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Making Desserts and Pastries

Su Binglan had a lot of other things to do after lunch. Luo Jinan would work in the field with farm tools, and Su Binglan couldnt stop him even if she wanted to.

Su Binglan sensed that Luo Jinan didnt want to sit around eating and doing nothing. He had always been a serious person. She couldnt persuade him otherwise, so she could only let him work in the field.

Su Binglan knew she couldnt rush things, so she decided to take things one step at a time. Besides, with Luo Jinan working in the field, it made it easier for her to do other things.

Su Binglan said to Su Fengmao, who was in the yard, “Father, Ill take a break at noon.”

Su Fengmao nodded and said, “All right, Binglan. Ill watch over you. No one will disturb you.”

“Okay. Thank you, Father” Su Binglan entered her pocket dimension and put down the potatoes and sweet potatoes she had brought.

The first layer of her pocket dimension had a field where Su Binglan could grow potatoes and sweet potatoes. This field was not affected by the external environment. Anything Su Binglan planted there would proliferate.

It would not take long for the potatoes and sweet potatoes to sprout, and then there would be a big harvest.

Su Binglan felt that her family had not eaten well in the past few years, yet they still toiled away in the fields. They all looked malnourished and weak.

The spiritual spring water had a miraculous effect. It could strengthen the body and improve ones physique quickly. Therefore, Su Binglan took out a portion of this water from her pocket dimension and mixed it into the water tank at her home.

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Everyones physique quickly improved by eating and cooking with this spiritual spring water mixture. On top of that, this mixture had a beautifying effect.

Su Binglan couldnt bear looking at Shen Qiuhuas gray hair and aged appearance. She believed that after drinking the spiritual spring water for some time, Shen Qiuhuas skin would improve, and her white hair would turn black.

Su Binglan had several ideas. They were ideas for making a fortune, but all these ideas needed financial support. She didnt even have the funds to rent a shop in town since it was near the pier, and rent there was expensive.

Sun Binglan couldnt rent a shop for the time being and could only open a stall. She planned to open a pastry shop. Then, she would open all kinds of other shops in the future. She could also make mixed-grain pancakes and egg pancakes.

When Su Binglan went to town, she didnt go just to sell makeup and clothes. She was also observing the shops and small stalls along the street.

She found that the food there was tasteless and lacked seasoning. Most of these vendors were selling buns.

For people, having a bun was both affordable and delicious. There were no stalls making cakes, let alone a pastry shop.

Making pastries would cost less and generate money faster. They were easy enough to make at home and sell in town.

This time, Su Binglan bought a heap of noodles, eggs, and some sugar from town to make pastries and desserts.

Su Binglan could make all kinds of patterns and colored pastries. She could also make all kinds of flavors without worrying about any business problems.

There were also no beverages in this era. If it were summer now, Su Binglan could sell drinks too. However, it was autumn, and people didnt usually drink cold beverages back then.

Su Binglan knew how to make milk tea, but it required a lot of ingredients. She had yet to find these things in that era. Oh, she could also make her seasonings.

In modern times, stir-fried pork with chili oil was very popular. Some people even considered having some staple foods and shredded pork with chili oil. It was a full meal.

As Su Binglan thought about this, an idea flashed through her mind. She decided to go behind the mountain and take a look. Maybe she could find some chili there.



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