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The Strongest War God Chapter 3

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3 Hansworth Warblade

Braydon Neal turned around and left, leaving behind a sentence, “Ian Larson may have done wrong, but hes innocent!”

With just a few words, the more than a thousand people sheathed their swords and followed Braydon.

“Commander, come back to Northern Hansworth with us!” Carl Mason quickly followed behind him.

Braydon did not respond. Since he had chosen to return to Preston, he naturally had things to do.

Carl hesitated before saying, “Your return this time is only for the crowning ceremony. After the ceremony, as long as you return to Northern Hansworth, we can guarantee that no one will hurt you!”

“Hurt me” Braydon stopped, a faint smile on his lips.

Carl smiled bitterly as if he had just realized something.

However, there were some things that Braydon did not need the help of outsiders.

“Im back at the capital to kill three people!” Braydon said indifferently.

Carl was stunned. He wanted to say that he would do these things for Braydon.

The special authority of the Northern Hansworth main team was shockingly tremendous!

Now that Braydon refused to say anything, Carl naturally did not dare to ask further.

The group left the dock. There were as many as twenty black cars parked outside, which corresponded to Braydons age. Each car was worth more than a million dollars.

There was a silver-haired old woman with a dragon-headed walking stick standing there, and a beautiful girl was standing beside her. Her light blue sportswear outlined her perfect figure, and her long legs were particularly eye-catching.

The girl was Heather Sage, Prestons most talented woman. She was also the one who had said that Braydon looked ugly in plain clothes last night.

“Grandma, weve been waiting for half an hour!” She pouted in dissatisfaction.

Heather was a little dissatisfied. She felt that her fiancé, whom she had never met before, was much too arrogant to make her and her grandmother wait for so long.

Old lady Sage said calmly, “Just wait. If you dont see him today and you dare to leave, Ill break your legs!”

“Is he that important” Heather was secretly angry.

At the spacious exit of the dock, Braydon, who was dressed in plain clothes, had just appeared.

“Hes here!” Old lady Sages fingers trembled.

“Its really him!”

Heather saw him as well, and she also saw a thousand young men in Black clothes and black scarves behind Braydon.

A thousand people escorting him; what a grand display!

Who was he

Heathers eyes were filled with curiosity.

The old and the young lady had yet to step forward when something unexpected happened.

From the East, an indomitable figure appeared. His square face was full of hair, and after it had been trimmed, it looked very comfortable.

His tiger-like eyes were filled with anger, and every step he took caused the ground to tremble. As he released his aura, the people on the roadside were afraid to watch the show.

“Carl Mason, youve crossed the line!”

The tiger-eyed man was the commander of Central Hansworth, Zayn Ziegler.

There were seventy-two cities in the three provinces of Central Hansworth, and there were eighty-one special operations teams all under the jurisdiction of the Central Hansworth main team!

There was one team in each city. The special operations teams responsibilities were extensive. They did not care about the ordinary trifles and usually dealt with the more difficult matters.

Whenever there were peculiar incidents, it was usually the special operations team that directly intervened.

Carl glanced at him. “What can you do if I cross the line Chop me into pieces”

“Why you!”

Zayn Ziegler almost exploded in anger. This man was as famous as him, but he did not expect him to be so shameless today.

Was he planning to lose face

Zayn Ziegler was angry. “The five great commanders in the country each has their own duties. They are strictly prohibited from crossing the border. Those who violate the rules will be reported and punished. Are you so determined to be so disgraceful and annoy me like this”

Carl rolled his eyes and did not bother to answer.

Not far away, old lady Sage was holding a dragon-headed walking stick, her hands trembling slightly.

“Carl Mason, the Tiger of Northern Hansworth, and Zayn Ziegler, the Warblade of Central Plains,” she said in a low voice. “Theyre here!”

“Grandma, when Grandpa was alive, didnt he say that he was a person who stood at the peak of Mount Tanish”

Heather stuck out her tongue and did not dare to say anything else.

Old lady Sage pursed her thin lips. She knew how terrifying these two big shots were. She also knew where the young men wearing black scarves behind them belonged to!

These two big shots did not even need to acknowledge the so-called seven great families of Preston. With just a word, they could make the seven great families disappear overnight.

At that time, no one would speak up for the seven great families, and no one would even dare to ask.

Braydon was already looking at old lady Sage, and a humble smile appeared on his lips. His thin lips moved slightly, “We havent seen each other for a few years. Little central plains, who do you want to report to the higher-ups and punish”

Braydons back was facing Zayn and the others when he spoke calmly.

Zayns eyelids twitched, and his eyes were filled with horror and disbelief as he looked at the back of the plain-clothed man.

His face turned red, and he cried out, “Co... Cotton cloth!”


Braydon turned around slowly with a faint smile on his face.

The moment his face appeared, Zayn Ziegler, who was famous in the three provinces of the central plains, knelt down on one knee and said, “Central Hansworths commander, Zayn Ziegler, welcomes the return of the Northern King!”


Braydon flicked his fingers and smiled, signaling for him to get up and talk.

Zayn scratched his head. “A few days ago, there was a rumor saying that you were coming back. I didnt believe it. I didnt expect you to really come back!”

“You and I are both commanders. Theres no need to be so humble!” Braydon walked forward.

Zayns face turned pale.

The strongest man in the three provinces of the central plains was as pale as a sheet today. He thought that Braydon was dissatisfied with him today.

Zayn pulled out his sword and knelt on one knee. He held the black sword high above his head with both hands.

His tiger-like eyes seemed to be burning with flames as he said in a low voice, “The five great commanders of Hansworth are all under the command of the Northern King. If they die, they will be the war spirit of the North, forever guarding the beautiful mountains and rivers of Hansworth, fending off foreign enemies, and guarding the borders!”

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The commander of Northern Hansworth was supposed to be Carl. Braydons sudden return indicated that he could not be without any recognition and title. Otherwise, no one amongst the one million black-armored elites in the North would agree to it!

Therefore, Carl was as happy as a child when Braydon became the commander of Northern Hansworth.

Braydon ignored him and walked toward old lady Sage. What he said next shocked everyone.

“Grandma!” Braydons lips moved.




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