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The Princess Destiny Rivalry Chapter 3 A Contest

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The great king of the Crystal ball began announcing to his subjects to attend the contest to be held on the night of the full moon.

"O, my people. I, King Addison, invite all of you to the opening of the tournament for my son-in-law. Pass on this message to Kings who have a daughter to participate!" affirmed King Addison.

"All right, king."

The entire kingdom of the crystal ball bowed low and finally king Addison disappeared using his powers.

"This contest is going to be fun,"


e right. We must witness to the end,"

"Wed better split up to spread this good news."


e right."

They went back to their separate huts. From a distance prince Albert and his younger sister the princess, Emilia makes eye contact.

"Don you want to follow the contest my brother?" asked Prince Albert.

"No, Albert. I did not love Aaron the crown prince," Princess Amilia replied.

"Who do you love then?" asked Prince Albert.

"Sister wouldn like to hear a reply from me," replied Princess Amilia in a quiet tone.

"Not only are you but daddy and mommy won like it," he continued.

Princess Amilia has decided to leave behind prince Albert, who is simply silent.

"I have to find out who my brother likes," prince Albert says.

Before long his body shone and before long his human form gave way to four times the size of a white lion. Prince Albert jumps and disappears from King Addisons domain.

From a distance king, Addison stood behind a big tree, listening to all the talk of his brothers and sisters.

"Albert. Your brother loves a serpent prince son," said King Addison.

King Addison let out a long sigh like he had to speak to King William.

Before long Addisons eyes turned red, and four fangs the size of two little pinkies began to appear in his mouth. Its entire body is covered with fine white feathers and soon gives way to a majestic, adorable white lion. Soon a white lion came smaller than King Addison.

"Alice. What are you doing here, honey?" asked King Addison.

"It was you who called me here dear. So I came," in reply Queen Alice.

"I am just testing your delicate sensibilities," said king Addison with a warm smile.


e so annoying darling," said Queen Alice.

"Don get angry, baby. Is Aaron back yet?" asked King Addison.

"I haven seen him today, sweetie. But there was something strange about him," replied Queen Alice.

"What do you mean dear?" asked King Addison.

"I oversaw their conversation a few days ago. Aaron seems envious that we treat his sister with greater affection," Queen Alice responded.

"He even says that we don love him anymore," he continues.

Queen Alice felt suffocated in her heart when Aaron her eldest son said that.

"Im gonna talk to Aaron about this. After all, he is the heir to the throne," said King Addison.

"You should talk to him, honey. Before its too late. I don want this broken relationship to continue," said Queen Alice.

"Let us return to my beloved palace," said King Addison.

Queen Alice only nodded and shortly thereafter disappeared.

On the other side of the litter...

Princess Elleanor began to awaken from her faint, she felt a pain in the neck.

"My neck hurts so much that I can remember what happened," says daughter Elleanor.

The daughter of elleanor looked down at her blood-filled clothes, herself quite shocked, even frightened.

"I am but a daughter of the kingdom of men. I shall surely be food or drink from those demons," she said.

Princess Elleanor regained consciousness, he had to leave the forest where he had fainted just now. He didn want any demons to come and drink his blood back, because it was very painful.

With a still frail body, the daughter of elleanor decided to run away.

In another place...

King Ace of the dangerous kingdom seemed very pleased with the good news of his squire about the contests selection of the Queen.

"The news is excellent. Julia had to follow the contest," said King Ace.

King ace smiled with a grin.

"I will destroy the family when my daughter won that ridiculous contest," said King Ace.

King Ace disappeared and left nothing but flames behind. Yeah, the ace is the devil king.

~ White Kingdom ~

Prince Alvin looked very upset and angry, he even attacked soldiers to death. The soldier is innocent. Before long came king Evan, father of Alvin. Evan only sighed to see a soldier die because of his son. King Evan unleashed his powers and suddenly the warrior came back to life.

"Thank you, King."

"Forgive my son. He seems very angry at other people and not at you," said King Evan.

"I understand, King."

"Go away!" insists King Evan.

"Okay, King. I excused myself."

Soon the soldier left.

After the soldier left, king Evan sat next to his son.

"Whats going on, Alvin? Why did you kill innocent soldiers?" asked King Evan.

"Im sorry, Daddy. Im just mad at the human girl who is my mate," Alvin replied.

King Evan just smiled and affectionately rubbed his son on the shoulder.

"I knew it before. If your partner is human," said King Evan.

"But hes an asshole, Daddy. Even that girl dared challenge me," Alvin said.

"You must conquer him, boy. Use the same methods that daddy used to do," said King Evan.

"Daddy was right and I was going to use a hard like you," Alvin said.

Alvin smiled a grin and that made king Evan smile with satisfaction.

"Daddy will tell you a little about your mommy," said king Evan.

"Ill listen, daddy. Im really curious," Alvin says.

"Mommy you too used to be a human being," said King Evan.

"Did mommy ever rebel against you?" Alvin asked.


e right, son. I was so pissed off at your mommy," replied King Evan.

"And what did daddy do?" Alvin asked.

"Many things I did, including torture and brute force," he retorted

Prince Alvin was shocked by his sudden speech, it looked like he would follow it even worse. The very thought of it made Alvin smile in satisfaction.

"Is Mommy still going on rebelling when Daddy does the hard way and the torture?" Alvin asked.

"Yes. Mommy keeps rebelling even running away from the palace. But daddy wouldn be if he didn get him back," replied King Evan.

"Daddy was so upset and angry at the time, he insisted on taking something of your mommys worth," he continued.

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