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How She Changed

Shen Qiuhua looked very proud when she spoke about her daughter. She thought her daughter was the best, and others did not understand Su Binglans good qualities.

Even if Su Binglan had a bad temper, Shen Qiuhua wouldnt be happy if others gossiped about her daughter.

Shen Qiuhuas basket was heavy since Su Binglan had filled them with several things.

“Su Binglan had to sell her makeup and some clothes to buy these things, yet she still wants me to send some to our in-laws. She also cooked delicious food for us!”

The villagers were shocked at Shen Qiuhuas words. Everyone thought they had misheard her. But when they looked at Shen Qiuhuas expression, she didnt look like she was lying.

Moreover, the villagers knew that Shen Qiuhua had never told a lie. She would even remain silent if she had nothing to say. She could never lie to anyone.

The villagers approached Shen Qiuhau and asked curiously, “Qiuhua, are you sure Binglan has changed Is she back to her old self”

Su Binglan was indeed lovely in the past. She was sensible and considerate, often helping her parents do things around the house.

Although the Su family doted on their daughter, Su Binglan didnt have a spoiled personality at that time. On the contrary, she understood how difficult it was for her parents and brothers.

However, a few years ago, after Su Binglan rolled down from the mountain and kowtowed, she suddenly changed her demeanor. She became very hot-tempered.

Su Binglan went through the gates of hell at that time, and it wasnt easy for her family to save her. Even though her personality and temper had changed, the Su family was very tolerant and pampered her.

The Su family felt that they did not protect Su Binglan well. Moreover, their precious daughter almost died, making them feel guilty. But Su Binglan could do whatever she wanted.

The Su family always tried their best to satisfy her. Hence, Su Binglan became more and more lawless.

The villagers understood why the Su family doted on their daughter. However, they would miss the Su Binglan of the past whenever they saw her become arrogant and irritable.

Everyone was excited that she had suddenly become better. The Su Binglan of the past was sweet and sensible. She had also helped the villagers a lot. Everyone liked her very much.

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However, Su Binglan ruined things for herself. Everyone was puzzled and wondered why she kowtowed so strangely.

“Qiuhua, tell us what happened.”

“Were curious to know why Binglan changed.”

The villagers were excited. They would be delighted if Su Binglan changed for the better.

Shen Qiuhua looked at everyones expression and smiled, “Binglan truly changed for the better since she survived falling into the river. She sold her makeup and bought some supplies. Then she cooked lunch, which tasted incredible!”

Nostalgia filled Shen Qiuhuas eyes as she spoke. She remembered the delicious lunch she had eaten since shes never had such a delicious meal.

The villagers thought that what Shen Qiuhua said was probably true, but they thought that the fragrant food was just an exaggeration. It was because the Su family was usually biased toward their daughter.

Looking at everyones doubtful expressions, Shen Qiuhua said, “Dont doubt it. Binglan knows a lot of things.”

The villagers also smiled and replied, “All right, we believe you. Its a good thing Binglan has become better. Were so happy for you, Qiuhua.”



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