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Chapter 7: Inconvenient Invitation Part 1

When Lucifella returned to the Count’s mansion, the Count had not yet returned as he looked for her, and all the servants came out with white, tired expressions on their faces.

They already seemed to know that she was almost dead.

As she trudged along, the doctor came running.

The butler looked around and seemed to be looking for someone.

He seemed to be looking for Duke Heint.

Lucifella, who noticed it, said, clearing her voice.

“If you’re looking for the Duke, he’s gone.”

The butler’s face said, “But you’re his fiancé….”, but Lucifella did not bother to make excuses for Duke Heint.

Actually, it was because of her that he returned.

The carriage tried to enter the house, but Lucifella refused.

She even asked the servant who was residing in the mansion to escort her, not the Duke of Heint.

His face was contorted at Lucifella’s strong refusal, which was insulting, and the Duke went home.

“What about Rouisa”

Lucifella asked lightly as swaying the doctor who was supporting her.

First of all, the name was “Royza,” not Rouisa, but the butler did not bother to point it out.

Royza was the attendant maid who was with her.

However, Lucifella ran away, she will be severely punished.

“First of all, she was locked in a room to for punishment, but…..”

She was a child who about to be kicked out anyway, but it was pitiful to receive Lucifella’s cruel vent.

No matter how soft she is these days, there will be no mercy this time.

However, it was true that she was distracted by the dress and neglected to serve her master, so she deserved the punishment.

The butler sighed at the situation.

“Show me.”


Don’t you usually tell them to drag her The butler was worried.

The room that locks up the servants is a place that Lucifella has never visited, even though it is located inside the mansion.

Do you have any other ideas if you want to visit such a room

“My Lady, first of all, the body….”

At the butler’s words, Lucifella quietly raised one hand to stop him.

The short gesture was somehow more powerful than a torn voice filled with anger.

The butler quietly followed her under unknown pressure.

The servant disciplinary room was located in the most remote place behind the mansion.

For the purpose of confinement, this place was dark and narrow, and it was a gloomy place that did not suit the splendid lady.

“What happened to the escorts”

“All the hired escorts have been dismissed.

They’re probably being punished, too.”

Lucifella nodded.  Then, looking at the door at the end of the hallway, she made a gesture to open it.

The servants opened the door.

There was little light in the room.

I heard the cry of a woman crouching down and sobbing in the room.

As the door opened and the light leaked in, she looked back in amazement and then looked terrified when she saw Lucifella standing there.

Lucifella glanced over the room and immediately approached Royza.

Everyone thought Lucifella would vent her anger out on her.

Isn’t it the maid at fault for looking away as picking the dress this time In addition, the lady of this house was nearly killed by a serial killer.

“Oh, Lady, I was wrong, I’m sorry!”

Royza cried and prayed with her hands together.

As Lucifella reached out her hand, Royza shuddered.

Lucifella raised her hand and tapped her on the shoulder.

“Get up.”

Why Are you going to tell me to get up and slap me

Royza wanted to ask so, but she rose up shaking because she knew she would be scolded more if she didn’t listen.

Lucifella looked at Royza’s face and asked the butler standing behind her.

“You didn’t beat her separately, did you”

“Yes, it’s….

we have to wait for the owner and the Lady’s order.”

The butler answered with a look that said, “It’s finally here.”

Lucifella nodded, there was a sigh of relief on her face.

“That’s a relief.”

Royza turned pale as if she understood the words, “I’m glad no one touched it until I touched it.”

She didn’t dare to guess how much punishment she would face.

She winked as she followed Lucifella.

What Are you going to punish her in the room Then why do you come all the way here to take her

The faces of the servants were questioned.

The users simply thought Lucifella would rule the maids, so they didn’t dare to guess that Lucifella simply acted in good faith to the maids.

When Royza saw the butler in fear, the butler stayed silent and winked at her unconditionally.

Royza was so afraid of what was to happen that she burst into tears.

It was obvious that she was out of her mind in the dressing room at that time.

She let her guard down because she had become docile.

But it was also unfair, who would have known that the young lady would run away.

No matter how arrogant she was, she was a girl who hated to step on the street because the dust was dirty.

