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Author: rolypoly

The man kept watching the series of events that had just happened.


Before ‘work’ begins, the monster’s maid appears and suddenly interrupts everything.


Rosie suddenly appeared and said that the monster had a weapon, and put him in a ‘punishment room’.


As if she knew the ‘plan’.


The man was a demon worshipper.


He came here to pick up the monster under orders.


So he prepared the plan thoroughly.


To get rid of the monster on a noisy festival day when no one is looking. 


But the plan failed because of what a maid named Rosie did right before. 


The man watched the situation here to give orders to the other demon worshipers. 


‘Obviously, she was told to give the sleeping pills only—’


The man’s eyes hardened coldly when he thought of Rosie.


He can’t give up like this.


Good days and situations like this don’t come twice.


The monster hasn’t entered the punishment room yet.


So, wouldn’t it be possible to hit it right now


The man who watched the situation made a decision.

He is in a hurry, so he has to act quickly. 


But at that moment—.


“What are you doing there”


It’s a disaster.


The man looked back.






“I asked what you were doing.”


The man, Hayden, put a bright smile on his cold face.


“Well, I’m doing my job, Lucas.” 


“There must be a lot of work.”


“What would a bear-like guy know If you’re really busy working, it’s a waste of time.”




Lucas looked at Hayden as if it was ridiculous.


Lucas and Hayden entered the mansion around the same time.


The places where they stayed were also similar, and the work they did was the same.


As a result, the two naturally became friends.

Of course, on the surface.


“Stop fooling around and go.”


“You go first.

I have work to do—” 


“What work” 


Hayden looked at Lucas without answering right away.


“Come to think of it, you talk a lot today, huh” 




“A guy who originally didn’t even talk a lot…” 


There was silence between the two for a while.


However, despite the awkward atmosphere for a moment, Hayden smiled mischievously and walked to Lucas.


“Do you like me so much today”




“Are you upset that you didn’t know about this Hyung”




When Hayden tried to hug Lucas, Lucas was disgusted and avoided him.


Hayden wrinkled his nose like a bad boy.


But, despite how thoughtless it seemed, he felt strange.


The head maid assigned Lucas and Hayden to work together today.


—So, after Hayden got rid of Lucas, he tried to work in secret.



Lucas called him.


Whenever he tried to do something important, he was interrupted by Lucas.






Just as Rosie interfered with the plan at an important moment.


 Hayden’s eyes looking at Lucas became cold.


But now is not the time.


“Stop playing around because I’ll have to go.

I think the head maid will soon notice.”


He was in a hurry because of his job.


Things go awry when the monster gets locked in the punishment room—.


“Let’s go together.” 




“I almost finished my work.

I will help you.”



Even though I like playing arround, but I don’t make others do my job.”


Hayden refused, but Lucas didn’t fall off easily.


It was really weird.


Because he was Lucas, and Lucas wasn’t always so determined.


Especially today, he doesn’t act like he always does.


Hayden gritted his teeth in frustration.

This is because the knights dragged the monster inside.


Damn it.


The magic room can’t be opened easily.


It’s not impossible, but it takes a lot of time to break the magic, and huge “damage” follows.


Hayden looked at the annex where the monster was, and turned to look at Lucas.


As expected, it’s weird.


Rosie and Lucas interrupt work at a crucial moment.


As if they joined hands—ah.


The smile disappeared from Hayden’s face.


Lucas also read his changed air.


“So it was you, Lucas.”


The monster’s bloody spy.


* * *




The punishment room door opened.


The knights forcibly threw Richard into the punishment room.


Richard, who was covered in wounds, collapsed in the punishment room.


Then one of the knights asked worriedly.


“But the monster… Can we lock him up like this”


“Have you not heard of Maid Rosie She says the Marquis ordered her to lock up the monster if it causes trouble.” 


“That’s true but—” 


“Following the orders of the Marquis is a priority.” 


One knight raised the question with concern, but things went smoothly, as Rosie had expected.


Everyone knows that Argen is a scary being.


However, they thought that there was no way she would dare to lie with Argen in front of them.


The knights locked the door to the punishment room.


The door that had been wide open was locked, and the light that had been shining in the dark was cut off.


Richard thought of a woman who was beyond that door in the dark.


He was betrayed.


Richard burst into laughter.


‘Poor thing.’


Then ‘it’ whispered into Richard’s ear.


Something thick and slippery like a snake wrapped around his body. 


The longer one puts its head next to Richard’s neck.


He leaned his head against his shoulder and whispered in his ear.


‘You’ve been abandoned ‘again’.’


However, the ‘trauma’ that gradually climbed up took over his mind.


‘You did everything you were told.’


‘You obeyed, and you suppressed your greed.’


‘But the result ended up being abandoned like this.

It’s terrible.’


A suffocating pain came up.

His skin was burning and he felt dizzy at the pain that ate his heart.


It was a magic barrel. 


He was eaten up by trauma and pain.


Before it disappeared, a woman with soft pink hair flashed in his mind.


She was a woman who exuded a fragrant scent.


Why the hell did you betray me


Boom! He smashed the restraint ball and slammed his hand down harshly on the floor.


Boom! Boom! Boom! 


He hit his hands one after another, but there was no way the restraint ball could be broken by physical force.


Richard was aware of this fact.


But he slammed the restraint ball down like crazy.


Richard’s blue eyes flashed when he stopped the bizarre behavior.


He clenched his fists.


The chains and restraints that held the ball together were pulled tight.


Richard took a breath.


And he forcibly raised his strength.


His heart heated up, and the force he had suppressed jumped out as if his whole body was about to explode.


The power of God that the human body can’t withstand.


Richard tried to fully open his powers.


Even if the body that can’t handle the strength burns and dies.




As the restraint ball broke, hot blood flowed from Richard’s lips.


He stumbled to his feet and tried to stand up.


An eerie blue eye that glows in the darkness.


The man smiled.


Wind-like energy passed through Richard.


The magic in the room tried to bind Richard.


It gave off power like it was going to pierce Richard like a hard nail, but the energy that leaked out of Richard’s body broke the magic.




Hot blood rushed out of his mouth.


Boom boom boom!


Richard’s energy broke the magic in the room.


The energy that couldn’t block Richard’s energy eventually broke like a glass screen.


But magic is never easy.


The price of destroying magic carelessly returned to Richard’s body.


Richard left the room without knowing that his whole body was paralyzed despite the rush of pain.



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