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She Was a Top-Notch Woman

Su Binglan thought Luo Jinans eyes were too intimidating and beautiful. Whenever he focused on a person, his eyes could charm them.

Su Binglan lowered her head, and her eyelashes trembled slightly, blocking Luo Jinans seemingly inquisitive gaze.

Luo Jinan said softly, “Well, you must be hungry after waking up. Ill go make you something to eat.” With that, Luo Jinan got up and walked into the courtyard.

Su Binglan was relieved when she saw Luo Jinan leave. It would be hard for her to answer if Luo Jinan questioned her.

However, according to her predecessors memories, Luo Jinan was usually silent. He seldom spoke if there was nothing significant to say.

Just as Su Binglan thought of her predecessors memories, she heard coughing coming from the courtyard. It was Luo Jinan. The sound of his coughing was heart-wrenching.


Su Binglan heard something fall. She wondered if her ears deceived her.

“W-Whats wrong, Luo Jinan Are you okay”

“This boy is hard to handle. He is diligent, sensible, and polite. But Su Binglan is none of those things.”

“What should we do Did he faint from exhaustion Quick, move him into the house!”

When Luo Jinan passed out, the villagers who passed by surrounded him and moved him into the house.

The neighbors looked at Su Binglan, sitting on the bed, leisurely drinking water, with conflicted expressions.

The villagers were simple-minded and usually helped each other. Even though they didnt like Su Binglans habits, they didnt say a word about it.

They only tried to convince her to help, “Binglan, Luo Jinan is your husband. I know that your family purchased him, but you should cherish him.”

“Exactly. When you fell into the water, your mother was busy and had to take care of your father. Luo Jinan took care of you, even while hunting. He even sold the prey he hunted for money so that he could get you some medicine.”

“Your three brothers arent home either. Your husband can only rely on himself. You cant do stupid things like this anymore!”

The villagers had heard some of the rumors circulating in the town, but it wasnt convenient for them to say anything. However, Luo Jinan had fainted, and the villagers felt the need to convince Su Binglan to help her husband.

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Su Binglan noticed the villagers enthusiasm and sensed a strange feeling in her heart. She said, “Thank you, everyone. What happened in the past is indeed my fault. I will make sure that my husband has a better life.”

The villagers heard Su Binglans words and felt that she wasnt such a terrible person and that she had finally understood her mistakes.

“Thats great, especially coming from you. If thats the case, your parents and brothers will no longer have to worry about you.”

Su Binglan was a precious child of the Su family. Her grandparents, parents, and brothers would spoil her. Since the Su family only had one girl, they doted on her to no end.

It was because of this that Su Binglan became arrogant in the past. The Su family was well-off when they moved to this village, but they gradually plummeted because of Su Binglan.

Everyone in the village was relieved now that she was finally sensible.

Before the villagers left, her neighbor, Yang, said warmly, “Binglan, remember that were all neighbors. Call me if you need anything.”

Su Binglan smiled sweetly and said, “Thank you, Aunt Yang.”

Yang was shocked to see Su Binglans smile.If this child didnt wear so much makeup, she would look gorgeous.

Yang had never seen such a beautiful woman.

Su Binglan stood up and checked Luo Jinans pulse when everyone left. However, her expression turned ashen when she checked his pulse.



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