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Chapter 5: How the Lady Escapes the Killer Part 3

She used herself as bait and fell on purpose.

He realized.

It was that woman who disabled this arm in the first place.

He was so careless.

The woman has always been his prey.

Being hunted by prey was not in his not-so-clever and overconfident head.

Now he’s literally her prey.

“Kgh, bitch…!”

He reached out and rushed at her in fear and humiliation, but she was so accustomed to wielding her dagger that it attacked his outstretched wrist.

Blood spurted out from the blow.


Lucifella frowned.

The sight was blurred due to the aftereffects of strangling, so she couldn’t poke the vital point again this time.

But this pathetic man was in pain just because of that.

She was worried because the clothes were thick, but she could still stab his back deeply, and the bleeding was so great that she might be able to end his life without difficulty with the current Lucifella.

It was fortunate that I bought one and hid it on my thigh because the one around my neck was not so reliable.

First of all, she disabled one of his hands so that he couldn’t use a weapon such as a crossbow or a bow by himself.

If he doesn’t give up on her killing her, he will eventually have no choice but to approach her.

Furthermore, she was confident of winning because she owned a very powerful weapon other than the dagger she had tied to her thigh.

She spat on him and said.

“Yes, a bitch.

The girl you could have easily killed all this time.”

She was ignored countless times as a girl with a sword.

But her most powerful weapon, along with that contempt, was her opponent’s negligence.

Because she was a woman, people were off guard so easily.

And that carelessness brought her victory over and over again, just like now.

Perhaps because of the strangulation, it was not easy to let her voice out.

But she couldn’t wait to talk.

This is because it was quite unfair that she listened to the ostentatious chatter about murder while being strangled and spit from that man’s smelly mouth.

It was a very unpleasant experience to see the hideously distorted face up close.

“Did you say you enjoyed killing girls like me That’s a hobby that I don’t understand.”

Once again, she spat and said.

“I enjoy beating people who’s stronger than me.”

To be precise, it was ‘fun.’ Her body complained of limitations and almost collapsed.

If she collapses now, she dies.

Holding a dagger, she said, looking at the man’s gap.

“Those like you are called losers.”

The knifeman, no, a small, dwarf-like man, understood that she was stronger than him.

The change of attitude was quick.

The man started taking a step backward.

But he bled a lot.

His back hurt so much.

His legs are weak.

At this rate, you will not be able to escape far and will be caught.

That woman was different from other women.

She will kill him without hesitation.

“Aaaaah! Ah, please help me! Help me!”


“Help me!”

“That’s what the dead women told you.

You didn’t even remember how hurt those women were, did you”

“Please save me.

It hurts!”

“Those dead women must have been hurt too.

So I intend to do the same to you.”


He crawled to his knees, peeing as if his legs had become weak in fear.

She slowly chased after the man who was running away in fear.

She wanted to kick him with her foot right away, but she was very careful because it was a big deal if that man grabbed it and knocked her down.

He was a really disgusting guy.

He’s having fun killing a woman.

Why do you kill Why do you have fun killing ‘women’

He must have suffered the same disregard from men, so why is it more memorable to be ignored by women, and why do you harbor anger towards women

“You naughty bastard.”

The answer was too simple.

Women have no power.

Because he wasn’t even brave enough to be angry with the same men.

A guy who didn’t even give up.

I think I’m going to cut off that middle leg.

She went to end his abhorrent life.

That was then.

Suddenly, the sound of the wailing of horses filled the surroundings.

Lucifella looked where she could hear the horse crying.

Jansgar’s knights were running here.

Her expression crumpled.

There will be no point in this.

If they had come when she was chased by a murderer, at least she wouldn’t have had this kind of trouble.

Or if they had come after she finished her work, rode her horse, and disappeared to find her Liam.

Well, yes, that was understandable.

But what is this timing

The knights who got off the horse alternated between her and the man who had fallen in front of her and looked perplexed.

She looked at the man in front of her, her fiancé, and said.

“You’re coming very quickly, Duke of Heint.”

And she laughs.

The Duke of Heint looked at her for a moment as if he didn’t understand her current situation, and then he saw a man lying on the ground.

Then his eyes turned to the dagger in her hand.

Only then did he seem to understand the situation.

She approached the Duke of Heint to ask about Liam.

