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When I saw Richard, I froze.

It’s unavoidable.

Why the hell was he here when I came to the north to avoid this guy 


“I told you in advance, but I came here under the command of His Holiness, Count.”


“I received it… but I didn’t expect you to come so soon….”


The Count looked at Richard with astonished eyes.

It was a bewildered look.

He seemed to have lost his mind because he had met Michelle, Gilbert, and Richard all at once.


Richard smiled and replied, then shifted his gaze.

His blue eyes are directed at me.


“It’s coincidence that we meet like this, Miss Shabrina.” 


Richard greeted me with a smile.


“I was worried that you went in like that last time, but are you okay now”




What is he thinking Did he not recognize me, or did he pretend that he did not recognize me Seeing that he came to the North at such amazing timing, he must have recognized me, but looking at his actions now, he seemed to be a stranger.


An unpredictable attitude.


“Thank you for your concern.

It’s fine now.”


Richard’s eyebrows rose slightly.


“I have never seen blood before.

At that time, I think I was rude because I was confused.”


“…I think your voice has changed.”


“My throat wasn’t good then.”


I smiled. 


Damn it.

I brought a magic tool that could change my voice just in case. 


Michelle looked at me, wondering why I’d use a mask and even a magic tool, but Shabrina was pretty— but she was strangely convinced.


‘What the hell are you thinking’ 


Until I understood Richard’s intention, I was going to pretend to be Shabrina. 


* * * 


Michelle stayed in bed for a few days, but fortunately, she got up quickly and recovered. 


“I’m glad you’re feeling much better, Baron Savlin.”


Richard, who came to visit Michelle with a bouquet, handed her flowers with a soft smile while Michelle frowned at Richard.

I watched the two of them from the corner without even leaving the room.

It wasn’t pleasant to be in the same room as Richard, whose intentions are still unknown. 


I just wanted to leave, but—.


‘Because I can’t see him alone with sick Michelle.’


I sighed.


However, contrary to my worries, Richard didn’t stay in the room for long.


“Then I’ll be on my way.

I hope you get well soon, Baron Savlin.”


“Thank you for your concern.”


After a few words of courtesy, he turned as if to go out.

Proper manners and good manners—.


‘You have a good social life.’


Somehow I felt a sense of unity.

So far, all the nobles I’ve seen haven’t been like that— and it was a different feeling from the previous Richard.


“Miss Shabrina.” 


He can just go out as it is, but he calls me before he leaves.

When their eyes met, he bent his eyes beautifully and smiled.

It’s been a while since I’ve seen that crazy look, and I really can’t get used to it.


“You seem to be taking care of Baron Savlin without being able to rest properly, so how about keeping your eyes closed, too, Miss Shabrina” 


“…Thank you for your concern, but I’m fine.”


“I’m saying this because it doesn’t look fine.”


I didn’t want to talk to Richard anymore.

It was just uncomfortable to talk to this unknown man.


I’ve chosen a word to end this conversation with.

But Richard smiled and opened his mouth.


“You can’t even take off your wig.”


Richard smiled and left the room.


* * *


It’s been a few days since Michelle collapsed.

But just a moment ago, there was news that Michelle had recovered.

Gilbert clicked his tongue as soon as he heard it.

That’s unfortunate.


He wished she had just died.

He heard that she had a severe allergy, but he didn’t seem to be fully prepared. 


“…Gilbert, I beg you, be careful of your actions.” 


“I said I would, Count.” 


The Count looked at Gilbert with anxious eyes. 


“It looks like you were worried that she didn’t die all at once.” 


“I’m nervous.

I’m just going to screw things up because of you.”


The Count said, clicking his tongue. 


“This is just a welcome greeting.

The north has the rules of the north, so you just keep quiet and watch.

Don’t make mistakes for nothing.”


“Of course I do.

But before that, I’d better deal with that crazy Shabrina first.”


“You mean the aide You don’t have to—” 


“Don’t you remember Shabrina’s behavior when that Michelle collapsed”


Immediately after clearing her surroundings, Shabrina calmly began giving her first aid. 


The doctors, who were in a hurry, also liked how Shabrina did her first aid.


“Why did she come all the way to the North That b*tch Shabrina is so aggressive that I can’t even get close to Michelle.”


“Is that aide like that”


“It’s just a little girl.

But it’s just a little annoying.”


At Gilbert’s words, the Count thought for a moment.

A woman named Shabrina with brown hair and a mask—she certainly didn’t seem like a pushover.

It is a well-known fact that Baron Sablen was not an ordinary bet, so the Count was a little nervous.


But now his thinking has changed a bit.


