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Chapter 7: Inconvenient Invitation Part 2

“We were talking about a banquet this fall.”

“Autumn banquet”

Jansgar holds a large festival every fall when the harvest is over.

It was the same for the Imperial Palace.

They held a large banquet for the harvest festival.

It was the biggest banquet since the emperor’s birthday, and most of the small and medium-class nobles attended.

When Jansgar’s land was colored with golden waves of harvesting, the streets of Green Hill were filled with golden wagons flashing by nobles.

“Is there a problem”


Temir shook his head with a face that seemed unable to control his laughter.

“There is someone I really want to invite.

I came to make a personal request to Her Majesty.”

“Oh, who is it I’m curious, too.”

Temir giggled again at the naive Eozif’s question.

The sound of laughter was shallow, but neither Eozif nor the Empress frowned.

“The Count of Aydin.”

“If it’s Count Aydin, shouldn’t he be invited, Prince”


Not only Count Aydin, but….”

The prince turned the teacup on the tea table with his hands and closed his mouth.

“Lucifella Aydin.

I want to see Young Lady Aydin.”

The Empress’s face turned pale.

No one didn’t know that Count Aydin Young Lady jumped into the Imperial Palace Lake, longing for the love of the Crown Prince, Temir.

“Mother, who is in charge of the banquet, please do your best.

I want to meet her too, but I have never had a chance to meet her.

Is it not possible to visit her at Sasaroi mansion right”

“Prince, Young Lady’s body hasn’t healed yet.

And you know what He said she was not feeling well again because she was caught up in an incident that disturbed the capital last time.”

It’s Count Aydin.

Thanks to the Crown Prince faction, no one laughed openly at him, but Lucifella, a woman, had a different story.

Less than two months have passed since the incident, and the ridicule and contempt that Lucifella will suffer has gone beyond imagination due to the harsher social nature of women.

“That’s why I’m so worried.

I think I’ll be relieved if I see him walking around again.

Will you do me a favor, Mother”

“Prince, that is difficult.”

Then he threw the teacup he was holding toward the white statue next to the tea table.


The red water of the tea soaked the statue.

He felt the faces of the maids standing next to him harden.

The Empress was also surprised.

Temir said with a smile.

“Excuse me, Your Majesty.

There’s a crack in my tea cup.

I think we should punish the maid who manages it.”

At Temir’s glance, the knight in the purple uniform seized the arm of the maid, who was standing right next to him, serving her tea.

A terrified scream came from the maid, who was trying to look calm.


He smiled when the Empress called the Crown Prince as if to dissuade him.

“I don’t think you could bring you a teacup like this on purpose.

I hope Your Majesty’s doesn’t hate me.”

Despite the strange confrontation, Eozif drank tea carelessly.

“Count Aydin will be in trouble.

It’s said that her daughter had an accident, but how can she show up so quickly”

“The Count Aydin is my family.

How can Uncle be upset with me”

When the escort forced the maid’s hand back and pressed it, a scream leaked from the maid’s mouth again.

Because she was well educated, she did not openly cry or beg for mercy, but tears were already falling from her eyes.

There was no way there was a crack in the teacup of the Crown Prince.

The Crown Prince was forcefully nitpicking and telling her to comply with his demands.

“Let’s do that, Mother.”

Then Eozif said in a soft voice.

“There’s no reason why you can’t listen to my Brother’s request.

My Brother will be the Emperor of this country.

Count Aydin wouldn’t mind either.”


Temir smiled satisfactorily at Eozif’s words.

Eozif was a fairly docile brother to Temir.

His brother said so, and the Empress had no reason to refuse either.

“I would do that.”

“Thank you as always, Mother.”

Temir smiled brightly.


It was serious.

It was very serious.

It was not what Lucifella said, but a public conclusion made by others.

It happened two weeks after the talkative and controversial incident.

After that incident, the vigilance against Lucifella was strengthened, but for some reason, the maids’ attitude was more relaxed than before.

Lucifella apologized herself and exempted Royza from punishment, it went into the ears of the servants.

Even though she was on the verge of death, it was natural for the lady’s reputation to change, who even apologized for her fault rather than getting angry.

Moreover, as if Lucifella had reflected, she listened to the maids very calmly without getting annoyed while lying down.

If you tell her to eat it, she eats it, if you tell her to walk, she walks, if you tell her to wear it, she wears it.

After nearly dying a few times, she became the ideal owner of the maids.

But she also had some very serious problems.

She had lost her memory and welcomed the change in her personality, but the problem was that she really forgot everything except the words.

First of all, she was usually in bed, and sometimes when she got up and walked, even if her steps were strange, her maids didn’t pay much attention because she was sick.

Sometimes her tone of voice was masculine as well.

‘It’s probably because of the aftereffects of waking up after dying, you didn’t even eat for a few days.’

But she was just trying to turn a blind eye to the serious situation.

“It’s like the footsteps of soldiers, not just Ladies.

It is also a dignified step to march….”

The Count turned white as if he had been shocked by the butler’s words.

This was the final conclusion reported by the butler of the mansion, who was most sensitive to Lucifella’s changes.

“I think the aftereffects are a little serious because you lost your memory.”

“No, what….”

“It is one week until the Imperial Palace banquet.

I think we have to find a way somehow.”

“What should I do….

How could this happen…..”

Oh, you’re talking nonsense in front of her.

Lucifella was drinking tea as she listened to the conversation between the butler and the Count.

Estelle was a commoner, but at a young age, she was raised by Duke Gavrin and learned swordsmanship.

Although she lived in a nobleman’s mansion, but Duke Gabrin ignored her education other than teaching swordsmanship, and the housekeepers thought it inappropriate to teach the commoners the noble etiquette, so she was neglected.

However, she was used to the way she was treated by the servants, and she was used to it because Khalid, who was worse at table manners, taught her.


When she recalled the name, her hand holding the teacup became tense.

But she shook her head and tried to erase the name.

The name Khalid was still important to her.

However, it was obvious that thinking about him would lead to so-called human distrust and depression.

It would be okay to go out looking for Khalid a little later.

If it is known that Lucifella, who does not know Khalid, is looking for him, she may be suspicious by those around her.

So she put off thinking about him.

In any case, Estelle did not learn any manners of the nobility, and even if she had seen and learned something, it was the manners of the “men” and not the manners of the “lady” at all.

The fundamental solution to this problem was to say, ‘I’m sick, can I not go’ but it was rejected at once.

The Empress sent the invitation herself.

No one could refuse the invitation she wrote in her own handwriting.

Lucifella, unaware that the Crown Prince and the Empress were not sharing blood, seems to be very angry that the Empress has dropped her son’s dignity.

She thought it would give her some embarrassment, so she thought indifferently.

“It’s your first time in society after the announcement of your engagement, so you’ll definitely have to dance with the Duke of Heint.”

Oh, that was good.

Lucifella laughed at the thought of stepping on his feet in heels.

It was fun just imagining what that expression would look like.

But because the Count’s face looked pale, she decided only to imagine the action.

“She can learn.”

“In a week Never.

Our Lucy is smart, but that’s not possible.”

First of all, she lacked confidence in speaking skills, knowledge, and common sense, but she was confident in what to do when it came to dancing.

She thinks she’s using her body anyway.

She was confident in using her body.

Lucifella yawned with a relaxed face.

The Count gave a disapproving look at the manly appearance, but she didn’t care.


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