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Great Power

Luo Jinan said lowly, “You are my wife. I have to save you.”

No matter how poorly Su Binglan treated Luo Jinan, he couldnt just stand by and watch her die. Since he was a child, he had received rigorous education, giving him a strong sense of responsibility.

Su Binglan couldnt help but feel sorry for Luo Jinan when she thought of how her predecessor beat and insulted him.

Others would have cursed Su Binglans predecessor, hoping she would die. Only then would they feel relieved. But not Luo Jinan. He was indeed a good man.

Considering Luo Jinans temperament, Su Binglan felt he didnt have an ordinary background. She wondered how he became enslaved. It seemed this man had an interesting story.

Su Binglan kept staring at Luo Jinan, so he started to feel a little uncomfortable. He calmly said, “Ill get you some water.”

After a while, Luo Jinan arrived with a water bowl.

Su Binglan noticed the broken corner of the bowl, then a memory from her predecessor appeared in her mind. She knew how poor her family was, but she could still eat because Luo Jinan hunted for a living.

However, Su Binglans predecessor was pretentious and would use the money Luo Jinan earned from hunting for various cosmetics. Moreover, she would flip the table whenever she was unhappy to cause trouble for Luo Jinan, breaking a few plates and bowls.

The bowl was only missing a small piece, but it was still usable.

Luo Jinan saw Su Binglan staring at one corner of the bowl. Then he explained, “This bowl is the only one in the house that can hold water. I know you are not used to it, so I will go hunting in the back of the mountain tonight. If I catch some prey, I will go to town tomorrow and exchange them for copper coins. I will get some utensils after that.”

Su Binglan looked at Luo Jinans expression and thought he used to be a young master of a wealthy family. Luo Jinan had suffered a lot of unfair treatment, but he remained calm, without resentment.

Su Binglan drank a few mouthfuls of water and realized that the water was warm. It was neither hot nor cold. It was just right for her to drink. She sighed in her heart,Luo Jinan is such a caring person. Its a pity that my predecessor didnt cherish him.

Su Binglan recalled her predecessors memories and couldnt help but feel sorry for Luo Jinan. Her predecessor was a Goddess and possessed great power.

Su Binglans predecessor created many things a long time ago. Before Su Binglan reincarnated, her predecessor went to many places and saw many things.

Su Binglans predecessor had a cold heart, but Su Binglan couldnt help but feel sorry for the man before her after reincarnating. Luo Jinan had suffered too much.

If Su Binglan were to remove Luo Jinans clothes, she would see countless scars on his back, and not a single piece of his skin was untouched.

These were her predecessors memories, who despised Luo Jinan. Su Binglan accidentally saw the scars on Luo Jinans back. However, if she guessed correctly, those scars werent normal. Luo Jinan mustve gotten them on the battlefield.

Su Binglan had a vague idea of this mans true identity. She said softly, “Its autumn now, and its frigid at night. You dont need to go hunting in the mountains.”

Luo Jinan listened to Su Binglans words, and a profound light glinted across his eyes. Then he looked at Su Binglan seriously.

Su Binglan looked into Luo Jinans beautiful eyes calmly and said in a low voice, “I thought I was going to die when the river engulfed me, but you came to my rescue. Because of that incident, I understand more than I did before. I finally understand what I did wrong in the past and will never repeat my mistakes.”

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Su Binglan was adaptable, taking things as they came. Moreover, when she reincarnated with this identity, she felt that perhaps she had a mission.

Su Binglan sensed that her pocket dimension was still there, so she was accustomed to this strange world.I should take things as they come.

Luo Jinan kept his eyes on Su Binglan, and a dark whirlpool appeared in his picturesque eyes.



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