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10 Preston University

All this talented Preston girl knew was that her fiancé was being praised by her grandmother as someone who was unparalleled in the world.

However, Heather Sage had never thought that Braydon Neal would be so terrifying!

“Marrying you to him means that were trying to get into little Braydons good books,” Old lady Sage said. “To be honest, if I wasnt still alive and Braydon wasnt such a sentimental person, he might not have even fallen for you!”

“Grandma, how can you mock your own granddaughter like this!” Heather was on the verge of tears.

These words were too hurtful!

Preston University, also known as Preston Uni for short, had a history of more than a hundred years. The lights in the academic building of the Faculty of Arts were lit up.

There were hundreds of seats in the large classroom on the second floor.

On the teaching platform, a teacher with an excellent temperament, with short hair and white strands in the middle, touched the frame of her glasses and continued to teach with a gentle voice.

However, there were students going in and out of her class.

This in itself was disrespect to the teacher.

However, everyone seemed to acquiesce to such a situation. They showed no respect to this teacher at all. Every time they entered, it seemed as if they were trampling on this teachers dignity.

Perhaps it was because she had a good temper and was a disabled person in a wheelchair.

A young man in plain clothes entered the classroom from the back door. His deep eyes were fixed on the teacher on the teaching platform.

Braydons fingers trembled slightly. The Laura Quinn in his memory had aged more than a little after having not seen her for thirteen years!

In his memory, his mother had shoulder-length hair, but today, she had changed it to ear-length short hair.

Especially the wheelchair she was sitting in; it broke Braydons heart.

If he had known that his mother was still alive, he would have returned to Preston long ago!

If he had known, Braydon would have returned on the day he was conferred the title of King at the age of seventeen!

For now, Braydon did not disturb Laura. He listened to the class quietly like a well-behaved student.

No one in the audience was listening more carefully than Braydon who was not missing a word.

However, in the last row, three boys and a girl who were students in their prime were holding a cup of milk tea each, and they were chatting.

The young man in black sportswear said lazily, “This class is two hours long. Its so troublesome. Dont you think Lame Quinn is tired”

“You can ask her later!” The dark-skinned man next to him urged.

The only girl rolled her eyes. “Dont mess around. Do you want to go out and play”

“I dont want to fail Lame Quinns course. I dont want to have a Vice-Principal as a father either!” The young woman pouted.

Everyone knew that the girls father was Vice-Principal Lang of Preston Uni. Even if her grades were terrible, she would still be able to graduate.

The young man took off his black coat and said lazily, “I heard that Lame Quinns family background is very powerful. Why is she still working so hard”

“What background does she have Her husband is our schools cleaner!” The dark-skinned man said in a bad mood.

In the next moment, the girl burst into laughter, and the young man could not hold it in either.

The laughter was even louder than the voice on the podium!

No one was surprised. It was as if everyone was used to this.

If it were a male professor, he would have slammed the table and cursed at them!

The four of them chatted and laughed.

“Are you done laughing” An indifferent voice came from the side.

“Who are you Why do you care!” The young man had a disdainful look.

In the next moment, Braydon made his move.

His speed was extremely fast, and his afterimages were endless.


Braydon grabbed the young mans neck, lifted him up, and then pressed him heavily on the table. The table shattered, and the young mans body hit the floor.

A muffled groan caused the entire academic building to tremble.

The young mans eyes bulged and were bloodshot. He began to cough up blood, which seemed to be mixed with pieces of his internal organs.

Five of his internal organs were damaged by this attack. Even if he did not die, his lifespan would be reduced by more than thirty years.

The after-effects would cause him to be unable to lift heavy objects for the rest of his life. He would become sick and drink medicine in bed all day long; that was the rest of his life!

If the four of them were just drinking milk tea and chatting happily, Braydon would not interfere!

However, they kept calling his mother Lame Quinn and insulting her. She was King Braydons mother!

They were simply courting death!

Braydon did not need any extra reason to make a move. This one was enough!

The girl was stunned for a long time before she screamed, “Ahh, murder!”

There was no need for this scream. Everyones eyes were focused on him.

Braydon walked to the podium.

Only Laura Quinns eyes were red, and two lines of tears were flowing down her face. Her mouth was opened wide for a long time before she finally cried, “Braydon!”

It was a call filled with thirteen years of sadness and longing.

The mother and son had been separated for thirteen years!

How many thirteen years did a person have When they parted, Braydon was only seven years old!


In the blink of an eye, he turned twenty this year; she had missed Braydons growth.

Laura was worried about Braydon day and night but did not dare to contact him.

Braydon walked forward steadily and knelt down on both knees!

“Mom!” Braydons voice was hoarse.

Laura was flustered. “Braydon, get up. Dont kneel in front of me.”

After not seeing each other for thirteen years, there were too many words stuck in his throat, but he suddenly could not pour them out.

This scene stunned all the students. No one had expected Laura to have a son. They had never heard of him before, but he suddenly appeared today.

The girl in the last row screamed, “Huberts barely breathing. You over there, youre in big trouble!”

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Laura came back to her senses and said hurriedly, “Hurry up and return to the northern region. No one can touch you there. Your third uncle will protect you!”

“Mom, its okay. Is Dad okay” Braydon ignored the outsiders.


Lauras face was full of anxiety and worry. “Your father is fine. Who allowed you to return to Preston If the Neal family finds out about this, they wont let you off. Leave immediately and return to the northern region!”

“Mom, think about it. If I didnt have the ability to protect myself, how would third uncle have let me come back”

Braydon pushed Lauras wheelchair and left the noisy place.

Laura calmed down and thought that it was indeed the case. However, she was still worried.

“Catch him! Dont let him get away!” The girls voice was sharp and piercing.

All of a sudden, seven or eight boys in the classroom were eager to make a move. However, when Braydon turned around and gave them a look, they were so scared that their limbs turned cold and weak.

His eyes were like the gaze of the God of death!

Braydons thin lips moved slightly, “Im running away What a joke!

“Remember, my surname is Neal, and my name is Braydon. Although I may look like a commoner, this name can withstand any investigation!

“I, King Braydon, have never tried to run away. When I was seventeen years old, I stood in the North and faced 720,000 enemies alone. I didnt run away, but I killed them all with the Northern King sword!

“That battle of bones turning into mountains has forged my name, the Northern King!”


Braydon pushed the wheelchair and left the classroom, leaving behind a group of dumbfounded students. No one dared to stop Braydon.

When the girl came back to her senses, she had already called 911. She then turned around and called the police.

Leon Zimmerman, who had just returned to the police station, heard his phone ring and quickly picked it up. “Hello, Im Leon Zimmerman from Prestons new district police office!

“Officer Zimmerman, theres been a murder!” The girl deliberately said it in a serious tone.

Leon was shocked, “Where Dont be afraid, and dont be anxious. Tell me the location. Is the murderer still there Ill go over now!”

“The murderer is walking out. He said that his name is Braydon Neal!” The girl explained the situation in a low voice.

Leon responded instinctively, “Ill go over right... Wait, what did you say his name was Braydon Neal”



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