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The Su Family Doted on Their Daughter

Naturally, Su Binglan noticed the look in Luo Jinans eyes and knew what he suspected. But even if she wanted to explain herself, she wouldnt know how. Instead, she just feigned ignorance.

Luo Jinan wouldnt ask anyway. Even if he did, Su Binglan wouldnt answer truthfully. It was just like how Luo Jinan had his own secrets. He wouldnt tell Su Binglan about them either.

Meanwhile, Su Binglan used the pigs blood and braised pork to make some green vegetable soup. The fragrance of freshly cooked food filled the entire house.

Shen Qiuhua and Su Fengmao had not eaten a full meal for a long time, let alone such a delicious meal.

“It smells so good!” Shen Qiuhua did not expect her daughter to be so good at cooking.

Su Binglan had eaten countless delicacies in the past, but today, she felt that her food was exceptionally delicious.

Was it because she was in a different era

“The food will only get better and better once we have a better life. Ill make you all whatever you want to eat.”

Su Binglans words touched Su Fengmao and Shen Qiuhua, rendering them speechless.

The Su family doted on their daughter, and villagers gossiped about it. But the Su family loved to dote on their daughter no matter what the villagers said.

The villagers would feel envious if they found out that Su Binglan was cooking delicious food for her family.

When Su Binglan finished cooking, they sat at the dining table and ate. However, Shen Qiuhua and Su Fengmao didnt eat much.

Su Binglan looked at her parents bowls and asked, “Mother Father Why arent you eating”

Then Shen Qiuhua said embarrassedly, “Um, Binglan. Would you allow your eldest sister-in-law and two nephews to come home”

When Shen Qiuhua spoke, she was afraid that her daughter would be unhappy, so she hurriedly explained, “I-I wont ask them to stay for long. I only want them to have some of the delicious food you made.”

Even though Shen Qiuhua thought the world of her daughter, she felt bad for not caring about her grandchildren. Moreover, she felt guilty for eating this delicious food while her daughter-in-law and two grandchildren had to eat basic food.

No matter how good Su Binglans food was, Shen Qiuhua couldnt bear to eat it. Su Fengmao also felt the same way since they were parents and grandparents. They couldnt bear to care about themselves while forgetting about others.

Shen Qiuhua and Su Fengmao would feel better if their eldest daughter-in-law and two grandchildren could eat their fill.

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However, Shen Qiuhua and Su Fengmao sent their eldest son to earn money and support their family while their eldest daughter-in-law brought her sons to her parents home.

Su Binglan was stunned when she heard her mothers request. Then she thought of her eldest brother and his wife.

Su Binglans three older brothers were sister-obsessed, while her eldest sister-in-law was exceedingly virtuous with a decent family.

However, Su Binglans eldest sister-in-law had taken things from her family to finance the Su family. Moreover, because Su Binglans predecessor was a materialistic person, her eldest sister-in-law had no choice but to take her two children to live with her mother.

Su Binglans eldest sister-in-law did this so that the Su family could save some food and money for themselves. Strangely, her eldest sister-in-law did not complain.

Su Binglans nephews also learned that it was only fitting for their aunt to eat more than them. Su Binglan started to sweat at this thought.

“I seemed to have forgotten about them, Mother and Father. But we should eat first since they are quite a distance away from us. Well get someone to send Sister-in-law a message and ask her to bring Xuexuan and Xuehai over to stay when lunch is over.”

“Since weve bought a lot of potatoes and sweet potatoes for cheap, we can cook some more delicious food for them tonight.”

Su Binglans eldest brother and sister-in-law had two sons, one was the six-year-old Su Xuexuan, and the other was the four-year-old Su Xuehai.

She could make them some potato chips and other snacks since they were only children.



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