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Maternal Love and Fireworks

With a start-up fund established, Su Binglan could open up more stores. Since winter was approaching, opening a hotpot store would be a big hit. She started to plan her future.

After all, getting rich wasnt something that would happen overnight. Su Binglan needed to take it one step at a time. Moreover, she couldnt fully use her powers yet since her soul had entered a mortal body. She needed time to recover her abilities.

On the other hand, Su Binglan felt that this era possessed a brighter atmosphere, making others more relaxed. Therefore, she decided to live a normal life in this era.

Shen Qiuhua heard her daughters words and felt highly gratified. She thought her daughter was sensible and knew more than others, believing that her family could only improve from then on.

But regardless of whether or not her daughters cooking was good, Shen Qiuhua would tell Su Binglan that she did a good job. She didnt want to undermine her daughters confidence, even if they did waste all the ingredients they bought. Shen Qiuhua only cared for her daughters happiness.

“O-Okay, Binglan. Your food will be delicious. I just know it.”

The two strolled around town for an entire morning, only returning to the village at noon. Su Binglan was never a spoiled person in her past life, even though she used to be an omnipotent presence and everyone worshiped her.

It was usual for Su Binglan to walk a few miles, even though there were oxcarts from Su Teng village to the town.

The village folk would usually drive oxcarts back and forth, a single ride costing one copper coin.

However, Shen Qiuhua wanted to save money. She would walk to and from the town, reluctant to spend copper coins on an oxcart.

The oxcart drivers would usually return to the village around noon, and the mother and daughter duo had wandered for a long while, unable to catch the oxcart to the village.

It was a chaotic time in that era, and the people struggled. One would only do well if they owned a cow.

Only one family in Su Teng village had a cow, and during a busy season, they would use it to plow the land. But whenever it wasnt a busy time, they would use it to pull their cart as a means of transportation to travel back and forth from the village to the town, earning copper coins.

Most villagers were reluctant to spend money on an oxcart ride. Instead, they opted for walking. They would only use the oxcart when there was an emergency or when someone was in poor health. The villagers would save money whenever possible.

When Shen Qiuhua and Su Binglan walked back, Shen Qiuhua said, “I lost track of time. We wouldve caught the oxcart if we were earlier.”

Shen Qiuhua wouldnt mind walking, but she didnt want her daughter to suffer. Su Binglad hadnt suffered much, but she would undoubtedly get tired after walking for such a long time.

Shen Qiuhua started to feel guilty. Meanwhile, Su Binglan felt it was good to experience the mortal world. She did not feel tired.

“Its okay, Mother. We could use the exercise. Besides, Im not used to taking the oxcart because I get motion sickness.” Su Binglan only said this to comfort her mother.

Shen Qiuhua pondered and said, “Binglan, I can carry you if you get tired from walking.”

Su Binglan looked at her mothers thin and weak appearance. She could not imagine her mother carrying her. Perhaps since Su Binglans new body was related to Shen Qiuhan by blood, she could feel her mothers love.

Shen Qiuhuas maternal love touched Su Binglan as she said, “Theres no need, Mother. I can walk quite well.”

“But I used to carry you before,” Shen Qiuhua said in puzzlement.

Su Binglan felt disgusted when she heard this. Her predecessor would usually sit on an oxcart or demand her mother carry her home like a spoiled brat.

Su Binglan couldnt understand why the Sus would spoil her predecessor so much. She wondered if it was because she was a girl.

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Then Su Binglan noticed that her mothers shoes were tattered and torn. She looked closer and saw calluses and blisters on Shen Qiuhuas feet.



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