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Luo Jinan Laughed

Su Fengmao felt his daughter was so sensible that he could do anything. He smiled along the way. No one knew, but it had been long since Su Fenmao smiled so brightly.

Su Fengmao had always been quiet in the past since his daughter would always rebuke him. Over time, he dared not talk to his daughter and thought it would be good to watch over her in silence instead.

But ever since Su Binglan married Luo Jinan and lived in that house, Su Fengmao rarely saw his daughter anymore. Su Fengmao was touched when he saw Su Binglan caring for him, even offering to carry him.

Of course, Luo Jinan heard their conversation. His eyelashes fluttered, and the strange look in his eyes faded. Luo Jinan stopped what she was doing, looked at Su Fengmao, and said, ” Why are you here, Father-in-law”

Su Fengmao said softly, “Binglan is going to the back of the mountain, and Im worried. Can I trouble you to accompany her to the back of the mountain Binglan fell from the mountain a few years ago and almost died.”

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“I dont want her to go there alone, but Binglan insists. After thinking about it, I decided to ask you to accompany her. I trust that you will protect her well. Remember to keep her in your eyes. Otherwise, I wont feel at ease.

Su Fengmao said many things and gave several details, yet Luo Jinan behaved and listened attentively. Luo Jinan glanced at Su Binglan when Su Fengmao finished speaking.

Su Binglan looked at Su Fengmao and didnt notice Luo Jinan looking at her. Su Binglan had helplessly stuck out her tongue, and it was an adorable action to the others.

Luo Jinans eyes caught Su Binglan off guard, but she didnt retract her tongue. It was as if she was sticking out her tongue at Luo Jinan. She realized what she was doing and felt embarrassed as she revealed an awkward smile toward Luo Jinan.

Luo Jinans mouth curled up slightly, and there seemed to be a faint smile in his eyes.

Su Binglan blinked her almond-shaped eyes and was surprised.Do my eyes deceive me Is Luo Jinan smiling

Su Binglan looked closer and discovered she was right. Luo Jinan was indeed smiling, and Su Binglan knew her eyes werent tricking her.

Su Fengmao said a lot and explained the dangers of the mountain. He even told Su Binglan about the places she should avoid.

After that, Su Fengmao looked at Luo Jinan and said, “Jinan, you heard everything I said, right”

Luo Jinan said, “Dont worry, Father-in-law. I will ensure Su Binglans safety. I Wont let anything happen to her.”

Su Fengmao heaved a sigh of relief when he heard Luo Jinans words. Su Fengmao had noticed Luo Jinans personality during his stay in the Su family and knew he was a good person. Su Fengmao could also trust his son-in-law to do many things.

“Okay. I am very relieved to have you by Binglans side,” Su Fengmao said to Luo Jinan.

After that, Su Fengmao said to his daughter, “Binglan, please be obedient and listen to Jinan when you go to the back of the mountain. Dont cause him too much trouble. How will I continue living if something happens to you”

Su Fengmaos eyes reddened as he spoke.

Su Binglan said helplessly, “Dont worry, father. I will be obedient. If Luo Jinan wants me to go east, I will not go west. I will also make sure to come home early.”

Su Binglan worried that if her father kept talking, she wouldnt have enough time to go to the back of the mountain that afternoon. It was already half-past noon, and Su Binglan still had several other things to do.

Su Binglan didnt notice she spoke so coquettishly. Her tone was so gentle that it would make ones heart melt.



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