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13 Suppressing Ten Thousand People!

Everything in the world had a reason, and Simon Lang also realized that these people would not look for him for no reason.

“This is my father!” Braydon Neal stood beside Louis Neal.

These words made Simons eyes widen. He was in even greater disbelief.

He seemed to have understood everything now!

“Are you Braydon” Simon was shocked.

The sudden question made Braydons eyes turn cold.

A strange atmosphere surfaced.

Braydon had been intelligent since he was a child. Now that he was all grown up, he was probably as intelligent as a demon!

Simon seemed to be very shocked. He could not believe that Braydon dared to return to Preston.

With such an expression, it was inevitable that Braydon would think that he, Simon, knew about the Neal familys internal strife in the past, and even more so about Braydons situation in the past.

It should be known that the three heads of the Neal family had a ruthless attitude toward Braydons family.

However, Louis Neal and Laura Quinn were still alive.

Louis left the Neal family and could not find a job. In order to make a living, he was forced to be a school cleaner. If it was not because the Neal family was suppressing him, who would believe it

With the Neal familys power, it would not be difficult to make things difficult for the two of them and arrange for Simon Lang to keep an eye on Louis Neal.

It was impossible for someone like Simon Lang to become the vice-principal of Preston University, but for the Neal family, it was not a difficult thing to do!

Simon broke out in a cold sweat. He lowered his head and did not say anything.

Louis was not stupid. He had already noticed that Simon was someone arranged to be here by the Neal family.

“Braydon, lets go home!” He said in a low voice.

Braydon nodded slightly and did not even mention how Simon had humiliated his father all these years.

Because asking about this in front of Louis was undoubtedly piercing his fathers heart and once again stepping on his fathers dignity!

How could Braydon bear to hurt his father like that

The family of three seemed to be leaving.

Simon heaved a sigh of relief.

In the next moment, Braydon turned around and released a wave of pressure from his body!

This pressure was shocking and terrifying!

Braydons plain clothes fluttered without any wind blowing. There was a shocking murderous aura coming from him, which was sharper than Gordon Lowes murderous aura and more domineering than Zayn Zieglers wild aura!

When this aura burst forth, the surrounding maple trees all bent over backward.

Suppressing even the blades of grass and ten thousand people!

This was the real King Braydon!

“Kneel down!”

Braydon turned around and his thin lips moved slightly.

The sound waves rolled like thunder.

Everyones eardrums hurt. The thousand black-robed guards knelt down on one knee and lowered their heads, stabbing their swords into the ground.

The four commanders, including the unyielding Gordon Lowe, knelt down on one knee with their swords in hand.

The Marquis of Western Hansworth, Bryan Goldman, and the others only believed in one person in the world, and that was Braydon Neal!

The sound of thunder was only directed at one person, and that was Simon.

A terrifying pressure swept out, pressing down on Simons shoulders like a mountain.


He knelt down instantly, and the stone slab shattered, sinking deep into the soil.

Blood spread, and his white thigh bone pierced through his knee.

Only King Braydon had the pressure of a mountain!

Simons shrill scream resounded through the grounds, “Ahh, my leg!”

His scream sent shivers down the spines of the surrounding security guards. They were all stunned.

This young man in plain clothes was so ruthless and terrifying. The aura he released was invisible and could hurt people.

If Simon dared to insult Louis, then Braydon would dare to slaughter his whole family.

But today, his mother, Laura, said that fighting was not allowed, so Braydon did not do anything of that sort to him.

However, he could not let Simon off so easily!

Braydon did not say a word about Louis having kneeled down before Simon, but he released his aura and made Simon kneel on the ground instead. His legs had probably been permanently disabled.

Braydon turned around again, restrained his aura, and pushed the wheelchair away, leaving behind one sentence.

“Kneel for ten days. If you dare to get up, Ill send you on your way!”

Braydons steps were steady as he pushed the wheelchair away.

Carl Mason wiped his cold sweat. Who would not be afraid of an angry King Braydon

Even the proud Gordon Lowe had knelt down before him!

Zayn Ziegler left in a hurry with his men and did not stay in the university. As for Simon, he left him in the hands of Steve Xavier of the Preston team to deal with the aftermath.


Braydons family of three arrived at the largest slum in Preston city, which was located in the west of the old district.

The sewage pipes of the old buildings in the 1980s had long expired. Black sewage gathered on the pothole ground, and the stench assailed the nose.

Most of the people living in this environment were migrant workers, and there were also workers who came to the city to work.

Laura Quinn smiled gently. “Braydon, what do you want to eat Well get your dad to buy some groceries. Ill cook for you tonight!”

“Mom, lets go back to the Neal family for dinner tonight!” Braydon said softly.

Louis body froze. Laura said bitterly, “Braydon, its been so many years. Forget about it!”

“Mom, we left the Neal family on a rainy night thirteen years ago. We were chased for an entire night. That night, we had no way out!

“They caused Grandpas tragic death. How can we just let it go”

Braydon would not give up.

“Lets talk inside!” Louis opened the iron door to the basement.

A musty smell hit Braydon in the face. In the basement, which was less than thirty square meters in size, the yellow light bulb swayed gently, and there was no air circulation.


The room was clean and tidy, but the basement was not a place for living at all.

Braydon remembered that when he was seven years old, their familys villa had a total of five floors.

His mother, Laura, was born in the Quinn family, one of the seven great families in Preston. His father, Louis, was born in the Neal family as the eldest son of the second generation.

Their family background was far more than superior!

However, they had been living in this small basement for thirteen years!

On the table, there were empty bottles marked with the word painkiller. They were Lauras medicine.

The car accident that year had left a serious aftereffect. The pain in her waist was even worse on rainy days!

All these years, Laura and her husbands salary was basically spent on buying medicine.

Louis was forced to kneel in Simons office and refused to leave his job as a school cleaner.

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That was all for Laura!

If Louis were to lose his job, he would not even have the money to buy painkillers!

It was true that a single cent could stump a hero!

All these years, Louis had suffered humiliation and lived an ignoble life for Laura. He felt even more guilty deep down. If he was not useless, he would not have let Laura suffer with him.

Laura and Louis were struggling to survive. Not even a ghost would believe that the Neal family was not behind all this suffering.

“Mom, lets move!” Braydon said softly.

“Move where Dont waste your money. Your dad and I are used to it!” Laura said.

Braydon let out a breath of air, but he did not reveal the guilt in his heart.

If he had known that his parents were still alive, he would have returned long ago!

“Zayn!” Braydon said with his back to the door.

“Here!” Zayn and the other four commanders were still around Braydon.

“Move the things back to the Neal familys home!” Braydon pushed the wheelchair out of the door.

Zayn brought his men into the house, packed up everything, and followed them back to the Neal family.

Braydon had said that he would kill three people when he returned to the capital!

The first person was the Neal familys Gerald Neal!

He was the father of the three heads of the Neal family, also Braydons grand uncle.

Braydon must kill this old thief!

“Bryan, has Luke arrived” Braydon asked.

Bryan Goldman appeared and cupped his fists. “Not yet.”

A deep male voice reverberated from afar, “Luke Yates, Commander of Eastern Hansworth, at your service, Northern King!”



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