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Powerful Ability

Su Binglan had a unique and powerful ability in her past life. However, she had become an ordinary woman in this world, and her powers hadnt recovered. Therefore, she couldnt activate most of her pocket dimensions other than the first layer.

The layer was equivalent to a simple field, which contained a spirit tree. The spirit trees could grow spirit fruits used for medicinal purposes. They were highly effective in curing diseases. Ordinary people would live longer when they ate these fruits. But, the tree was still young and growing.

There was a spirit spring beside the field, and its water was also beneficial to the human body. Su Binglan put some of the spirit springs water into the medicine she made for Luo Jinan last night to suppress his cold.

The fields could grow various vegetables, grains, and medicinal herbs. The seed that Su Binglan would plant there would grow rapidly, and the yield was high. Some of the seeds could also improve the vegetation.

When Su Binglans powers would return in the future, she could quicken the growth of vegetation in the first layer of her pocket dimension. Moreover, the first layer resembled a small storage area. Anything she placed there would remain fresh for an extended time.

That was why Su Binglan decided to buy some vegetables and seeds. However, the medicinal herbs were too expensive, and she didnt have enough copper coins.

Nonetheless, Su Binglan bought some seeds and took things one step at a time. She would later go to the back of the mountain and see if she could plant any of the medicinal herbs she found in her pocket dimension.

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When Su Binglan left the pawnshop, the shop assistant looked at her and said to the owner, “Isnt that the so-called top-notch woman, Su Binglan from Su Teng village I almost didnt recognize her since she didnt have any makeup on.”

The pawnshop owner replied, “Yes, that is Su Binglan. I wonder why she pawned all her things. I heard she almost died when she fell into a river and that her slave husband was the one who saved her. That man was sincere, but how good would it have been if Su Binglan had died That way, she cant torture her husband anymore.”

The pawnshop owner shook his head and continued, “Her husband is a good man. Its a pity that Su Binglan fancied our young master.”

The Xu family were the ones who opened this pawnshop. Since Young Master Xu came to live in this town, Su Binglan immediately fancied him. Everyone in the town laughed at Su Binglan for overestimating herself.

The shop assistant said, “Hmph, our young master is out of that womans league. How can someone like Su Binglan be worthy of him I heard that the Su family is in debt because of her.”

“Her three older brothers are busy working just for their sister. I know its been hard on them. Why would they spoil their little sister so much” The shop assistant knew that others thought the same as her.

“However, the Sus dont think theyre spoiling Su Binglan since shes the only girl. Shes like their treasured child. Theyre still willing to pamper her even though they can barely afford to eat.” The pawnshop owner heard about the Su familys situation from the rumor mill, so he knew what they went through.

“Su Binglan is always unsatisfied with what she has,” The shop assistant mocked.

Su Binglan was unaware of what the villagers thought of her.

She took the three hundred copper coins and looked for her mother but never expected to see Shen Qiuhua picking up a pile of clothes and preparing to wash them.

“Mother, didnt I tell you to wait for me Where did you get so many clothes from”

Shen Qiuhua smiled and said, “Its okay. I washed them well. I can earn more copper coins for the month.”



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