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Being Alive Was a Miracle

Shen Qiuhua dared not interfere too much with Su Binglan and Luo Jinan because she knew how stubborn her daughter was. If she kept interfering with the two, she might make Su Binglan even more dissatisfied with Luo Jinan.

Nonetheless, Shen Qiuhua was puzzled. Previously, Su Binglan fell in love with Luo Jinan. She even cried and threw a tantrum, begging her parents to purchase Luo Jinan.

But Su Binglans attitude toward Luo Jinan changed after they got married. Shen Qiuhua couldnt wrap her head around the situation. But since Su Binglan was all grown up, Shen Qiuhua decided to talk about it.

Su Binglan didnt even react when she heard this. Fortunately, she had access to her predecessors memories. She pondered and remembered her predecessor abusing Luo Jinan.

Su Binglans predecessor would beat and scold Luo Jinan. Sometimes, she wouldnt even let Luo Jinan go home for lunch. Even if Luo Jinan could have lunch, Su Binglans predecessor would only leave scraps.

It was a miracle that Luo Jinan was still alive even after Su Binglans predecessor abused him. Of course, it hadnt been long since the Sus purchased Luo Jinan, so he hadnt suffered for too long.

Su Binglan believed that Luo Jinan wouldnt have survived if she had reincarnated later. Luo Jinan was Su Binglans husband, but her predecessor was ruthless toward him.

Su Binglan knew it was already past noon when she looked at the sun toward the west. She said to Shen Qiuhua, “You have a point, Mother. You should go home while I go to the mountain and tell Luo Jinan to come home for dinner.”

Shen Qiuhua looked at Su Binglan with satisfaction, thinking that her daughter was sensible. “Okay, I will go home and pack my things. Please bring Luo Jinan home.”

“Yes, Mother.”

Previously, Su Binglan had asked the grocery store owner to arrange for someone to send her potatoes and sweet potatoes to the village. She then told someone to send those things to her parents since she wasnt sure if Luo Jinan would be home during the day.

Besides, Su Binglan planned to have lunch and dinner at her parents place to enjoy each others company while nourishing their bodies with good food.

Luo Jinan was still working when Su Binglan arrived at the field. She didnt know why, but her heart was stifled when she saw Luo Jinans hard-working attitude.

Su Binglan felt that this wasnt something Luo Jinan should do. She opened her mouth and wanted to say something but didnt know how to say it.

Luo Jinan seemed to sense Su Binglan, so he stopped and turned around. However, he looked confused when he saw Su Binglan. He wondered why she came to the field.

Although Su Binglan lived in the countryside, she would be lady-like and never went to the field, especially when the sun shone. She was afraid of getting too tanned.

Luo Jinans expression changed, but he remained silent.

Su Binglan hesitated and said, “Lets go home for lunch, my dear husband.”

Luo Jinan looked at Su Binglan profoundly. His eyes were intimidating, as if he looked at someone else through Su Binglans eyes.

Su Binglan felt uncomfortable with Luo Jinan looking at her weirdly. She always felt Luo Jinans eyes were intimidating, as if they could bewitch her.

“Theres no need.” Luo Jinans voice was faint, with a sense of alienation. Su Binglan knew that her predecessor deeply influenced Luo Jinans behavior.

Su Binglan felt that Luo Jinan possessed a unique identity and also had his pride, so she explained softly, “I told you that I wanted to give you a good life. I went to the pawnshop and sold my clothes and makeup to buy things.”

“I wanted us to have a good meal together, so I came looking for you. Lets go home and eat.”



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