Am I gonna whipped I thought that this might cut off her wrist.

Or she might be kicked out naked.

“My Lady.”

The butler tried to follow her into the room, but she raised her hand to stop it.

The butler was surprised that he stopped at one gesture.

Upon entering her room, Lucifella bowed her head and lifted Loisa from her knees.

“You must have suffered a lot because of me.”


When she looked up in surprise at the friendly voice, Lucifella looked at her with a worried expression.

Maybe she’s trying to do something with that sweet face again Just like when she ran away.

When she saw Royza’s face, Lucifella patted her shoulder with her hand in regret.

Royza was so surprised by her that she almost screamed.

“I’m sorry, it’s because of me.”

“Oh, no.

I-I-I mean, watch you better, no, no, I should have…..”

“I made up my mind to run away, how would you know”

It was Royza, who was upset with that thought until a while ago, but it became scarier when a person who she didn’t expect said it.

“Tell them that the punishment was taken care of by me.

You must be very scared, so go back and rest.

Tell the butler that I scolded you moderately.

If you say you’re not scolded, you’ll get even more scolded.”

“My Lady”

“Is there anything else you want to say If you want to get angry, you can.

Because you deserve it.”


If you die and come back to life and even lose your memories, can a person really change like this

Lucifella, who always was harsh and angry, now looked genuinely sorry.

“If you don’t have anything to say, you can leave.

Go and call a doctor.”

Then Royza noticed that there was a black handprint on her neck.

She saw it and really realized that their lady had almost died and returned alive.

And she now knows how lucky she is herself.

“My Lady.”

Royza shed tears.

She doesn’t know why their lady has changed, but this behavior made her feel that she was a good person from the beginning.

She said it wasn’t her fault, though, but she was more moved by her generosity.

“Boo hooo!”

Lucifella was embarrassed to see the maid burst into tears.

When she first saw Royza, she had the impression of a quiet, professional maid doing her job, but now she burst into tears like a child.

Besides, Lucifella was weak against crying people.

“Rouisa, don’t cry.

Don’t cry, Rouisa.”

“Oh, my Lady, it’s my fault! I’ll never do that again! Uhh!”

“Yes, yes.”

Lucifella didn’t know what to do, so he approached Royza again and patted her on the shoulder.

Royza, who had been sobbing and crying, though.

Oh, how could there be such an angelic lady

“And that’s Royza, my Lady.

It’s not Rouisa.”

“Oh, sorry, Royza.

That’s why you were disappointed.”

Royza had a simple personality, and when the lady she served showed her kindness, the resentment that almost remained in her heart melted away.


The Second Prince of the Jansgar Empire, Eozif, smiled broadly.

He had a good appearance, but his appearance was covered by thick glasses so it could not be properly marked.

“Oh my God, Brother.

What brought you here”

It was because Crown Prince Temir was right in front of him at the Empress Palace.

Temir was sitting at a tea table in the garden of the Empress Palace and talking to Empress Priscilda.

The Empress smiled brightly, she said.

“Come and sit down, Eozif.”

Unlike Eozif’s big smile, the Crown Prince frowned disapprovingly.

Either way, Eozif sat down beside the Empress, smiling.

It seemed that this situation was good and he couldn’t help it.

“It’s nice to see you two together after a long time.”

The Empress smiled and said kindly.

“If you look so good, I think I’ll have to visit you often in the future, Mother.”

The Empress’s hand, holding the teacup, trembled.

Eozif smiled and said.

“Brother, you must be busy with the Crown Prince’s political affairs, so are you okay visiting us If so, the rumor that my Mother and Brother are not on good terms will disappear.

I’m sure Father will be happy too.”

Temir’s face frowned at him.

Even jokingly, it was clear that he was reluctant to spread the word that he had a good relationship with the Empress.

The current Empress was the Second Empress, and the Crown Prince was not the Second Empress child.

Lucrezia, the former Empress, died of illness when the Crown Prince was five years old, and Priscilda who at the time gave birth to Eozif, became Empress and mistress of the Imperial Palace.

It was when Temir tried to say more with a disapproving face.

“But what were you talking about Is this brother okay to hear”

A crooked smile appeared on Temir’s face.


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