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Chapter 36

Translated by Tam


Because one face is really dirty and handsome.

I came to my senses, laid the meal down in front of Richard roughly, and responded sharply. 


“Oh my, you can have a harder time.”


“Since you always speak so sharply, I think I’ll have a new taste.”


“What kind of horrible sound is that Just eat.”


Richard stared at the dog bowl for a while without saying a word like last time.

What’s wrong


Come to think of it, he stared at the dog bowl for a long time last time.


The question was not long.


Until before, the dog bowl was unfamiliar because I changed it to a plate.


There was no need to do such favor in the face of almost being kidnapped.


“Are you not going to eat it”


“It’s not like that.

Thank you.”


Richard smiled lightly and touched the food in front of him.


Seeing that, I felt bad at the moment when I decided to be brazen.


I didn’t like the act of degrading a person’s character.


“But why are you late today”


“Since I met you, I think misfortunes start to come to me”


“Oh, my.

It’s an honor to remember me in that way.”


“……I see you’re out of your mind, so stop joking around.

Just eat now.”


I cut off the conversation with Richard and leaned against the wall and waited for Richard to finish his meal as usual.


I carefully tapped my index finger, which had been injured while carrying luxury items, as I recalled what happened with Lena.


My time with Lena was strangely particularly uncomfortable.


‘Something is not right.’


The way you see me—.


As I was touching my fingertips, I could feel Richard’s gaze.


“You got hurt.”


It was a very small wound, but Richard’s eyebrows wriggled, perhaps because he found it.


I looked at him and noticed.

Oh, that’s it.


Richard’s blue eyes were similar to those of Lena’s eyes when looking at me.


An uncomfortable gaze that seems to have something, for no reason.


“It’s common for a maid to get hurt while working.”


“What does the maid do”


“—I just moved the luxury items that will go in front of the Marquis.”


Richard glanced at my wounds.

Unexpectedly, he didn’t seem to be in a good mood. 


“Did the maid originally carry luxuries I remember you doing other things—”


“I used to do something else.

The maid ordered it this time only because there was not enough manpower.”


“Then did the head maid hurt the maid”


Is that how I got hurt while working—


Richard smiled an unknown smile.


“Head maid, I’ll have to remember that.”




Why do you need to remember the head maid 


“Be careful, maid.”


“Of course I have to be careful not to get hurt.”


“That’s the same, and there must be a hierarchy there, too, and it’s strange to use a maid who was cutting potatoes not long ago to move luxury goods.”




“That’s why I dared to point out the God who had to come to deliver my meal— Eup.”


I put candy in Richard’s mouth.

Please stop talking now.


“It’s delicious, eat it.”




I was already guessing that.


I don’t want to hear it from Richard’s mouth, and it wasn’t good for him to get involved in my work.


“It’s sweet, Maid.”


“Of course, it’s candy.’


“It’s sweet like you, maid.”




I close my mouth. 


Fortunately, Richard didn’t talk to me anymore.


He fiddled with the bag of candy and munched on the candy with a serious face. 


His face in agony is also very handsome.


I thought I would be possessed if I kept looking at it, so I tried to turn away from Richard. 


What should I do in the future


‘Just in case, it’s better to prepare it.’




Lena didn’t like Rosie.


There was quite a story there.


Marie had some connection with Lena.


A kid who is quick to sense and knows what she likes.


Thanks to that, she picked up this and that, but after Marie disappeared because of Rosie, what she had taken for granted for so long disappeared overnight


She felt like she was taking things for granted.


Lena glanced at Rosie.


Red lips with a big smile, eyelashes that flutter every time she blinks, and a delicate nose.


It was an outstanding appearance that kept looking at her. 


She looks quite likable but considering what the head maid had done to her, it was clear that she was hated here and there.


Foolish girl.


Yeah, she should’ve acted wisely. 


When the work was over, the head maid came to Lena.


“Lena, did you put the Marquis’ jewelry in Rosie’s room”


This morning, the head maid called Lena early and ordered her to put the Marquis’ jewelry in Rosie’s room. 


Lena was wondering, but she followed without complaining.


Because she knew the honey-sweet reward given when she followed the head maid’s words.


“I was going to put it in, but someone was hanging around Rosie’s room.”


Was she a blonde maid


She looked like a young lady from a noble family, and she had a pretty impressive appearance.

She thinks someone called her Emily.


“Then it must have been hard to hide it secretly.

But Lena, don’t be too late.”


“Don’t worry.

I’ll put it in when everyone goes to eat around this evening.”



Lena, don’t ever fail.



“Have I ever disappointed the head maid”


Lena smiled not to worry, but the head maid still looked worried.


However, contrary to the maid’s worries, Lena secretly hid the jewelry in Rosie’s room in the evening.


After finishing work, Lena enjoyed her meal more than ever and returned to her accommodation.


As much as she treated her kindly, Rosie probably never imagined that she had hidden jewelry in her room.


Poor Rosie.



Rosie is pretty, so her crying face will be pretty.


Lena waited for the day to dawn and the problem would arise.


The next day, as Lena expected, the problem broke out.


“Rosie! How dare you steal the Marquis’ jewels”




As always, the daily routine began with Richard’s breakfast.


It was when I was in a routine of returning to my original job after the meal duty mission was completed, doing my job, and then returning to lunch around lunch time.




An angry head maid’s voice was heard.


As I dozed off next to Richard, who was eating at the loud sound, I woke up in surprise.


It was Richard who supported me, who almost fell backward because I lost my balance due to the surprise. 


“How dare you steal the Marquis’ jewels!”


The sound of the voice was so loud that my ears hurt even underground.


“Maid, did you steal the jewel”


“Are you crazy”


“As you know, it is a crime to steal the property of a noble.”


“This person really.”


It was clear that he was teasing me knowing that I didn’t do it.


“That’s too bad.

If I knew you liked jewelry, I would have seduced the maid with it.”


“You’re stuck here, but you’re talking a lot.”


Richard smiled beautifully instead of answering.

He smiled with his eyes, but it was a dirty beauty. 


“I think you’re in a difficult situation.

May I help you”


The smiling face seemed relaxed as if it could solve this situation.


“You’re helping me”


“It’s a matter of death if a commoner is caught stealing a noble’s goods, so I’ll help you.”


“I didn’t steal it.”


And in fact, Rosie’s status is noble, so if I reveal my status, I will not die.


Of course, I won’t die to reveal my identity on my own.


“But right now, the situation is driving the maid to steal it.”




“…So what do you want to say”


Richard smiled as if he had been waiting for this word.


“Do you still want to run away with me”



This is crazy.”


“Don’t think too negatively.

If the maid is imprisoned, I’m the only one who can take you and run away.”



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