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Su Binglan realized she had forgotten to hide her skills when she heard Luo Jinans words. She had learned many things in the past, and when she needed to use her skills, she would naturally use them.

It was difficult for Su Binglan to hide her skills. She couldnt always remember to feign ignorance. The corners of her lips twitched as she said, “A-About that, I trained myself in the past.”

Shen Qiuhua replied, “Thats right. Binglan is indeed very smart. She learned a lot from elementary school.”

According to Shen Qiuhuas memories, her daughter was sensible and intelligent when she was a child. It didnt surprise Shen Qiuhua that her daughter knew these things.

My daughter is the best.

Su Fengmao nodded and said, “Binglan would help us cook when she was just a few years old.”

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Su Fengmao recalled the memories of when his daughter was a child. He knew that she was brilliant, sensible, and considerate. Maybe she grew up to be a little more delicate, but that was normal for girls.

Su Fengmao and Shen Qiuhua would not overthink it. They only cared for their daughters happiness.

Su Binglan felt highly emotional in her heart.My parents are good people. They always support me no matter what I do. Im truly grateful.

Su Binglan recalled her predecessors memories and discovered that she was kinder as a kid. She wondered what changed about her that made her so cruel toward others. It seemed that some of her predecessors memories were fuzzy.

Su Binglan said, “Its normal to enjoy learning when one is younger, like cutting vegetables and cooking.”

Luo Jinan only remained silent.

Su Binglan then put the cut sweet potatoes into a bowl, salted them evenly, and stirred them. Then she cracked one egg into a bowl and folded it in.

Eggs were very precious to the villagers. They would save the eggs that the hens laid and sell them at the market to earn money for their families. The villagers couldnt bear to eat them.

Since Shen Qiuhua raised two hens to lay eggs and kept them, Su Binglan couldnt bear to use too many. She only used one egg.

After folding in the eggs, Su Binglan added flour and stirred the sweet potatoes again. Then she added some finely chopped green onions.

Su Binglan heated a pot, poured some oil, and spread the sweet potato mixture into the pot. When the sweet potatoes turned golden-brown, she flipped them and fried the other side. She only took the sweet potato pancake out when both sides were golden-brown.

A delectable fragrance spread throughout the house, enticing everyones appetites. Even Su Binglan felt hungry. She picked up a piece of the sweet potato pancake with her chopsticks and blew on it. Then she said, “Try some, Mother.”

Shen Qiuhua smelled the fragrance and was already hungry. She was touched when her daughter fed her a piece of sweet potato pancake. She became teary-eyed as she tried her best to smile. Then she said, “Its delicious!”

It was already good enough for the Su family to fill their stomachs with food, let alone delicious food.

They were reluctant to put anything in the cooking oil. They would stew wild vegetables and add some salt most of the time.

“Go on, and eat, Binglan. I want you and Luo Jinan to eat first.”

Shen Qiuhua urged, “Binglan, quickly give some to Jinan.”

As a mother, Shen Qiuhua just wanted to see her daughter and son-in-law get along. She wanted to persuade her daughter to treat Luo Jinan better since she had become more sensible.

Su Binglan could only listen to her mother when she saw her urging gestures. She gave a piece to Luo Jinan and said somewhat awkwardly, “Here, try some.”

Luo Jinan was not used to Su Binglan treating him like this, but at that time, Shen Qiuhua said, “Jinan, hurry up and eat. Its rare for Binglan to cook. I hope you like it.”



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