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“What are you doing out here” Han Cheng noticed him standing there silently staring, and asked curiously, “Is the food ready”

“All done.” Han Yu gave him a disgruntled look and said, “Let’s clean up for dinner.”

Hearing this, Han Cheng immediately moved the unfinished dumplings and fillings aside and took Shen Qingshu to the bathroom to wash his hands.

Han Yu: …

Can you not go to the bathroom if you don’t hold hands !

Are you kindergarten children !

Hand in hand, so sticky sticky. 1 

Humph, he turned and went into the kitchen ,bringing out the dishes one by one.

Shen Qingshu is surprised to see the dishes on the table.

He deeply feels that there are people beyond people and mountains beyond mountains.

Compared with the exquisite dishes of Han Yu, what Han Cheng made before were almost like semi-finished products.

“You can’t compare.” He whispered to Han Cheng, “Look at your ge’s skill.”

“Nonsense.” Han Cheng was righteous, “He cooked for me from childhood, but I never cooked for him.

It’s already good that I could feed myself.”

“Alas, what a good gege.” Shen Qingshu sighed with emotion.

“It’s a pity that he opens his mouth.”2  Han Cheng’s words showed no mercy.

Shen Qingshu: …

Shen Qingshu almost laughed out loud.

He glanced at his boyfriend and could understand why Han Yu always teased him – indeed, he was very cute.

The three people sat down around the table.

Shen Qingshu looked at the dishes on the table and then at Han Cheng.

“Eat.” Han Cheng smiled, “It’s rare for us three to celebrate the New Year together this year.

Happy New Year.”

“Happy New Year.” Shen Qingshu said with a smile.

He looked at Han Cheng with smiling crescent eyes, and Han Cheng looked at him feeling sweetness in his heart.

Han Yu: …

Han Yu thinks his eyes are hurting again!

He shouldn’t be here, he should be under the table!

Save yourself from this suffering!

Without speaking, he picked up his chopsticks and picked a piece of fish.

Only then did Han Cheng notice him, “You haven’t said Happy New Year yet.”

“Are we children Need to say it out loud.”

He shook the fish in his hand, “Besides, do I need to speak I’m so redundant.”

Hearing what he said, Han Cheng gave a weird “Oh”, “Are you feeling uncomfortable Tell me sooner.

If you had told me sooner I would have made you pickled fish to show that you have a sour and superfluous life.

Create a good occasion.”

Han Yu: …

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“Who are you talking about!” Han Yu was shocked.

“Who can’t even get the first prize in the college entrance examination !”

“Normal people can’t get the first prize in the college entrance examination, okay” Han Cheng was speechless.

“Don’t always think that it is everyone’s duty to take the first place in exams.

If everyone gets first place, how can first place exist”

“And who is first”

“I’m not talking about grades.” Han Cheng was elated.

“I’m talking about love.

You haven’t even had a first love.

You’re not first.”

Han Yu: ! ! !

Shen Qingshu quickly comforted him and said, “gege have some vegetables, gege have some ribs.”

He gave Han Yu some ribs and gave Han Cheng some as well.

“You eat properly, too.”

Shut up! Do you have to flog your ge like this !

At this time, you are not afraid that your brother will whip you to death later!

Good didi, why must you open your mouth!

You still have the nerve to say your brother!

Your ability to seek death is second to none!

Han Cheng won a momentary victory and stopped while he was ahead.

After eating Shen Qingshu’s ribs, he asked pleasantly, “ge, want to drink I have a good bottle of red wine here.”

“Do I deserve it Am I not sour and superfluous” Han Yu’s words were full of sarcasm.

Han Cheng looked at him in shock.

“Why, you are my dearest ge! The one I trust the most in my family!”

Han Cheng looked at Shen Qingshu and stretched out his finger to Han Yu, “Look at my ge, he is wise, brilliant, extremely intelligent, brave, unmoving like a tree facing the wind, such an excellent person! Is there anyone better than him in this world Absolutely It’s not, isn’t that right ge”

Shen Qingshu: … Now you have a desire to live! Still so strong!

Shen Qingshu cooperated swiftly and said, “You go to get the wine, I want to drink some too.”

“Great” Han Cheng stood up and went to the alcohol cabinet to get the wine.

Shen Qingshu looked at the bright red liquid in the wine glass and took a sip.

It was sweet, not bad.

He can’t drink very much, but he likes to drink, so he is a little drunk after only a few sips.

Han Cheng immediately took the glass in his hand and said, “Don’t drink any more.”

Shen Qingshu did not argue with him.

He nodded obediently and gave up the drink.

When the food was almost finished, the few people moved from the dining room to the living room, ready to watch the Spring Festival Gala and chat.

As soon as he sat down, Han Cheng’s mobile phone rang.

He looked down and saw that it was mother Han’s video call.

Shen Qingshu’s tipsiness immediately receded and he sat three feet away, moving from one end of the sofa to the other end.

Han Cheng: …

Han Yu: …

Shen Qingshu: …

Shen Qingshu could only reply with an embarrassed but polite smile, “Well, you answer the phone.”

Han Cheng: ..

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Han Cheng answered the phone dumbfounded, and saw his mother sitting on a recliner on the balcony of the hotel.

“Happy New Year.” Mother Han smiled, “How was your New Year holiday with your ge”

“Very good.” Han Cheng replied.

“Where’s your ge” Mother Han looked around.

Han Yu sat closer, and his mother noticed something, “Are you not at home Are you in house”

“En.” Han Yu replied.

“Why didn’t you go home” mother Han asked him.

Han Cheng: …

“QingQing can’t go home this year, so we talked about spending the New Year together in xiao Cheng’s house, so he won’t be alone.” Han Yu said calmly.

Shen Qingshu: ! ! !

Shen Qingshu stared at Han Yu in shock.

His heart is beating fast because he is afraid that mother Han will realise something and kill him in the next second.

Han Cheng secretly praised Han Yu in a spot that mother Han could not see.

Nice job!

Mother Han didn’t expect this, mainly because she didn’t expect Shen Qingshu to not go home.

If he does not go home, then with her son’s character he will definitely not leave his favourite person alone.

And it happens that they are not there, so it is only logical for the three of them to celebrate the New Year together.

“Is that so Where is QingQing” Mother Han smiled, “Didn’t he stay with you”


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