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 Throughout their stay in the ducal territory, The attack and defense between Ortansia and Gerard continued. 

Ortansia tried to get Gérard to take a refreshing vacation, while Gérard was still a workaholic.

Sometimes Ortansia's attempts were successful, and sometimes he casually refused her giving the excuse that he was busy at the moment.

The odds of her being successful were 50-50 or, more often than not, victory was slightly on Ortansia's side.

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   With Gerard's guidance, Ortansia tried horse riding for the first time.

She also tried milking a cow.

She was impressed by her brother's expressionless, yet rhythmic and precise milking of the cow.

She went out with Gérard and Pamela to various places in the Ducal Castle, ran around the ducal gardens with Tyrol to her heart's content and accidentally got lost in the forest, and listened to the territory's servants tell her all sorts of stories. 

Anyway, that was how Ortansia enjoyed her stay in the Duke's territory to the fullest.

And before she knew it, the day to return to the royal capital arrived.


"Ha, that was fast"


Over and over again, she waved her hands at the people who were seeing them off with tears, and when the majestic castle disappeared from view Ortansia sat back down in the carriage seat, feeling a little lonely.

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"Thank you for bringing me Brother.

It was so much fun!"


After thanking him with a smile, Gérard, who was seated opposite her, quietly replied.


"We can always come back again."


"The pony I befriended, will he remember me"


"I don't know."


Gérard's reply was tedious, but she could sense he was in a good mood

Somehow, he must have been able to relax in his own way during their stay.


'When we return to Royal Capital, I'll have to work hard too!'


Ortansia wanted to be able to help Gerard with his work as much as possible so that her brother wouldn't get overwhelmed again.

Ortansia made up her mind while staring at her brother, who was quietly looking out the window.

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The Royal Capital.


By the time Ortansia and Gerard returned to the Royal Capital, traces of winter was already approaching.


"You’re late, Sia!"


"Wait for me Tyrol"


    Ortansia frantically chased after Tyrol, who was energetically running around the garden of the Duke's mansion.

Tyrol, who had always been a little quiet at the Duke's Mansion in the Royal Capital, had become completely naughty, probably because he was allowed too much freedom during his stay in the territory.


'Well, it's good because it helps me get rid of my lack of exercise, too'


Chasing around the energetic Tyrol was tiring, but for Ortansia, who had a reclusive nature, it was a rare opportunity to get outside and exercise.

Ortansia giggled as she watched Tyrol sniff the flowers of Shangri-La, which were blooming beautifully again today.

But a cold wind blew through and Ortansia shivered involuntarily.


"Hey Tyrol, are you cold"


"Not cold at all.

Sia is weak!"


"it's because Tyrol has fluffy fur!"


As she lifted Tyrol up and squeezed him, his fluffy body and warm body temperature soothed Ortansia's mind and body.

There were some doubts as to whether Tyrol will be useful as a fighting tool when Ortansia is in a critical situation, as she first hoped.

At the very least, he is an irreplaceable friend, and he certainly has an animal therapy effect.

The year will soon be over, and in a little while Gérard will go to the academy.'

The academy where the Aristocrat sons attended was located away from the royal capital, perhaps to concentrate on their studies, and it was a boarding school.

Gerard will probably return for the long holidays, but they won't see each other as often as they do now.

Ortansia was going to miss him. 

    In her first life, she never had that thought at all.

Rather, whenever she heard that Gerard would be gone from the Mansion, she would be relieved that she would be able to breathe easier.


'When I think about it, my relationship with my brother is going incredibly well now'


With this, she wondered if Gerard would be willing to defend her if she were to be falsely accused in the same way as in her previous life.


'No, no.

It's best that I don't become a candidate for queen in the first place!'


But even if the royal court approached her, would she be able to refuse


'I think it would be best to get engaged to someone first, but I can't think of anyone at all'

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Ortansia, who was a raving recluse in her first life, could not think of any partner at all that she could say "I'll be happy if I marry this person."

If it was someone who would convince even her father, he would need to have a good family background.

It would be better for her to make her appearance in social circles little by little and look for a suitable partner.


'Haa, I can't believe I have to think about marriage at my age.'

Involuntarily letting out a sigh, Ortansia buried her face in Tyrol's fluffy body and took a deep breath in search of distraction.


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