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Group Pet

“Someone or something poisoned him! He has cold symptoms too. Its a miracle hes still alive!”

Su Binglan didnt expect Luo Jinans condition to be so severe. She felt his pulse again and was shocked.He still took care of me under such circumstances. He even wanted to go hunting and cook for me.

Besides, he has chills and cant stand the cold anymore. But its autumn now, and the river is cold. He even went into the cold river water to save me without hesitation, causing his cold to worsen. He held on until I woke up.

Su Binglan was full of emotions, yet her predecessor was willing to beat and scold Luo Jinan. Her predecessor would even hit Luo Jinan with a stick if he revealed his scar.

However, Luo Jinan never avoided it. He only stood still and allowed Su Binglans predecessor to hit him. Her predecessor would only stop when she was tired.

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After that, Luo Jinan would continue his work, never complaining, nor did he curse Su Binglans predecessor. Su Binglan couldnt help but feel sorry for Luo Jinan.

The villagers are right. I should cherish Luo Jinan.

Even though Luo Jinan was in a terrible condition and seemed like he didnt have long to live, Su Binglan did her best for him to survive.

Despite that, Luo Jinans condition was difficult to treat. He required a lot of precious herbs and acupuncture treatment while getting time to recuperate. Nonetheless, Luo Jinan couldnt recover in such a short time.

Considering the Su familys current situation, Su Binglan couldnt buy expensive medicine for Luo Jinan. She couldnt even afford ordinary medicine.

It looked like Su Binglan had to earn some money before anything else. However, she needed to stabilize Luo Jinans condition for now.

Previously, when Su Binglan was unconscious, Luo Jinan went to get her some medicine, which contained herbs to ease her cold. He boiled it and gave it to Su Binglan to drink.

The following morning, Luo Jinan would go to town and sell his prey so that he could buy some herbs. Su Binglan thought she could use the herbs Luo Jinan bought to stabilize his condition for the time being. Then Su Binglan would think of ways to earn some money.

Suddenly, an anxious voice came from outside, “Binglan! I heard from the villagers that you finally woke up!”

Su Binglan heard the womans voice. The woman was her predecessors mother, Shen Qiuhua, from the Shen family. She walked out of the house and saw Shen Qiuhuas appearance under the moonlight.

Su Binglan felt bitter when she saw Shen Qiuhuas aged appearance. Shen Qiuhua had to work hard to earn some copper coins even though she was much older than her peers. Her hair had turned gray from her old age.

Shen Qiuhua did not notice Su Binglans strange behavior. She held Su Binglans hand and said, “Binglan, why arent you saying anything Is something wrong Oh, I went to town and washed some clothes for someone and earned a few copper coins for the month. You can use them for yourself.”

“Your three brothers can also earn some money. Ill bring some back when theyre done. Please dont be sad.”

Su Binglan listened to Shen Qiuhuas flattering words and did not know what to say. Her predecessor was indeed a treasured family member.

This was because Su Binglans predecessor had whined and made a fuss. The Sus were even more obedient to her, afraid she would cause trouble if they didnt give her what she wanted.

Su Binglans predecessor was the reason her three brothers struggled. Her parents had sent them away to work in the town. Besides, her three brothers were willing to dote on their younger sister.

If Su Binglans predecessor didnt appreciate her family, Su Binglan would. She couldnt bear to watch her loving family suffer. Such kinship made one feel a warmth in their heart.



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