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The Princess Destiny Rivalry Chapter 2 Royal Princess Flowering

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The tiger-shaped prince just smiled, he immediately contacted his bodyguards via telepathy.

"Prepare preparations for the reception, Queen."

"Very well, Your Majesty. I will prepare everything together with the palace maids."

After finishing telepathy, the man immediately changed form and jumped away from where he was standing. On the other hand, Prince Aaron and Prince Albert had already managed to get to the quarry.

"Aaron, we finally got a lot of bounties. Look at these deer, rabbits, and goats. They look scared," said Albert with his evil smile. Prince Aaron just let out a long sigh and glared at his best friend.

"Release and heal the three beasts, Albert. Haven you seen the gazes of the children?" asked Prince Aaron.

Prince Albert saw the sad eyes of the children of the three cute animals. Albert just sighed and put his prey on the ground.

"All right, good-natured Prince. I will heal them," replied Prince Albert.

Prince Albert also released his wound-healing energy, then the wounds from his arrows were gone from their bodies.

Soon the rabbit and deer turned into humans, but not perfectly. The woman who is known as the rabbit demon has ears that extend on her head. As for the female deer incarnate, she tends to have horns on her head.

"Thank you, Your Majesty. We will not forget your kindness."

Aaron just nodded and ordered them to leave immediately.

"Youd better drink human blood instead. The enemys blood is also very delicious," Aaron said with a faint smile. Albert was just silent and he agreed with the words of his best friend. After that, they decided to leave.

On the other side was the human girl, running away from the tiger-shaped mans pursuit.

"Help!!" shouted the girl.

"There is a tiger!!"

The girl ran erratically and suddenly fell because her feet got into the roots.

"You will not be able to run away from my dear," said the Prince with a very terrible smile.

"Don come near me!" snapped the girl.

"What if I don want to?" asked the Prince. He tried to be patient with the attitude of his wife who had dared to yell at him.

"Who are you really?" the girl asked, her body still shaking with fear.

The man didn answer and instead came closer.

"I am a King of course," replied the man.

The girl was very surprised and the man who had the status of a King just smirked.

"Tell me, whats your name sweetie?" the man asked.

"My name is Ratna Aluna," replied the girl named Ratna.

The man smiled and drew closer to the girl who would soon be officially his.

"Your name is very beautiful," said the man.

The girl was just silent, gripped the ground, and suddenly thrown into the mans eyes.

"Damn it!" the man cursed.

Wasting no time, the girl ran away again.

The man clenched his fists and went back to chasing his dissident wife.

The White Kingdom is a friendly Kingdom with the Crystal ball Kingdom. This kingdom is ruled by an old King named Evan, King Evan has a very beautiful wife that is, Ella. They have two children namely, Alvin and Olivia.


~ Flowering Kingdom~

The soldiers seemed to be chasing Princess Elleanor. The princess agility in running overwhelmed the soldiers and bodyguards. With agility, the Princess broke through the guards defense at the exit.

From a distance, it seemed that Princess Elena only sighed at the sight of her older sisters mischief.

"Ellas sister is very ignorant," said Princess Elena.

Princess Elena just smiled and left.

In an instant, Princess Elleanor was outside the Kingdom.

"We lost track."

The soldier and bodyguard just let out a long sigh.

"Wed better report this matter to the King."

"You are right."

They finally went to report about the departure of the princess.

On the other hand, Prince Arthur was practicing swordsmanship along with his cousin.

"Arthur. You are stronger now. I believe you will become a great ruler,"

"Thanks. You too will surely become a great King," said Prince Arthur.

"Daddy is calling me to come back,"


The prince also left Prince Arthur. After the cousin left, Prince Arthur decided to take a bath and clean his body.

On the other hand, Princess Elleanor looked scared because he was lost in the forest.

"Daddy, Mommy. Elles scared," said Princess Elleanor.

Princess Elleanor and her family are ordinary humans who live side by side with demons.

Not long after the princess heard the male lion growl.

"Im scared,"

The princess began to cry and sat on the ground, suddenly two white male lions appeared.

"Human girl," said Prince Albert.

"I don like this girl. You just drink the blood of this human girl," said Prince Albert. Prince Albert also jumped away leaving Prince Aaron.

King Aarons power made Princess Eleanor fainting Aarons power made Princess Eleanor faint. Aaron smiled in satisfaction and absorbed the blood using his strength.

"The blood of this human girl is very sweet. I will be back."

Prince Aaron decided to leave Princess Elleanor.

Back to the Flowering Kingdom...

The two soldiers came before the King and Queen of the Flowering Kingdom.

"Your Majesty,"

The two soldiers bowed respectfully.

"Forgive us, Your Majesty. Princess Elleanor has left the Kingdom. Weve been holding it in but to no avail."

The Queen was very surprised to hear the news from the two soldiers and the King just smiled warmly.

"Dear. Do something," said the Queen.

"You may go," said the King.

The two soldiers left.

"Dear. Do something," continued the Queen.

"You take it easy, Queen. Your daughter will be fine. Let her be free because she is very mature," said the King while stroking his wifes shoulder.

The wife just kept quiet, making the King excited, then finally hugged each other.

"Don be afraid honey and you shouldn think that I don love Elle. All this is done for her good," said the King.

"We can keep him in the Sweetheart Palace. Sooner or later his destiny will approach," thought the King.

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