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Amazing Knife Skills

Su Binglan was stunned by Luo Jinans words. She wanted Luo Jinan to help her, but when she thought of his condition and how her predecessor abused him, she decided against troubling him.

“Theres no need. Please go sit down and get some rest. Mother and I can handle the cooking.” Su Binglan lowered her head and peeled the sweet potatoes when she spoke.

At that moment, Su Binglan didnt notice the change in Luo Jinans expression. Luo Jinan didnt stay idle either. He went to the haystack outside to get firewood and came back, ready to help start the fire at the stove.

Su Binglan looked at Luo Jinans figure and felt he had a noble and elegant temperament, even though he was doing regular tasks. Luo Jinan had a kind of otherworldly aura.

Asking Luo Jinan to do such a task would make one feel guilty. It was as if Luo Jinan should never do such a task.

Su Binglan said, “You havent recovered yet, so please go and rest. Ill start the fire later.”

Luo Jinan said softly, “Do not worry, Madam Su.” He gave Su Binglan a profound look as he spoke, one that would see through ones hearts.

Su Binglan felt as if Luo Jinan had seen through her. She blinked, her eyelashes fluttered, and she averted her gaze. She had a feeling that Luo Jinan had discovered something about her.

Does he know my secret

At this moment, Su Fengmao walked in and said, “Ill light the fire.”

Su Fengmao felt it was a good thing his daughter could dote on others. The Su family was honest and could get along with each other.

They didnt treat Luo Jinan as an outsider but as their family member. The Su family thought it was only right to be considerate of each other.

Luo Jinan said softly, “Please, get some rest, Father-in-law. Ill light the fire.”

Seeing that Luo Jinan wanted to help, Su Binglan said, “Why dont you help me wash the vegetables”

“Okay,” Luo Jinan replied briefly.

With a clear division of labor, the family started to get busy. Su Binglan started to cut the vegetables and cook while Shen Qiuhua washed the peeled potatoes and gave them to Su Binglan.

There was no shredder for making the shredded sweet potatoes, so Su Binglan placed the sweet potatoes on the board and cut them with a knife.

The sweet potatoes needed to be thin enough to taste good in the sweet potato pancakes.

Chop, chop, chop…

Cutting sounds echoed throughout the kitchen as the others watched Su Binglan in shock. Her knife skills were terrific. She cut the sweet potatoes quickly, but they were almost as thin as a piece of paper.

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Everyone present had never seen such impressive knife skills before. Shen Qiuhua and Su Fengmao watched their daughter and forgot what they were doing. Luo Jinan also looked at Su Binglan.

Su Binglan focused on cutting the sweet potatoes when she felt like something was wrong. She looked up and met Luo Jinan hypnotic gaze.

There was a captivating and devouring power in that gaze. Su Binglans heart couldnt help but beat frantically.

“W-Why are you looking at me like that” Su Binglan was stunned.

Is there something on my face

Then Su Binglan recalled one of her predecessors memories and discovered that Luo Jinan had never looked at her predecessor before. However, he looked at her multiple times that day.

Did Luo Jinan see something in Su Binglan She was different from her predecessor and wouldnt pretend to be someone else.

Luo Jinan whispered, “I never expected you to possess such excellent knife skills, Madam Su.”



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