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There Are Secrets in This Family

Su Binglan couldnt help but lower her voice whenever she spoke to Luo Jinan because of how her predecessor treated him. It was as if she was afraid of scaring him.

Since Su Binglan had taken over this body, she felt the need to bear its responsibilities. Therefore, she should treat Luo Jinan better.

Su Binglan looked at Luo Jinans thin body and thought that a gust of wind could blow him away. She couldnt bear to watch him work without eating.

Nonetheless, Luo Jinan continued working even when Su Binglan finished talking. It seemed that he had no intention of going back.

Su Binglan couldnt let Luo Jinan continue his work since he was in poor health. She would end up taking care of him if he fainted from malnourishment.

Su Binglan thought of a coaxing method she had seen before and followed suit. She walked forward and grabbed Luo Jinans sleeve, raising her head to look at him. “Shall we go home for dinner”

Su Binglan didnt notice she was acting like a little girl.

She raised her head and blinked her almond-shaped eyes at Luo Jinan. She was teary-eyed and looked pitiful as she gently shook his sleeve.

Su Binglan tugged at Luo Jinans heartstrings, and his heart softened involuntarily. Luo Jinan sighed in his heart and said, “Okay.”

Si Binglan smiled when Luo Jinan agreed. Then she said, “Come on. Lets go home so we can eat together.”

Su Binglan was unaware that she looked gorgeous whenever she smiled. Her eyes were crystal clear, making one feel like the sun shone brightly on them.

Luo Jinan lowered his head and looked at Su Binglans smile. It was evident she was different from before. The two went to Su Binglans parents house when they left the field.

When the two arrived, Su Binglans father, Su Fengmao, was sitting in the yard, weaving a basket, while Su Qiuhua was packing the stuff that her daughter had bought.

When Luo Jinan saw Su Fengmao and Shen Qiuhua, he said politely, “Hello, Father-in-law and Mother-in-law.”

Su Fengmao and Shen Qiuhua adored their son-in-law. However, Su Fengmao was a quiet man. He only nodded and briefly replied, “Welcome back.”

Luo Jinan nodded in return and said, “Thank you, Father-in-law.”

Shen Qiuhua smiled lovingly and said, “You must be tired after working all morning. Come inside. I will get you some water.”

Su Binglan noticed that her father didnt talk much and had a reserved personality. She felt that his temperament wasnt like an ordinary persons. Su Binglan pondered and felt like there was a secret among her family.

Su Binglan looked at Su Fengmao and suddenly remembered something. Su Fengmao worked on the outskirts of the village to earn money. However, his foot got crushed while moving things at a pier, and he never recovered.

Su Fengmao walked with a limp and could only do some work around the house, like weaving baskets. It was something he learned rather quickly.

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Su Fengmao was a quick learner, according to Su Binglans memory. He could learn many things whenever he wanted to. If his foot werent injured, he couldve worked better jobs and earned more money.

It was a pity that such a talented man could only stay home.

Su Binglan said, “Father, please get some rest. Dont tire yourself out.”



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