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The Princess Destiny Rivalry Chapter 1 Royal Garden

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the garden of the Crystal Kingdom, The King and his son sit in a bungalow around the garden. They

e talking about serious things. once in a while, the young men look at flowers in front of him, because he is feel bored talking with his father.

"Dad, is there no other way than that crazy contest?" asked the man annoyed.

"Don argue with my son. You are almost 250 years old," replied the King in a cold tone, he didn like his eldest son being so rude.

"Its up to you, Dad. Id rather pit power against a bull than think about your silly idea," said the man.

The king of the Crystal ball Kingdom only let out a long sigh, as his eldest sons extremely cold demeanor was untouchable.

"I do this only for your good, my son. Your father and mother will not always be by your side," said the King.

The great king decided to leave the Royal Gardens.

On the royal balcony, the second young prince was seen enjoying the view of the mountains.

His eyes were very sharp to see the eldest brother was fighting strength with the bull.

"Isn that big brother?"

"Ill join in on the strength as well."

With lightning speed, he jumped from the balcony that was 40 meters high.

"The three of them are the same. I love jumping off the balcony," said the Queen Mother.

The Queen Mother looked down at the balcony.

"Ill try to jump down, like my two sons and my husband."

The Queen Mother thought it was not bad to jump from the balcony, she wanted to be a brave Queen. She did not want her husband to continue to provide protection.

With great courage, the Queen finally jumped from the balcony. The Queens behavior is known to the beloved Princess.

"Mom. What are you doing? Dad can be angry if he knows," said the Princess.

The princess was very panicked because of her mothers behavior.

"What is this, my daughter?" asked the King.

The princess was silent, it seemed she was afraid of her father.

"Daddy. Mommy jumped from the balcony," said the Princess in a panicked tone.

Raja just smirked, he was thinking about what punishment should be given to his wife.

"Daddy will punish your Mommy."

"Daddy has acted decisively. I can do nothing more," said the Princess in a low tone.

The king left his daughter and the princess decided to go to the room.


In the battle arena, the eldest prince of the Crystal ball Kingdom was pitting strength against a bull.

"Come on bull. Prove your strength to me," challenged the eldest Prince.

Not long after, the eldest Princes younger brother came.

"Brother, what are you doing?" asked the younger brother.

"You can see for yourself, can you see what Im doing."

"Brother why? Doesn seem to like me?"

"I don like you, because you make Mom love you more!"

"Get out of my sight, before I kill you!" he snapped in a harsh tone.


Not long after that, his bodyguard came and immediately respected the prince.

"Your Majesty, Prince. You called me?"

"Yes. Bring me my favorite white horse. Its been a long time since Ive been hunting!" said the prince.

"All right. Your Majesty," said the guard.

Not long after, the guard left.

"Where are you going, brother?"

"Shut up. I don like talking to you!" he snapped.

Not long after, the crown princes favorite white horse and bodyguard appeared.

"Your Majesty. Your favorite horse is ready," said the guard.

"Okay thank you."

The prince rode his horse very gently and did not want to hurt him.

"Lets go on an adventure, my friend."

The crown prince glanced at his younger brother with a sneer.

"I will never return to this Kingdom again. Take all the love of Father and Mother."

The crown prince rode his horse at high speed.

"Brother hates me," said the man in a sad tone.

The second prince decided to return to his room.

The crown prince has arrived in the forest, he gently stroked his favorite horse.

"Im going hunting. Don go anywhere, Aiden," he said.

The prince entered the forest and left his beloved horse.

The prince went deeper into the forest which was very dark and eerie. Only the sound of tigers and lions roaring in anger.

"What are you doing here, Prince Aaron?"

Prince Aaron was not surprised and looked directly at his two best friends.

"You, Albert," replied Prince Aaron.

"So... what are you doing here?" Prince Albert asked again.


e not with your horse, Aaron?" he continued.

Aaron smiles and hugged his best friend.

"How are you, Albert?" asked Prince Aaron.

"As you can see. Im fine and how about you?" asked the prince.

"Im fine," he replied.

Suddenly Aaron and Albert stared at the man whose body was covered in white tiger fur.

"You are okay?" asked Aaron and Albert.

"Im fine. Shut up, because I smell human," said the man.

"Okay. We will be silent," said Aaron and Albert.

Suddenly a human girl appeared, making the prince who had smelled her scent even more tormented.

"The human girl is my partner!"

The prince approached the human girl in the form of a white tiger.

"Aaron. We

e getting out of here," Albert said


e right, Albert."

Aaron and Albert left.

The girl looked up in surprise at the tiger which was three or four times larger than usual. The girl stepped back and made the tiger grin.

"Don be afraid. My wife."

The girl regretted her actions for having trusted her friend and instead entered the Cave. Until finally in the forest.

"I have to get out of here," the girl said.

"Im a strong girl," the girl continued.

The girl turned around and decided to run as fast as she could without looking back.

"Stop. My Queen!"

The girl was very surprised because the big white tiger could talk and it made the fear even stronger.

The man in the form of a tiger turned back into a human.

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