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Chapter 1: The Knight Becomes a Lady

The stone floor on my cheek was cold.

However, the cold gradually began to feel faint.

Blood came out from my mouth, and I felt a burning sensation in my abdomen as if a fireball was trying to burn the internal organs.

The blood from my mouth slowly coated the floor. 

I try to speak with trembling lips.

However, the voice did not come out as the vocal cords were not functioning already.

All Estelle could do was ask with her eyes.




Why the hell

Estelle opened her eyes and looked at the murderer who had killed her.

The view was blurry, but the legs of the man who stepped to the floor were visible.

She tried to see his face, but she didn’t have the strength to raise her head.

“You’re still alive even with a poisoned sword, as expected, you’re the leader.”

His voice, as always, was soft and sweet.

His long fingers brushed his hair across his numb face.

“Kha… Lee….”

“Shh, it hurts more when you talk.


You have to die quietly.”

The finger, which stayed by the ear slowly touched her blood-stained lips.

As if wanting to feel the last breath that those lips exhaled.

She vaguely thought that if the day when she would lose her breath came, but she thought vaguely that she might have some lingering feelings.

But now, she couldn’t afford to have any lingering feelings.

She couldn’t remember the fact that if she had died, her country would surrender to the enemy, Jansgar, that all the knights would be killed, or even the death she was facing right now was a travesty that laughed at her as the most pathetic death of a dog.

Because nothing is more important than the betrayal she suffered now.

The traitor gently touched her lips.

Her last breath has become heavier to exhale.

Her body is writhing in pain.

Khalid, what’s wrong with you Wha- Why did you look for me

I thought it wouldn’t be a waste to risk my life.

It was you who made me hold the sword.

It was you who made me into a knight.

He was a friend and a comrade through life and death.

Without sharing blood, he was the only brother and a man who had engraved a vivid light in her life.

And yet you betrayed me.

Khalid, you!

Suddenly, as if I had lost my eyesight, everything is fading away.

“Goodbye, my Ishtar.”

With a sweet farewell, Estelle closed her eyes.


Damn old man.

Zed gritted his teeth.

What’s the point of coming back from the battle with the demons

Zed’s reddish-brown eyes flashed.

His mood ran the worst.

But there was no one in the world to blame.

In other words, he had done the time of life that God allowed him, and, to put it simply, he died of illness.

He was the father of Zed, Gaspar Heint, the Duke of Heint, no, the previous Duke of Heint.

It seemed strange before he went out, but his sudden obituary flew while Zed was on the battlefield.

First of all, he had to express his feelings about the loss of his father, perform a funeral, receive titles, receive greetings from his family members, and swear loyalty to the Emperor.

It was also troublesome to inherit the title at the young age of 27, and the problem was the Duke’s will.

A will sealed in wax with the previous Duke’s signature along with the family mark.

On the fine glossy parchment, not only the seal of the family was present but also the three seals of the High Priest.

Of course, this will written by three honorable, no, goddamn priests, no one can refuse to fulfill the will.

If he refuses, he will not be considered an imperial citizen, let alone a title, as he has violated God’s will.

The contents of the will were very simple.

To marry the Young Lady of Count Aydin.

However, unlike that simple sentence, the content was not simple at all.

Zed suddenly had a fiancée.

It’s not like that he doesn’t like women.

Lots of women come and go…., no, he chased them away.

Of course, he chased away all the beautiful women.

But isn’t the Young Lady of Count Aydin beautiful It wasn’t like that.

She was rumored to be so beautiful that she was called Ishtar of Jansgar, just like her name Lucifella.

Long, coveted hair like the night sky color, white face, and silvery blue eyes like stars.

She is now twenty years old.

Twenty years old.

She was seven years younger.

Usually, a woman thinks of getting married before they reach twenty years old, but she has surpassed that age.

The reason she couldn’t get married was simple.

It was her personality.

Countess Aydin died when Lucifella was young and had only one daughter.

And the problem was that Count Aydin raised her as a precious daughter, a forbidden jade that might fly away when blown or break when touched.

Thus, she grew pampered and, at worst, nervously, adding to her beautiful appearance, her temper had become a rumor among the nobility.

Besides, recently,

‘She had an affair with the Crown Prince.’

The phrase ‘there is a rumor’ was simple, but what was contained in it was quite enormous.

First of all, it was like that, it wasn’t a romance, but a rhyme between a man and a woman.

If he could hear their situation in bed, he could roughly understand what it was like.

The result of the encounter between the ferocious Crown Prince and the ferocious Young Lady was obvious.

She ended up being laughed at by the Crown Prince.

When he was so busy with his father’s funeral and aftercare, he heard that she jumped into the palace lake at a royal banquet and attempted suicide, whether protesting or heartbroken, when the Crown Prince rejected her.

