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A Better Personality

Su Binglans heart softened at the thought of her adorable and sensible nephews. She was an aunt in this era.

However, people got married early in this era. Su Binglans eldest brother was only twenty-two years old and had two sons. Meanwhile, Su Binglan was only fourteen-years-old, but she was married to Luo Jinan.

Since there was such a custom in this era, Su Binglan decided to take things as they came. But she felt a chill run down her spine when she thought of how her predecessor didnt care if her family could eat their fill.

Su Binglan could never do that. She thought it would only be fun if she could eat with her family by her side.

According to her predecessors memories, Su Binglan discovered that her two nephews were clever and adorable. She wondered how her predecessor could bear to let these two children starve while she used all her parents money to buy clothes and makeup.

Su Binglan could never do that since she liked to spoil the people around her. She was looking forward to seeing her two nephews and couldnt wait to cook delicious food.

Shen Qiuhua was afraid that Su Binglan would get angry if she said she wanted her grandchildren and daughter-in-law to come over, so she lowered her head and whispered it, not daring to look her daughter in the eyes.

Su Binglan would get angry whenever she was slightly unhappy in the past. She wouldnt care about other peoples emotions when that happened, but now, she became easier to talk to, causing Shen Qiuhua to feel shocked.

My daughter has a better temperament now. Shes behaving like she did when she was just a child.

Su Binglan was kind and sensible when she was a child, but for some reason, she changed for the worse in the past two years. Nonetheless, Su Binglan had changed for the better again. Shen Qiuhua was happy and gratified.

Shen Qiuhua felt that her daughter had returned to her previous self after almost drowning in the river. She smiled happily and said, “Thats great! Ill go and call them over in the afternoon.”

Shen Qiuhua missed her grandsons and wanted to see them.

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Su Binglan said, “All right. Well eat more delicious food tonight, so I want you two to enjoy your lunch. Im planning to open a dim sum stall, and then we can do other businesses when weve saved up enough money. Our lives are only going to get better and better.”

“Ive decided to call my brothers home too. Then they wont have to work so far away from us.”

Working in town wasnt like working in a modern town in that era. Since this was an ancient era, there were no convenient communication tools or letters. The Su family barely knew what was going on outside.

Besides, Su Binglans parents worried about their sons and didnt feel at ease since their sons worked so far away. Shen Qiuhua and Su Fengmao worried that their sons couldnt sleep or eat well.

Su Binglan thought it was better to bring her brothers home. She planned to arrange suitable jobs for them according to their personalities. She could teach them how to run a business to open up a shop for themselves.

Since Su Binglan possessed countless skills, she could teach her brothers some of them. She planned to bring her family wealth.

Meanwhile, Luo Jinan lowered his head in silence as no one knew what he was thinking.

After lunch, Su Fengmao continued to make baskets while Shen Qiuhua got ready to pick up her daughter-in-law and grandsons.

Su Binglan looked at the few eggs in her hand, took some meat and noodles, and put them into a basket. “Mother, take these to Sister-in-laws parents. We can help out more when our conditions are better.”

Su Binglan knew that her sister-in-law had a good personality while her parents were honest people based on her predecessors memories.

Even when Su Binglans predecessor did so many horrible things, her sister-in-laws parents didnt say anything. However, her sister-in-laws parents would ask her to bring some provisions over whenever she went home.

Su Binglan knew that her in-laws were good people, so she decided to help them.



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