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The Handsome Slave

Su Binglan lay unconscious, surrounded by bone-chilling water. The water enveloped her body, but there seemed to be faint voices in her ear, “Quick, someone fell into the water! We have to save her!”

“That so-called top-notch girl from the Su Teng Village is lazy. Why would we waste our time saving her We should just let her die.”

“Hmph, as if. Su Binglan is already married, yet she still thinks about Young Master Xu. She overestimates her abilities.”

“I heard she even beats and scolds her slave husband.”

Just as Su Binglan was about to drown, she heard something falling into the water.

“Ah! Someone jumped into the water to save Su Binglan!”

“It looks like someone will save that so-called top-notch girl after all.”

“I think its just that slave husband of hers. He still wants to save Su Binglan even though she treats him like garbage.”

Three days had passed when Su Binglan finally woke up. She saw a handsome man in front of her when she opened her eyes.

The man wore a plain-colored long gown, his figure was tall and slender, and his face was as beautiful as a painting. The mans skin was cold and pale, and his entire person carried a gentle and noble aura.

The man resembled a Magnolia tree, like an apricot flower in the spring rain.

Su Binglan thought of saying, “Strangers are like stones, while the young master is a gem.”

The man before Su Binglan looked like he had walked out of a movie or painting. However, a long scar on the side of his face ruined his good looks. It looked like a knife wound.

Nonetheless, in Su Binglans eyes, the man had a charming and intimidating demeanor with the addition of the knife scar, which was also beguiling.

Luo Jinan guarded Su Binglan for three days, and at that time, he started to look a little tired. When Su Binglan woke up, a dim light flashed in Luo Jinans eyes. He said in a faint voice, “Youre finally awake. How are you feeling”

The mans voice was charming to the ears. It was like a violin tugging at ones heartstrings. His eyes resembled the blue skies and clear water mixed with charm whenever he looked at people. One could only imagine the gentle light that would appear in his eyes when he smiled.

Su Binglan had just woken up and became stunned when she saw such a handsome man before her. She couldnt get her thoughts straight for a moment.

However, when Su Binglan heard the mans voice and focused her blurry vision, her expression changed slightly. The man wore ancient-looking clothes and had long hair. The environment was shabby, simple, and strange.

“Ah!” Suddenly, Su Binglan felt a sharp pain in her head. Memories that werent hers flooded her mind. It was her predecessors memories.

Su Binglan was the daughter of the Su family of Su Teng Village. Her father was straightforward and honest, while her mother was strong and had three older brothers.

Su Binglans predecessor was the only daughter, and her entire family spoiled her. Unfortunately, her predecessor was luxurious and selfish. She only cared about herself and never others.

As for the handsome man before Su Binglan, her predecessor once fancied his beauty on a town slave farm. She cried and fussed, begging her parents to buy him.

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Su Binglans parents took out all their savings and purchased him. Then they arranged for Luo Jinan to marry her.

Whenever Luo Jinan tied his hair, revealing the scar on his face, Su Binglans predecessor thought it was an eyesore. She started to beat and scold Luo Jinan.

Nonetheless, Luo Jinan was skilled, so he went to the back of the mountains and hunted. He sold his prey in a nearby town and gave his earnings to Su Binglans predecessor.

Su Binglans predecessor would then buy various cosmetics and dresses. Then she fantasized about how Young Master Xu of the Xu family would fall in love with her.

Previously, someone had pushed Su Binglan while she was playing by the river. She hadnt fallen into the river on her own. If not for the man before her, she might have died as soon as she reincarnated.

Su Binglan quickly digested her predecessors memories. Then she looked at Luo Jinan and said, “I-It was you who saved me. Thank you.”

Luo Jinans picturesque eyes glinted with surprise because Su Binglan would never say such words, let alone say thank you.

Su Binglans predecessor always looked down on enslaved people, and it was good enough if she only scolded them.



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