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15 Heading to the Neal Family

Jimmy Zens actions were undoubtedly courting death!

Braydons eyes turned cold.


Gordon Lowe gripped the hilt of his sword and unsheathed it, revealing a cold light that was piercing to the eyes!

Bryan Goldman stopped and looked at the situation.

Braydons left hand moved slightly, and the back of his hand fell on Jimmys cheek.


A crisp sound was heard as Jimmy was sent flying in the air. He fell heavily on the ground, feeling dizzy.

If his parents were not here today, Braydon would have killed him.

“You dare to hit me Youre even revolting against the heavens!” Jimmy was furious.

Damn it, all his golden teeth had been knocked out.

It was quite expensive to see the dentist!

Braydon turned around, took out the black saber from Zayn Zieglers waist with his fair left hand, and pointed it at Jimmy!

“I would even dare to kill you!” Braydon said calmly.

Jimmys body trembled. Braydon was so young; how could he be so cruel

Uncle White was helped up by Louis Neal before he hurriedly said, “Braydon, dont be rash. Youre still young. You dont have to risk your life for this kind of person!”

“Old sir, youre too kind. Lets not talk about killing him today. Even if we kill his whole family, it wont be worth our lives!” Bryan smiled humbly.

Uncle White was stunned and did not come back to his senses for a long time!

Laura Quinn stopped him softly. “Braydon, I dont care how powerful you are in the northern territory. Youre not allowed to fight with others so often in the future. Can you do that”

“Alright!” Braydon smiled brightly.

He turned around and put the saber back into the scabbard on Zayns waist.

“Promise me that if no one bullies us, you wont use weapons in the future!” Laura said seriously.

“Alright, I promise you!” Braydon agreed readily.

However, Bryan and the others knew that not everyone in the world was worth Braydons time!

And not many people were worthy of the Northern King sword!

In the past seven years, the Northern King sword had only been unsheathed three times!

The first time was when the northern defense line was in great danger. The foreign army invaded Hansworth. The Northern King sword was unsheathed, and in the desert, he killed 720,000 enemies, causing the foreign countries to tremble in fear!

The second time the Northern King sword was unsheathed was naturally because Luke Yates had caused trouble outside the borders and was besieged by 50,000 elite enemies. It was Braydon who had killed 30,000 enemies with the sword and saved him.

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The last time he had used the Northern King sword was at the beginning of autumn last year.

Since then, he had rarely used the Northern King sword.

Therefore, when he used the Northern King sword this time, the Great Demon King Luke Yates was also curious. He thought that he had encountered a tough and strong enemy.

“A mans promise is worth a thousand gold, so you cant go back on your word!” Laura said suspiciously.

“I know!” Braydon was helpless.

Could there not be a little trust between him and his mother

As the lights at the intersection lit up, ten black cars stopped in an orderly manner at the entrance.

After thirteen years of a humiliating life, Louis instinctively pulled Braydon to the side. At a glance, he could tell that a big shot had arrived.

Uncle White clicked his tongue. “What a show. Such good cars. It must cost at least a million dollars each, right”

Bryan and the others smiled. They had no interest in such material things, even though such a luxury car cost nearly two million dollars.

The door of the first car opened, and the driver was Steve Xavier, the leader of the Preston team!

“Main team leader, the car is here!” He quickly got out of the car.

“Braydon, are they here to pick us up” Louis was extremely shocked.

“Of course, they are here to take us to the Neal family!” Braydon said as he pushed the wheelchair.

The extended door of the first car opened, and one could get in by pushing a wheelchair.

Steve drove to the Neal family, not daring to say a word.

The people in the car were all people that Steve respected!

Uncle White was stunned for a long time before he said, “Old Neals son is really something!”

At the back of the convoy, a thousand young men in black clothes were following them in unison!

This scene scared Jimmy Zen, and his back was covered in cold sweat.

With such a grand entrance, Jimmy realized that the young man in plain clothes was telling the truth when he said he would dare to kill him!

“Boss Zen, are you scared silly” Uncle White said disdainfully.

“I dont want the pancakes anymore!” Jimmy immediately got up and ran.

In the new Preston district, on the streets far from the city center, the CBD commercial buildings, commercial centers, and so on were all filled with a modern atmosphere.

There was a manor that covered an area of nearly twenty acres filled with precious ginkgo trees, one of which was planted after Braydon was born.

The seven great families in Preston had many descendants, so they obviously all had manors.


This was the Neal familys home!

Today, the Neal family manor was brightly lit, and luxury cars could be seen on the roadside.

“Were here!” Steve reminded him in a low voice.

“Braydon!” Laura grabbed Braydon tightly with both hands, her knuckles turning white!

This was not nervousness nor excitement!

She was afraid!

She had not returned to the Neal family for thirteen years, so Laura was terrified.

Laura still could not forget the despair on that rainy night!

Louis eyes were red!

“Mom, dont worry, Im here!” Braydon said gently.

“Mom will listen to you!” Laura calmed down a little.


However, through the window, they could see that it was drizzling. Before they left, Uncle White had reminded them that it would rain tonight.

“Its a rainy night again. What a coincidence!” Braydon chuckled.

On a rainy night when he was seven years old, young Braydon experienced unimaginable despair.

On this rainy night, Braydon would let everyone in the Neal family experience more terrible despair!

Braydon pushed the wheelchair out of the car slowly, and Bryan Goldman was holding an umbrella beside him.

The strange thing was that there was no rain on the umbrella!

The light rain that was one meter away from the umbrella seemed to be separated by an invisible wave of air and was falling elsewhere.

There was a registration counter in front of the Neal familys gate. At this point, lines after lines of greetings could be heard.

“The General Manager of Yorksher Group is here! Hes here to present a golden Buddha statue! May Old Master Neal be as blessed as the Eastern Sea and live as long as an old man in the southern mountains!”

“The Chairman of Doffer Textile Co. Ltd. has arrived with a pair of Ming Dynasty orchid porcelain bottles. He wishes Old Master Neal a long and prosperous life!”

“The eldest Young Master of the Larson family has arrived with a hundred-year-old wild ginseng, sixteen pairs of diamond bracelets, eight gold hairpins, nine gold and silver necklaces, and 8.88 million in cash. We wish Old Master Neal a long and happy life!”


Without exception, they were all gifts.

The gifts from the Larson familys eldest young master were the most unique ones. It looked like a betrothal gift no matter how one looked at it!

The silver-haired old man sitting high up in the hall laughed heartily when he heard the congratulations from all sides.

However, at the main entrance, a group of people in white clothes and mourning clothes suddenly appeared. There were many old and young women and children. They held spirit summoning clubs and carried large flower rings. Their cries for their fathers and mothers immediately exploded.

This scene caused the people who came to offer their blessings to be dumbfounded.

Who the heck was so bold

They were actually making such a depressing scene tonight. They were simply offending the Neal family to the death!

“An old acquaintance has given me an iron bell and a hundred-year-old coffin!” A loud male voice rang out.



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