So he’s still losing his mind.

I remember laughing at the rumors I heard in the meantime.

Someone else’s father died, but that human life is so easy.

She’s a fool.

He saw an article saying a man would commit suicide as a last resort because he was dumped by the girl he was dating.

Of course, hanging them upside down and beating them to death, will encourage their will to live. 

It’s the same for both men and women.

Zed loathed such a thing.

Others are extremely romantic, but it was ugly to cling to one emotion like that.

The woman abandoned by the prince, who is criticized at in social circles, is his fiancée.

His father was just as bad as well.

He once again cursed his father.

“They said she woke up a few days ago.”


“Count Aydin Young Lady.”

Bernard, the deputy, said.

Zed contorted his face.

Still, I had a conscience not to think that I wished she hadn’t woken up.

“Did Count Aydin know about the engagement”

“I’m sure the priests told him as soon as the will was released.

The will must be executed as long as the temple’s name is given.”

Damn nosy.

It was highly likely that Count Aydin didn’t even know about the engagement until the will was revealed.

You wouldn’t dare to play with the Crown Prince with the Duke of Heint as your fiancé.

Count Aydin… Zed was lost in thought.

Count Aydin was cousin to the late Empress, the mother of the Crown Prince.

In other words, it is one of the families that openly support the Crown Prince.

Is this because his father wants him to support the Crown Prince He still couldn’t figure out why.

He sighed.

After all, she’s a ‘that’ fiancée.

“I can’t do anything anymore.”

He mumbled in a displeased tone.

Bernard also sighed at his owner’s concern.

There was definitely a way to break the engagement, but it was only possible when an agreement was reached between the two families.

Count Aydin, who bit the Duke of Haint, will never break the engagement.

“Tell him I’ll go two days later.”


When I opened my eyes, I saw bright sunlight and colorful chandeliers.

Estelle blinked.

And she remembered what had happened to her.

Khalid and I went into the conference room to talk about the operation.

After all the talk, Khalid suddenly said he wanted to hug her.

That hug was literally a hug.

Khalid’s venomous sword pierced her stomach when she tilted her head and hugged him with open arms.

But she is alive.

She was alive.

At the same time, there was a joy.

Khalid, this guy.

You pretended to kill me!

She thought so.

There was no way he could have killed her.

What kind of guy is he Estelle lay down and smiled.

Khalid has always been like that.

He had a nasty temper that he enjoyed changing his expression, revealing that it was not necessarily later after acting to disappoint her as if testing her trust.

One time, she was so angry at him that she blew her fist in his face and he stopped doing that.

Anyway, this must have been a way for him to save her.

He pretended to kill her on purpose and took her home.

Hopefully, he didn’t force himself to flee the battle with her.

At that time, she was obviously prepared for death.

She thought there was no chance of survival.

After all, he must have taken her out of the battle to save himself.

No matter how you look at it, it was the only conclusion.

If it really is, you’re dead, Khalid.

Estelle clenched her blanket and rose from her seat.

She didn’t notice that her hands were white and fine, not calluses.

Estelle saw the red quilt covering her body.

Oh my God, this is another nobleman’s mansion!

The quilt was silk with a subtle pearl gloss.

Estelle unwittingly swept the quilt with her hands.

It was pleasantly soft.

What kind of rich aristocrat in the war had this luxury again

Estelle frowned, besides, where is her sword It was obvious.

Khalid must have hidden it because he feared she’d run wild.

Then the door burst open, and the maid came in.

The maid’s outfit was exotic, but she smiled happily as she was about to find her sword.

But the maid looked at Estelle’s smile and said with a pale look.

“Oh, I’m sorry, my Lady! I didn’t know you were awake!”

The maid’s face looked terrified.

But more than that, Estelle had something more important.

What did that maid just say


Of course, she’s never been called ‘Lady’ since she was thirteen as she entered the house of Khalid.

No, I’ve actually heard it a few times, but it was an insult, so the man who wrote it stepped on it methodically.

“I, I have sinned to die.

I should have been waiting in advance.”

Estelle frowned at the sight of the kneeling maid.

What Why are you so desperate I wasn’t happy to see a young girl younger than me doing that.

“Get up.”

The maid’s face glowed as Lucifella spoke in a more relaxed voice.

It’s not that I saved her life, is it that great

“Ah, Thank you.”

The maid got up and looked at her.

She thinks the maid is too polite.

She’s from the same commoner anyway.

It was also the first time she looked at her as if she was seeing something rare.

“How long have I been pass out”

“You passed out for three days.”

“Really I slept a lot.”

“The master was worried.”

“Master Who”

Estelle, of course, was asking the owner of this mansion.

But the maid was taking it differently.

“The Lady’s father.”

Estelle tilted her head.

The maid seemed to have something in her mind.


