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The news that I had become an exclusive maid spread well and everyone looked at me with pity.


“Rosie, stay strong.”


“Rosie is smart, so you’ll do well.”


The maid around me gave me comfort.


I couldn’t say thank you, so I smiled awkwardly, but the head maid appeared.


The maids who knew me and the head maid shuddered and stepped back.


They were worried that she would do something for no reason because they were seen together in front of the head maid who hated me.


“Rosie, do you have time”


However, contrary to what the maids expected, the head maid called me softly.


I felt sorry for the head maid’s mouth shaking slightly.


“Of course, head maid.”


The maids suddenly looked strangely between the head maid and me, but I waved at them and followed her.


The head maid was aware of her surroundings, so she went into a place with as few people as possible.


The head maid stopped walking in a place where no one was there.


The head maid, who was looking around, sighed as she couldn’t open her mouth hastily.


“Rosie, if you just give me this… It’s supposed to be a secret, right”


“Are you talking about embezzlement”


The head maid bit her lips as if in embarrassment at my direct remark.


“I’m not lying about this.”


“…Okay, thank you.”


The head maid gave me a map with trembling hands.


The map given to me by the head maid showed a location where I could create a fake identity.


When I heard from Lena that the head maid was planning to run away from this place by creating a fake identity, interest began to arise.


Instead of overlooking her mistakes, they reached a smooth agreement by telling each other where to create a fake identity.


‘I might need it when I run away later.’


I don’t know if I’ll use this or not, but I’ll find out in the future.


“Thank you, head maid.” 


“…It’s not a big deal.”


“But now that I think about it, how can I trust the head maid”


“…What do you mean”


She widened her eyes as if in bewilderment.


“You could have given me a fake map… The head maid is really good at deceiving others.”


“Rosie, I’m not lying, I’m telling you the truth.

Why did I lie like that”


“Trust doesn’t just happen.”


“Rosie, why would I lie to you I’m telling you it’s real.

Trust me.”


The head maid’s expression looking at me desperately didn’t seem to be lying.


“I was joking, head maid.”




“Don’t think about doing anything stupid in the future.

I’ve taken measures so that even if I disappear, the head maid’s embezzlement will be known.”


In fact, there was no action to be taken.


It was just a threat to make the head maid scared and keep her promise.

“And you don’t have to worry about Young Master Yurtha, because I’ve solved it.”


“…You solve it”


The head maid said that the culprit who wanted to accuse me of stealing was Yurtha, but she looked scared of being caught saying this to me without completing what Yurtha had ordered.


“Yes, I solved it well.

I made it so that Young Master Yurtha would understand.

He won’t say anything to the head maid.”


“…Are you talking to Young Master Yurtha But how”



It must seem ridiculous that the Count’s son has been tamed by a maid.


Hearing my words, the head maid showed a clear expression of fear.


“The head maid doesn’t need to know about that, I think you’ll just have to know this one thing properly.”


I waved in front of her the map she handed me.


“If this is fake, not only will my hard work for Young Master Yurtha disappear, but also the maid will not be safe.”




“As an added bonus, the facts of embezzlement and the fact that the head maid’s son is selling the Marquis’ name after that was also revealed.”


I kept my fingers straight and pretended to cut off my neck.


“Head maid is a smart person, so I’m sure you know it well.”





We’re in the same boat, so take care, head maid.”


I smiled broadly and put my hand to the head maid.

She glanced at my hand and grabbed my hand tremblingly.


It feels like the dying hour of humans, but if it’s to live, this is it.


Survival is a natural human instinct.


“But Rosie…”


The head maid asks me with a cautious look.


“By any chance, did Young Master Yurtha decide to add the money needed to create a new identity”




If I made a fake identity, I was going to raise it with the money I collected from the Marquis.


Since Rosie has saved a lot of money.


“You need a lot of money to create a new identity.”


The amount that came out of her mouth was shocking.


My head suddenly got numb.


“…Rosie, are you okay”


“It’s not okay.”


I swallowed a deep sigh and brought up what I had planned.


“More than that, head maid, I have something to ask you…”




100 million linen


Considering that Rosie worked for nearly two years and earned around 4,000 linens, it was quite a large amount.


I was going to leave this place, but I didn’t know how to run away because I didn’t know the outside world.


And since I don’t have much money—.


I guess I’ll have to catch the spy.


“Maid, what are you thinking that you look so serious”


As I was contemplating alone, Richard tapped my wrinkled forehead.


Hearing that I became the exclusive maid, Richard already changed my nickname with a smile on as if he was so happy about it.


That’s so annoying.


“What is it that worries you so much, so wouldn’t you give me a glance today”


When I saw Richard smiling casually without knowing what I was thinking, I wanted to question who the spy was.


“Do you really think so I couldn’t see you because I was so obsessed with my own thoughts”


“Is there any other reason”


“Maybe it’s because I don’t want to see your face.”


The corners of Richard’s eyes rose subtly as I spoke and looked at him triumphantly.


If I look closely, it looks like his lips are crooked, am I mistaken—


The moment I was observing Richard without realizing it, he pulled me in.





I was about to scream in surprise, but his face came close to my nose.


Blue eyes are reflected through the long, dense silver eyelashes.


“Still, you liked my face, didn’t you”


It was a shameless word, but I couldn’t refute it.


…It’s the same as before that I like that face.


This is not a matter of taste.


There is probably no one in this world who can reject that handsome pretty face.


Because Richard was so beautiful.


That’s why I’m more wary of Richard.

I’m afraid I’ll get caught in your face.


‘I’d rather be enchanted.’


If I pretend to be possessed, will Richard let his guard down a little


Maybe I can see a gap.


Thanks to that, maybe I’ll be able to find the spy.


Of course, there’s no way.


I know Richard can’t make such a mistake.


Nevertheless, I acted instinctively with any possibility.


I turned my face around pretending to be shy.

Then I immediately regretted the behavior that was not like me.


‘Why did I do that’


I think I’m supposed to act like I normally do—.


I glanced at Richard, and his eyes widened as if he had seen a strange scene.


He even looked somewhat absent-minded.


Why are you reacting like that




As for the pros and cons of becoming Richard’s exclusive maid, the advantage is that I don’t have to do anything other than serving Richard.


The disadvantage is that it is not easy to walk outside as before.


I took the time to look at the gap and went out.


I need to catch the spy as soon as possible.


The original story showed who the spy was, but I didn’t remember much.


Except that the spy knows how to use magic.


Knowing how to use magic is important information, but there is no way a spy pretending to be an ordinary servant can use magic openly.


Therefore, it is not advantageous information.


‘Why can’t I remember the important thing—’


Still, I wonder where I knew the information that a spy would appear.


And there are people who I can guess who the spy is.


It is said that four people have recently entered as servants.

And among them, I think Richard’s spy is—.


‘Anyone other than me who came out of the basement in the middle of the night.’


Was he trying to give Richard any information


Why was there no doorkeeper at that time


It’s not just one or two weird things.


I fiddled with the hairpin I received from a fellow maid.


If I hadn’t left this hairpin, I wouldn’t have witnessed the suspicious scene.


Therefore, I decided to call this hairpin the lucky side.


“Ah, there it is.”


I grabbed the luggage and waved at the servant approaching me.


It was Philip, the suspicious man who came out of the basement in the middle of the night.


I smiled brightly and shouted.


“Philip! It’s here!”


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