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The Baby Is So Fierce

[The cub obviously doesnt follow the rules, but Im very touched to see him working hard at such a young age.]

[Lin Wan cant even compare to a seven or eight-year-old child.]

[Little kid, youre really good at fighting.]

[Xiao Yi is also very accommodating to the children, he doesnt even have the heart to make any big moves.]

[Doesnt the cub look like an accessory on Xiao Yis thigh]

[Hahahaha, its so cute.]

[Jiejie will definitely be a responsible person when he grows up.]

[Little kid is so strong]

[As expected, Xuanxuans brother is also as capable as him.]

“Xiao Yi eliminated…”

Everyone was focused on Li Zekai, when Xia Yis elimination was announced.


[So fast]

[Did someone tear up Xiao Yis name tag]

The camera zoomed in and there stood Lin Wan, with Xiao Yis name tag in her hands.

[She tore it Was she hiding behind him]

[How did she do it Did she launch a sneak attack when Li Zekai was holding onto his leg]

[It was a sneak attack! Look, Li Zexin is still at the front.]

[Wow. That was shameless.]

Li Yanchen stood outside the arena and saw the entire process of Lin Wans sneak attack. Like a mouse, she bent her body and inched closer to Xiao Yi. Just as her two sons were busy grappling with Xiao Yi, Lin Wan tore off the name tag with lightning speed.

He thought she looked very adorable.

Looking at them, Li Yanchen smiled. Li Zexuan looked at his father and smiled, too.

“Big brother won! Thats great!” Wheatley cheered.

Everyone gathered and congratulated Li Zexin and the others.

Xiao Yi also stretched out his hand for a handshake and congratulated Li Zexin.

“This time it seems I am not farming WeChat pets in the jungle,” said Li zexin

It was a catchphrase Xiao Yi always used when playing games with others. “Haha, alright. Lets play basketball again tonight.”

Li Zexin nodded and accepted his offer.

After the competition, everyone headed to Lin Guoguos house for lunch as planned.

On the way there, Li Zexin looked at his father hoping he would praise him, but Li Yanchen looked indifferent.

Lin Wan knew that she had launched a sneak attack to win and felt very embarrassed. an unfair advantage and was too embarrassed to mention the competition. However, she had not expected Li Yanchen to tell her that her strategy was smart.

Lin Wan couldnt tell if it was a compliment or if he was mocking her. She took it as a compliment anyway.

In his heart, Li Yanchen felt that boys needed to be flogged continuously. However, girls were different. Girls needed to be pampered. For a moment, he had wondered if he would have been a different father if he had a daughter of his own.

However, such thoughts, he felt, were enough. He needed to be a strict but reliable father for his three sons.


In Yun City, Assistant Qin watched the live broadcast between work. His boss had changed in just three days!

Everyone in Chenxin was also discussing the variety show. No one had ever seen such a friendly side of Li Yanchen. There were some gossiping aunties who were worried.

“Boss and his new wife are so good to each other. If the new wife gives birth to more children, wouldnt they be fighting for the family inheritance Chenxin was founded by the boss and the former Madam together. Even if the former Madam is no longer here, she wouldnt want to see the family inheritance being distributed to outsiders.” The year Auntie Jia had joined the company.

Du Zheng was Li Yanchens ex-wife. When she passed away, she was only in her early thirties. They had always been together no matter where they went. Their love story was the stuff of legend in the company. After Du Zheng passed away, many people thought that Li Yanchen would remain single all his life in grief. Everyone was surprised when Li Yanchen had announced his marriage.

Now that Li Yanchen and his new wife were on the live broadcast together, many people were fighting for Du Zheng.

“The boss has lived in grief all these years. He has three children to raise. He is not very old yet. Do you expect him to be all alone when his children grow up and leave” said some of the employees who were glad that Li Yanchen was finally moving on.

“Madam Du passed away so many years ago. He didnt even have a girlfriend after her. I am glad he is finally moving on.”

“But the new Madam is still so young. Shes definitely going to give birth. Then, Xuanxuan and the others will be at a disadvantage.”

“Alright, lets stop discussing this. Thats the boss private matter. You guys are really worrying too much.”

“Assistant Qin is here. Lets go, lets go.”

The gossiping employees quickly dispersed, and Qin Xiangyi took the documents and prepared to visit Secretary Hans office.

The first livestream was already halfway done. Li Yanchen had sent him a message early in the morning, telling him to go through the schedule with Secretary Han and set aside seven days for the second livestream next month.

Assistant Qin was really surprised. He had thought that the boss was just attending the show as something obligatory, but it seems he really wanted to participate for the second time.


In Qingzhou, Du Minqiang, who was in his 50s, had also been following the live broadcast for the past few days.

His daughter, Du Xing, pointed at the phone screen and huffed. “Dad, did brother-in-law already forget about sister Did he forget that all his wealth has been a blessing from the Du family”

“Its all your fault for not being able to live up to expectations.” Du Minqiang took off his reading glasses.

“Dad, I asked you to arrange for me to work in that company after sister passed away, but you insisted on giving it further thought,” said Du Xing.

“Oh yeah And what were you doing at that time You ran away overseas with your racer boyfriend and disappeared for four years before getting dumped and running back here. In that time, Li Yanchen chose to remarry.” After the mourning period for his niece, Du Xing had intended for his own daughter to get close to Li Yanchen. However, Du Xing had ruined everything and barged off with her boyfriend only to return to the country just last month.


“Brother-in-law didnt even invite you guys to his marriage. How can you take this sitting down” Du Xing stomped her feet. “Dad, arrange for me to work in the company. After brother-in-laws program is done recording, Ill go to Yun City to find him. I want to take back the property that belongs to the Du family. ”

“Youll need your brother-in-laws approval to get into the company. However, you havent visited him in a while. You can go to his house. As his sister-in-law, its only right for you to pretend to show some concern,” said DuMinqiang.

Li Yanchens family assets were worth hundreds of millions. Even if he were to have a child from his second wife, it would be tricky to have Du Xing marry him.

“Thank you, dad. Ill go to Yun City tomorrow and find a nearby hotel to stay in. Ill visit brother-in-law when he comes back.” After Du Xing and his boyfriend went abroad, she slowly realized how untrustworthy men can be.

When her sister was alive, Du Xing saw how Li Yanchen treated her. In the past four years, her brother-in-laws business had grown even more prosperous. Du Xings heart was getting more and more confused. Last month, Du Xing had caught Liu Yang kissing a girl at a bar. Not only did the man not admit his mistake, but he also broke up with her. Du Xing had no choice but to return to the country. After returning, she set her eyes on her brother-in-law again. Who knew that before she could prepare herself to go to Yun City, she would hear the news of her brother-in-laws marriage

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Du Xing was bent on breaking Li Yanchen and Lin Wan apart.



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