Baron Savlin was also unusual, but he could never ignore the aide next to her.


“I’ll think about it.”


“You’re not going to think about it, you’re going to have to make sure, Count.”


“I know.” 


The Count waved his hand, saying he would take care of it.  Own food supply and demand, as well as a stable supply. 


‘If two problems are solved—’


It was not a bad condition from the Count’s point of view.

For this reason, the Count accepted Gilbert’s offer and decided to eliminate Michelle, who had come to the North.


“Then please take care of it, Count.”


Gilbert left the room with those words. 


No matter how clever Michelle she is, she will have a hard time getting out of this North.

Gilbert grinned at the thought of the merchant that would soon be his.


Gilbert grinned when he thought about the merchant who would soon be his. 


It was when he was walking by the pond like that.

What he saw was a woman with familiar brown hair.

He thought it was Michelle at the moment, but it was Shabrina.


‘Why are you wearing a wig like that’


Gilbert clicked his tongue and called out to Shabrina.


“How’s Michelle doing I’m thinking of visiting her after a long time—”


With a smirk, Gilbert inwardly mocked Shabrina.


A cheeky and ignorant girl. 


“I heard that peanut allergy can kill you in severe cases, Michelle, that b*tch is so strong.”


“…Be careful of what you say.”


“It’s poisonous just like her mother.

Ah yeah.

If she looked like her mother, would Michelle be like that”


Through Shabrina’s mask, he could clearly see her expression wrinkled.


Gilbert didn’t stop mocking.

Then Shabrina sighed deeply, and the moment he was about to say something with a cheeky sigh—.




Shabrina kicked Gilbert.




Gilbert’s body, which could not respond, fell into the pond.

Gilbert didn’t even know what had happened at the moment.

However, when the water came into his mouth and nose, he finally figured out the situation and struggled to get out of the water.


It was when he lifted his head over the pond to exhale, Shabrina’s red eyes looked down at him with contempt.


—Her eyes, which were normally pink, looked red because of the darkness. 


“What are you—Ugh!” 


Shabrina immediately stepped on Gilbert’s head.

Gilbert struggled desperately as his head fell back into the water.


“There is nobody here right now.

So there are no witnesses or evidence.”


“Cough! Cough! Cough!” 


“Even though I told Michelle not to use her reckless violence, no matter how trashy you are—” 


Shabrina muttered as if she was sorry.


“Originally, for the sake of the master, the low people had no choice but to bury the dirty things.”


“Cough! Cough!” 


After counting exactly 30 seconds, Shabrina lifted her foot from the weighed on Gilbert’s head. 




Gilbert, barely pulling his head above the surface, took a quick breath.

Shabrina looked at the dirty figure with all the tears and runny nose.


“You’re the one who put peanuts in Michelle’s meal, right”


“You b*tch, do you think you will be safe—” 


“I guess you haven’t come to your senses yet.”


Shabrina raised her foot relentlessly.


Realizing what she was trying to do, Gilbert tried to run away, but it was quicker for her to crush his head.

Gilbert struggled to move Shabrina’s feet, but it wasn’t easy to wield the power in the pond where his feet didn’t reach the bottom. 


Shabrina, who counted like before, took her feet again.


“Cough!—Cough! Stop—! Stop now!”


“Then will you tell me now”


“I don’t know—Cough!” 


Shabrina raised her feet again.

After she did this annoying thing several times, Gilbert opened his mouth as if he had changed his mind. 


“…Cough! I— Ugh! Cough!! I did it! Now stop—”


“You must be tired.”


A wicked b*tch.


Gilbert opened his mouth when he was on the water and breathed in as much as he could.


“How did you put peanuts in her meal”




Gilbert bit his mouth firmly.

He couldn’t say this even if he died.

No matter what torture followed, he had to endure.


But Shabrina put her feet behind her as if she had no intention of doing anything more.


“It’s not fun.”




“You didn’t hold out as much as I thought.

There’s no taste of resistance.”


What’s that crazy girl saying But words unexpectedly flowed out of Shabrina’s mouth.


“I heard you did this to Michelle, too.

I thought you’d hold out longer, but it’s more painful than you think, right” 


“Maybe so.”


Shabrina, who was looking at Gilbert coldly as if the revenge was over, turned and left.



The shoes were soaking wet with water.


Ah, it’s uncomfortable. 


I pushed it out of anger, but it wasn’t that I didn’t think anything in mind.

Before that, I checked to see if anyone was there and pushed Gilbert.

So it won’t be a big problem—.


“It looks good.” 


Richard appeared in front of me with a sly smile when he came.


Why does he always show up at times like this It doesn’t help at all.


Damn it. 


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