baby angel in the fountain in the Marquis mansion. 


I thought with a smile in response.

The damn crazy bastard. 


There is no normal person here.



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