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I was planning to drop and only break the bowl that was in the maid’s hand, but the maid fell down because of the bad positioning. 




I was frustrated and looked at the maid. 


My conscience poked at me.


“Ugh! What should I do!”


The maid was restless when she saw the broken bowl.


“I’m sorry.

Are you okay” 


I pretended that I didn’t mean it and put on a sorry expression.

It was not intentional because I had no intention of knocking it down this hard. 


The maid gave me a sour look before lowering her head.


There were also classes between the maids.

The rank of a maid in charge of all kinds of work was generally low.

In particular, she was a low-ranking maid who did hard work in the kitchen.

And I belonged to a fairly decent rank among the maids.


“I’m so sorry.”


“I’m okay—”


As if trying to show that I was okay, I shook my arm and staggered as the maid stood up. 


“—Did you hurt your ankle”




“It’s too much to work like this.”


I stood up looking at her with pitiful eyes.


“You work in the kitchen and move the dishes, right” 


“Yes Yes!”


“I’ll help you.” 


She looked back at me with a puzzled look.

I smiled as if telling her not to worry.




“Why are you here”


When the chef looked at me with a displeased face, I smiled brightly.


“The maid, who was supposed to come, got hurt and I decided to do it for her.”




“She got hurt because I bumped into her.

I felt sorry, so I decided to help.” 


The chef stared at me like I was a pushover at my shameless answer. 


To him, I must seem like a strange person, but I started washing the dishes without caring. 


One of Richard’s humiliations in the marquis was ‘the meal.’


The dog bowl chipped away at his pride and contained “fruits” in the food. 


According to the original work, the kitchen maid was ordered by ‘someone’ to combine powder made from ground dried berries into Richard’s meal.


The name of the fruit was Flaret.


On the outside, it was an ordinary fruit, but it was different for a transcendent. 


In reaction to the transcendenct’s blood, it made the transcendent greatly thrilled.


The problem was that no one knew what would happen if a transcendent was agitated.


From appetite, sexual desire, and desire for murder.

The agitation appeared as one of these three needs, and Richard’s case was obvious. 


This was why he was the crazy male lead. 


Of course, it was the desire for murder.


It sounded like everyone in this family would be in danger, but it wasn’t. 


With a body filled with the magic restraints, nothing could be done, and the nature of the magic constraint returned the physical attack the opponent had inflicted. 


That was how Richard continued to suffer by himself. 


In the original work, the people who instructed her to put the fruit in Richard’s meal were revealed later. 


It was the devil worshipers. 


They were those who hated the transcendents in extreme and tried their all to get rid of them.


‘Be thankful to me, Richard.’


I saved you.


Of course, I stopped him from escaping, but—


When I saw Richard’s leg, I felt guilty and decided to give him this convenience while I was serving him.


When I finished washing the dishes, it was time to bring Richard a meal. 


It took quite a long time to do the dishes.


‘Look at me do it again.’


Starting next time, when the chef starts cooking, I will come in advance to monitor if the maid is placing medicine. 


In fact, that was not the only reason why I went out to wash the dishes.


“Great job.” 


The chef looked at me after finishing the last dish and spoke roughly.

He also prepared Richard’s meal.

But today, in addition to Richard’s meal, there were desserts. 


It was surprising because he was a chef who usually only cared about the nutritional value and did not put much effort into the taste.


“This is for you to eat.”





It’s the first time I’ve seen a maid like you, so either eat it deliciously or not.”


It seemed like an insult, but seeing that the dessert was given, it seemed that wasn’t the case.


I was puzzled and accepted the dessert he gave me.


“Thank you.

I’ll eat it well.”


I smiled and picked up the tray carefully.


It was time to go to Richard.


On the way, I didn’t forget to pack ice and thin towels as Emily advised me.


I took this and that and headed to Richard’s room.




Richard was trapped in the dark as usual.

It was always dark in the underground room where there was no room for light to permeate. 


He leaned against the wall and closed his eyes.

There was nothing he could do but stay still like this.


He was laying as if he were dead, but a fascinating scent lingered faintly onto the tip of his nose.


Ah, ‘The maid’ is coming. 


He couldn’t eat the magic suppressor, so his senses became more sensitive. 


With his keen hearing, he could hear the maid’s unique light footsteps from afar. 


As if he was possessed. 


He wanted to get out of this room and meet the maid. 


He thought he would never be attracted to the fascinating scent.

Richard was a promising talent.

He was a transcendent that was difficult to find even after searching all the continents and had unrivaled power even among them. 


A transcendent that everyone would notice. 


—At the same time, a remarkable prey for ‘devil worshipers’. 


In the Empire, heretical groups had been deeply rooted for a long time. 


Especially devil worshipers.

They were a group that had long brought chaos to the Empire. 


Devil worshipers did not hesitate to commit all kinds of crimes, such as sacrificing ordinary people. 


And the biggest interest in such a crazy group was the “transcendents.” 


Beings blessed by God. 


But, being blessed by God, was contradictory to the devil worshipers. 


Devil worshipers hated the Transcendents extremely and hunted them down.

Richard, who didn’t want to get caught up in troublesome things, hid his identity, but there were still devil worshipers who found out that he was transcendent. 


From his point of view, it was very exhausting. 


Richard killed all the devil worshipers who approached him. 


Then it was one day. 


The devil worshipers devised an elaborate scheme to dig a trap for Richard. 


Annoyed by this, Richard used his magical powers with the intention of drying up the seeds of the devil worshipers. 


The wind spurted the blood all over his body, and he had to struggle with intense pain that burned like mad. 


That day was the day Richard was caught.

However, Richard had no intention of being locked up.

Trapped here, his goal was only to escape, that one thing.

He was going to use everything he could to escape. 


Whether it was an object, a person, or a situation. 


So he didn’t hesitate to seduce those who served him. 


Maybe one day they would be useful to him, so he always left room for use. 


In fact, Richard didn’t do much to the servants.

Just greeting them in a gentle voice and smiling softly.


That was all. 


However, those who stopped by him were all possessed by him. 


This maid was also just one of Richard’s passing pawns.

He thought so. 


Until he smelled the “scent” from the maid. 


The body of the maid exuded a strong scent that had not been evoked by any servant before. 


It felt like his brain was going to be choked by the terrifyingly alluring scent.


Miraculously, even though he hadn’t taken the magic suppressor, the pain subsided when he smelled the scent. 


So he asked on impulse.

What perfume did she use 


Thinking about it now, it wasn’t a funny question.


He didn’t know the maid’s name.

It would change soon anyway so it wouldn’t be worth remembering. 


Even if he remembered, it would only be because she was a maid with a strong scent.


“You’re here, Maid.”


Richard put a bright smile on his mouth like a habit. 


Today was also a bloody dog bowl. 


Every time he ate using that, his pride cracked.

However, it was not yet time to reveal it. 


The maid, who found him, did not deliver the meal immediately as usual but stood at the door. 




“Oh, wait a minute.”


The maid carefully unfolded the towel.

Then, something Richard never expected came out of it. 


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