“Yes, Sir Count… Lady”

The maid’s face clouded with anxiety when she saw Estelle’s face.

That’s because Estelle looked like she didn’t know anything.

She has no father.

No, I don’t know my father.

But what kind of father is he It seemed like they were talking about different things.

She felt the black silk glistening on her shoulders.

She held the silk hand in hand and it scattered from hand to hand.

It was only after a brief embarrassment that I realized it was hair.

Her hair is short gray hair.

There was no such fine long black hair.

Estelle managed to find the reason.

“…… Can you get me a mirror”

She tried to speak softly, but her lower lip was shaking.

She looked at her hand.

Her hands were smooth and her nails were shiny.

As if she had never held a sword before.

The maid brought her mirror and showed her.

She saw herself in the mirror, no, not herself, a figure of a woman.

Unlike the short hair that was casually stretched, the woman’s hair was soft black hair.

Her face was so white as to make her wonder if she had seen the sunlight properly.

And the most beautiful thing is the eyes.

It was almond-shaped eyes.

The color of the clear, sparkling eyes was silver-blue, reminiscent of diamonds.

Estelle swears she didn’t know this woman’s face.

When she blinks her eyes, she blinks hers too.

I can’t even imagine that I’d done a trick in the mirror.

Isn’t she actually looking at her hair

“Where am I Answer me.”


“Where am I Where’s Khalid! Come on, answer me!”

Anxious, Estelle raised herself, grabbed the maid’s shoulder, and shook her.

This can’t be happening.

This wasn’t herself.

What does this mean What kind of nonsense!

“Oh, my Lady, calm down! Lady!”

The maid said, quivering with fear.

Huh, huh, she looked at her slender wrist.

This must be a dream.


Estelle wrapped her hair around her as if she were about to pull it out.

“Lady, it’s the hair you cherish the most!”

“What did you do to me Khalid, call Khalid!”

“Who is he!”

“Khalid, Khalid Gavrin!”

“Who is he Lady, there’s no such person!”

“Then tell me, what have you done to me”

“Oh, the lady is weird! Jesse! Jesse! Get the doctor here!”

Everything was falling apart.

Estelle managed to keep her sanity.

Come to think of it, the clothes of the maids, everything was unfamiliar to me, In addition, the maid used a Jansgar tone.

“Where am I”

“…It’s Young Lady’s house.”

“I’m talking about the country.”


It’s the Imperial Jansgar.

This is Green Hill, the capital of Jansgar.”


Jansgar is a kingdom.

How do you call it an empire It’s irreverent.

Besides, this Jansgar was the enemy she had been fighting in the war against until she fell.

Was this the enemy line Then she needs to find a weapon.

The maid was embarrassed and didn’t seem to know that she was using an Ersha accent.

She was now in the middle of the enemy country.

She needs to find Khalid and go back.

However, such a goal collapsed shortly afterward.

“What happened to the war with the Kingdom of Ersha”

At those words, the maid seemed to feel serious.

“Lady, you must see the doctor.

The Kingdom of Ersha has been destroyed!”

“Ersha is destroyed”

It was her own country.

It was a country that she wanted to protect.

Estelle sat with a shocked face.

“What year is it”

“It’s year 729 of Jansgar calendar, Lady.”

Fortunately, the maid responded to her words.

She calculated with a dizzy head.

Three years, three years passed.

Three years from where she was.

“When did Ersha perish”

“That was three years ago, too.”



No, this can’t be happening.

Estelle looked around.

Khalid, where’s Khalid What am I

She got off the bed.

I wanted to deny that it was a lie.

“Where are you going, Lady You need to rest!”

“……Let me go!”

Estelle reached out and tried to push her, but the maid was strong.

No, she wasn’t strong.

It was her body that was too thin and slender.

Of course, there was no way for her to have the strength of her own body, as only one woman held her.

She was out of breath when she moved her body hard.

She struggled to shake it off, but it wasn’t easy.

Still, she struggled.

She had to go to Ersha right away.


The door opened, and a man came in and grabbed her.

She can’t shake off a woman and a man… Eventually, she fainted.

“Oh, Lucy, it’s all right.

Dad, Dad is here.”



The beating of the heart, which was pounding with excitement, slows down.

Estelle blinked her eyes.

When I looked at the man’s face in his warm arms, I saw the face of a man who resembled this woman.

His hair was blonde, but his eyes were the same color as hers.

I felt the gaze of a man looking warmly at me with affectionate eyes.

“Who are you”

Knowing the answer, she asked because she wanted to check.

The man’s face was distorted by grief.

Estelle has never received such a loving stare.

Because she had never seen her father in her life.

“Don’t you remember your Dad”


Estelle was slightly shaken.

Whether she really doesn’t remember this person or whether she’s dreaming.


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