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The Village of Xanadu

The Sus lives changed when Su Binglans temperament changed. They used to raise cattle, but they sold them for Su Binglans luxurious needs. Their living conditions worsened, making them fall into debt. They couldnt even pay their medical bills.

The Sus even sold all their things to purchase Luo Jinan when Su Binglan cried and begged for her parents to buy him. Shen Qiuhua wasnt this old and haggard in the past.

However, Shen Qiuhua aged rapidly because of the hard work she had to do for her daughter while worrying about her. Everyone in the village was sad when they noticed this.

When the Su family was doing well in the past, and the villagers could barely eat due to the poor weather, Shen Qiuhua would share their grain with them. The villagers were honest and remembered all of Shen Qiuhuas favors.

However, they knew it wasnt good to interfere in other peoples affairs. They could only watch silently as Su Binglan wreaked havoc.

When times were tough for the Sus, their neighbors and villagers would send them some grain. They couldnt let the Sus starve to death. Later on, when the Sus had no other choice, Su Fengmao and Shen Qiuhua told their three sons to work and earn money.

Su Fengmao and Shen Qiuhuas eldest daughter-in-law had to move out and bring her sons to her parents place so that Su Binglan would have more to eat.

Moreover, the Sus was famous for spoiling their daughter, so it was useless to persuade them otherwise. Now that Su Binglan had become better, everyone was naturally happy for Shen Qiuhua.

Shen Qiuhua knew that the villagers were doing this for her good. She smiled and said, “Thank you, everyone. I will remember everyones kindness.”

“What are you talking about We are all from the same village that belongs to your family. Your family took us in and gave us land and food. We will never forget your kindness.”

Back then, the Sus allowed some people to live in their village. They chose the most honest and kind families, filling the village with honest and caring people. It was like a paradise.

Although everyones living conditions werent the best, and they barely had enough to eat or wear, they did not have much else to worry about.

If there were any difficulties in the neighborhood, they would help each other out. They were a tight-knit community.

Shen Qiuhua chatted with everyone for a long while before saying, “Lets not talk about it for now. I still have to rush to the neighboring village to see my grandsons. I have to bring them back before dinner since Binglan will be cooking again.

Shen Qiuhua chatted and laughed as she carried the basket and left. Even when she walked, she was full of energy. She looked completely different from her previous weak appearance.

The villagers looked at her back and said, “It seems that Binglan has indeed changed for the better.”

“It should be true, from the looks of it.”

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“Binglan knows how to cook delicious food”

“Ive never heard that before.”

“Its truly bizarre.”

“I havent seen Binglan scold or abuse her husband for two days now.”

“Youre right. I always heard Binglan shouting at someone whenever I walked by their door.”

“We felt sorry for Luo Jinan whenever Binglan tortured him.”

“But I heard from Miss Yang that Binglan helped her husband when he fainted that day. Binglan even said she would give her husband a better life.”

Everyone talked as they carried their hoes and went to the fields since it was almost time for the autumn harvest. Every family was busy at that time, but they were all motivated to work.



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