I’m gonna complain about this poor timing.

Still, a feeling of relief spread through her tensed body.

At that moment, she felt extremely dizzy.

Maybe it’s because I’m relieved Did anyone really fall down because they were relieved

And she couldn’t believe it was her.

He was the one who cursed at her for being weak like a piece of paper and now she’s falling down because she was relieved In front of this man! Nonsense!

Her body collapsed, losing consciousness and not being convinced to the end that she would collapse.

At the same time, she felt someone holding her.


“Oh, my God.

She’s a great lady.”

Duke Lourik looked at Lucifella in Zed’s arm.

The woman who collapsed in a maid’s uniform, unlike a lady, had messy hair, and blood splattered on her face.

Nevertheless, the funny thing is that she did not let go of the dagger while collapsing.

“I’ve heard from Sir Chris.

You said that Aydin Young Lady met that serial killer while running a commotion That’s terribly bad luck.

Heint must be having a hard time, too.”

Zed didn’t say anything at all.

He was calculating the time until the carriage came to lay her down.

“Duke Lourik, you missed Liam, didn’t you”

“I’m sorry, that person wasn’t Liam Hirka.

He was just a guy who looked like him.”

Lourik smiled brightly.

Zed looked at him.

No one was unaware that his sword cut off the head of that ‘look-alike’ at once.

The members of the Second Knights were also tongue-tied at the coldness of dealing with him, unlike his always smiling face.

Liam did not exist in the first place, so the Second Knights joined Zed because they heard that Zed had found a hint about the killer.

A few of the First Knights pursued Lucifella, and he pursued the killer.

“But you’re really amazing.

As expected, Duke Heint is unbeatable.

How did you find out the killer There was too little blood on the body, right The name, which was written in blood, seemed to be a moderate smokescreen.”


Lourik knew what Zed had discovered.

But he also found the same thing and chose to chase after Liam.

A bat-like bastard.

Zed gritted his teeth.

There were only three tops with private wagon businesses, and private wagons must be registered at the top and paid a fee to be recognized as an official transportation business licensed by the country.

This is because horses owned by the horseman in the stable installed at the top can be replaced at each intermediate point, and they can provide food and water to the horse.

So the list of people with two or three wagons came to about twenty.

Ha has picked out the old ones, so the rest are ten.

And as a result of tracking the movement to the place where the horse was replaced, fed, and watered, there was an owner of the carriage who showed a movement similar to the day of the murder.


It was a rather plain and short name.

It seems so common.

Nevertheless, the feeling of the echo was somehow creepy.

At the same time, he heard that Jack was wearing thick clothes.

That’s why Zed chased Jack.

He found out around noon that Jack had watered his horse from the Southeast.

He knew Lucifella had disappeared from the Southeastern section.

And chasing Jack, he knew that when he encountered the knights who he had asked to find her, the worst consequences were waiting.

And what was waiting for them was the fallen Jack and the standing Lucifella.

Lucifella collapsed, holding a dagger, saying it was too late.

Lucifella’s neck had a clear red mark.

When he investigated the wagon, he found a dagger with a string attached to it as if it was hanging around her neck.

It seemed that she first stabbed the arm with the dagger and then attacked the man again with a dagger that he didn’t know where it came from.

He could see how desperate it was for her.

It’s true that she ran away on her own, but that didn’t mean Zed wasn’t good enough to blame everything on Lucifella.

He really thought he should have gone a little faster.

The good news was that her bad personality was also displayed when she faced the killer.


Zed thought it was strange.

Is it normal for noble ladies to wield daggers without hesitation

He remembered the scars suffered by that guy named Jack, who had been captured.

The cut on the wrist and the back were somewhat out of place.

Is that usually natural Or did she exert her last power on the verge of death

She stabbed his hand, incapacitating his hand, and attacked the man’s back with a dagger.

Is it easy for a delicate noble lady to make such a judgment

The only thing he knew about Lucifella was that she had an affair with the Crown Prince, and when the Crown Prince rejected her, she jumped into the palace’s lake and attempted suicide.

However, seeing this unexpected appearance, he had to change his mind about Lucifella.

“To survive there, it’s really better than most men.

I really mean it.”

Lourik approached and tried to observe Lucifella.

Zed held her deeper into his arms with a grimace.

She wasn’t a fiancée to be looked down upon.


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