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She Used to Abuse Her Husband

Luo Jinan saw a sea of blood and a mountain of corpses in his dream. The scene made his eyes burn.

The scene in Luo Jinans dream changed. Due to his injuries, he only managed to catch two pheasants when he went hunting at the back of the mountain on the villages outskirts.

A woman swung her whip downward.


The whip hit Luo Jinan. As if once wasnt enough, the woman continued to swing her whip to vent her frustrations. She only stopped when she grew tired.

“You only caught two pheasants! I thought you said you were a good hunter! Dont think that youre not a slave anymore just because we purchased you. Youre my slave now, and you can only do as I say!”

“Youre not allowed to eat tonight, Luo Jinan. Since you already have so many scars on your body, Ill whip you some more since youre already used to it.”

“Dont forget that I purchased you to earn money for me. Youre not allowed to sleep until you come back from the mountain with more prey!”

When Luo Jinan fell asleep, he heard a womans arrogant and authoritative voice in his ear. After an unknown amount of time, Luo Jinan finally woke up. Perhaps it was because of his pain, or maybe because he was numb.

It was already bright outside, and the sunlight shone through the window lattice. Luo Jinan was in a daze because it had been a while since he had slept that long.

Luo Jinan shouldve woken up early to cook, or Su Binglan would be unhappy. But when he got down from the bed, he saw a few words written near the stove. Su Binglan had written on the wall with soot from the cooking fire.

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“Theres breakfast in the pot. Please eat some to feel better.”

The writing on the wall behind the stove was neat and beautiful, like flowing water and passing clouds. It was serene.

However, Luo Jinan remembered that Su Binglan wasnt very literate. He was full of doubt, but he saw two pancakes when he opened the pot lid. He could smell its fragrance as soon as he opened the lid.

Luo Jinans expression changed when he looked at the pancakes. “Su Binglan made breakfast” Everything seemed to have changed in Luo Jinans eyes.

But did Su Binglan really change Or…

After Su Binglan made breakfast, she put it in the pot. She didnt want to wake Luo Jinan, seeing as he was sound asleep. She knew that it had been long since Luo Jinan had a good nights sleep because her predecessor had tormented Luo Jinan.

Ill let him sleep.

Su Binglan then took a blackened stick and wrote a few words on the wall behind the stove, which Luo Jinan should be able to read.

Su Binglan walked to town with her mother, Shen Qiuhua, early that morning. She planned to sell her makeup and some clothes. They decided against taking an ox cart to save money and started walking after having some breakfast.

However, it would take them more than an hour to reach the town. There were more people in the town at that time. The town was close to a pier, and there was a lot of traffic. It was also convenient for the villagers nearby to sell some things to the townsfolk.

Shen Qiuhua carefully asked, “Binglan, are you really going to sell your beloved items”

“I dont like these things anymore, Mother. Dont worry. I will buy you some good clothes when I earn enough money in the future.”

Su Binglan looked at the tattered clothes on Shen Qiuhuas back and felt a sting in her eyes. The clothes reminded her of her past life.

Shen Qiuhua said happily, “I am delighted that you care for me, but I dont want to tire you out. I am still able to work and earn money.”

Su Binglan cherished her new loving family. She comforted Shen Qiuhua with a few words and took her things to the pawnshop. She managed to gain three hundred copper coins for her belongings.

Since Su Binglan had a remarkable pocket dimension, she decided to buy some seeds and plant them in the pocket dimension so that they would grow faster.



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