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Who Was She

Su Fengmaos eyes were rimmed-red as he begged Su Binglan in a pleading tone.Why does Su Binglan insist on going behind the mountain

Su Binglan understood her fathers feelings. Su Fengmao was afraid something would happen to his daughter. It was a kind of care—fatherly love.

Su Binglan couldnt bear to break her fathers heart, but she had to go back there.

According to her predecessors memories, she could find many things at the back of the mountain. It could be an opportunity for Su Binglan to make a fortune.

She felt that behind the mountain was a treasure trove. There would be many things that most people in this era wouldnt find, but if Su Binglan found them, she could turn those things into delicacies.

Su Binglan thought before saying, “Father, youre injured, so you cant go behind the mountain. How about I get Jinan and ask him to accompany you. Is that okay”

Su Fengmao wanted to insist. But seeing his daughters determined look, he could only compromise. He knew his daughter was stubborn and would do anything she put her mind to.

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Su Binglan could only nod and say, “All right. Ill get Jinan to accompany me to the back of the mountain.”

“Lets go to the fields together. Ill ask Jinan to protect you.”

Hearing this, the corner of Su Binglans mouth twitched. She only agreed to try to comfort Su Fengmao and wasnt going to ask Luo Jinan to accompany her behind the mountain.

She had planned to sneak her way behind the mountain independently and tell Luo Jinan to cover for her. She hadnt expected her father to be so insistent.

“All right.” Su Binglan felt helpless.

Su Fengmao and Su Binglan went to the field to look for Luo Jinan. He was busy in the field and was surprised to see Su Fengmao and Su Binglan approaching.

Of course, Luo Jinan paid attention to the details. He noticed Su Binglan had supported Su Fengmao along the way. She carefully supported her father so he would have an easier time walking.

Luo Jinan had never seen the caring side of Su Binglan before. Su Binglan had only cared about herself in the past and had never cared about her parents feelings. However, she was now supporting her father so carefully.

Luo Jinan recalled seeing Su Binglan piggybacking Shen Qiuhua in the afternoon. Su Binglan looked glowing, and Luo Jinan could hardly look away.

How could a person have two different personalities Could a person change this much after almost drowning

Moreover, Su Binglans personality and the look in her eyes had changed completely. Even her preferences had changed.

How could a country girl like Su Binglan make such delicious food Even the famous chefs couldnt prepare such dishes. Who was she

After pondering Su Binglans identity, Luo Jinan thought of a possibility. His expression turned dark and gloomy, carrying an extreme sense of danger.

But when Su Binglan came closer, Luo Jinan lowered his head and hid his emotions. No one noticed anything strange.

Su Binglan didnt notice anything wrong with Luo Jinan. She constantly looked down, fretting over Su Fengmaos injured leg.

“Father, I told you I could carry you, so why didnt you let me. Your leg must hurt from all that walking, right”

Su Fengmao looked at his daughters gentle gaze and felt a warmth in his heart. He could barely feel the pain. Besides, how could he let his daughter carry him What if she got tired

Su Fengmao said with a smile, “It doesnt hurt. How could I let you carry me Dont worry. I feel great since I can still work. As long as Im still around, Ill do my best to give you a better life.”



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