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Chapter 8: The Lady’s Circumstances Part 1

Re-teaching manners to noble women over twenty years old can be a major flaw in society.

No matter what happened to that noble young lady.

The teacher whom the Count found was Madam Erene who was famous for teaching the common people etiquette rather than noble.

Madam Erene was of a noble family, but she became practically a commoner as there was no successor to her son’s death.

The family, where she had settled as a hostess for almost all her life, was scorned just because there were no men in the household.

She had a little fortune to live a splendid life as a bachelorette.

She didn’t have much fortune to lead a splendid life as a Viscount.

However, as her writings were old, she was faithful to the etiquette, which was most coveted by the wealthy commoners who longed for the life of the nobles but had no access to them.

So Madam Erene managed to make a living even by refusing the help of her close friends and educating children.

Then she was called by Count Aydin.

Count Aydin was not from an influential family, but was a family of the so-called Crown Prince, which was connected by blood with the first Empress, the mother of the Crown Prince.

Madame Erene, who had been wondering who should be educated in such a family, was astonished to find out that the target was the Count’s Young Lady.

First of all, it was obvious that Count’s Young Lady had already been educated by good teachers, even if it’s not her.

On the one hand, she was worried.

Although Madame Erene had been out of her social circle for a long time, she had connections with nobles and knew that her personality was not so good compared to her beautiful face.

Also, what she did at the last imperial palace banquet.

It seems that she received a lot of payment because of that.

But no matter how much she taught the commoners, she had her own pride.

If Young Lady was rude to her, she thought of going back immediately. 

But the Young Lady of Count Aydin, whether she was rude or polite, she was an unknown person.

“I lost my memory due to an accident, so it was inevitable that the Madam would taught me.”

According to the circumstances, she said she lost her memory due to the aftereffects of the “accident.” You’ve lost your memory, and of course, you’ve forgotten your manners.

However, Madam Erene thought she was a better person than she thought, not looking down on herself as a half-noble who had lost her title, but politely asking for instruction.

But that thought only lasts for a moment.

Count Aydin Young Lady followed her well, but only well.

The speed of learning was slower than she thought.

“How many times do I have to tell you I’m not saying to take a light step, but you should look moderately heavy.

The gentle dancing steps make a person look frivolous.”


The steps walking in the cumbersome skirt were droopy this time as if they were covered with lead.

Strangely, there seems to be a knack, but it seems that the concept of ‘elegance’ has not been learned accurately.

To Madame Erene, she did not seem to understand why she had to learn this.

Sometimes she grabbed the skirt and shook it around as if she was frustrated.

If you are not convinced of learning, the speed of learning naturally slows down.

Although the manners she had learned seemed to remain in her memory to some extent, but it was far from enough to attend the Imperial Banquet that would be held this time.

“Lady, do you not understand what I am saying”

“Elegantly, if it looks too light, it looks frivolous, so it’s still heavy and elegant.

Like that.”

She’s listening.

Nevertheless, the teaching position was a little tiring due to the look of frustration.

I thought the enthusiasm for learning was better for commoner girls.

“Sit down, my Lady.”

When she pointed to the sofa as if to take a rest, she came up and leaned on the sofa.

Madam Erene frowned upon her.

“The Lady is obviously smart.

But you don’t seem motivated.”

At that, Lucifella sighed, she was exhausted.

“It’s because I don’t understand.”


“What is the standard of elegance Why is it so important to hold the hem of the skirt No, I don’t understand the dress either.

Why should I wear a heavy skirt There are a lot of comfortable clothes.

Why are you talking backwards If you have something you want to say, can’t you just say it right away”

It was a question that the commoners didn’t ask either.

The commoners followed the nobles, saying, ‘that’s how it is’.

“That’s what nobles should do.”

“You’re welcome.

Men don’t turn around and talk.

Male nobles just smile and move on even if their gait is a little awkward.

Even if their behavior isn’t elegant, it’s not such a big deal.

It seems like only women are arguing about that.”

“You talk as if you’ve hung out with them my Lady.”

Lucifella shut up at the words.

Madam Erene, who was getting older, recognized at once that Lucifella had a hidden corner.

Indeed, what Lucifella said was not wrong.

When a man is bad at manners, it becomes just a slight mockery.

He was even praised for it’s free-spirited liberty.

However, if a woman is ill-mannered, the women criticize her and refuse to join the group.

In that way, manners became more important to women.

Madam Erene said calmly.

“Men and women are not the same.”

Lucifella’s face stiffened at the words.

In fact, even for Lucifera, it is difficult to accept this situation, but learning the so-called ‘Lady’s education’, which she thought as a matter of others, took more than she imagined to learn

When she was pointed out what she was doing naturally and even her steps, she was annoyed to care about it, no matter how simple she was.

She wouldn’t have thought like this if she had thrown her sword to practice swordsmanship.

The fact that men and women are not the same was something she was sick and tired of hearing as Estelle.

It was natural to say that even to Ersha, a monogamous woman whose human rights are not low, much less Jansgar, who is allowed to be polygamous.

Even though she knew it, she felt bitter when she checked it.

Madam Erene continued.

“This etiquette is obviously ineffective in terms of behavior itself.

Inefficient behavior is deliberately intended.

Because it shows that nobles have such leisure.”

What do you mean, that kind of leisure Lucifella tilted her head.

Madam Erene continued, as if she had noticed it.

“Will there be time for the common people to relax Can their skirts, which always have to work, be as uncomfortable as an aristocratic woman”

It is natural.

How can commoners, who are always busy, wear the cumbersome noble skirts Lucifella didn’t understand what Madam Erene said.

“The difference between commoners who are always busy with their livelihoods and the nobles above them is leisure.”

Lucifella was shocked as if she had been hit on the head.

In a way, because it was a word that penetrated the essence of etiquette.

She never thought of it from that perspective.

“Also, it is not just the vanity of women that women’s manners are more strictly applied.”


“The education of aristocratic women symbolizes the prestige of the family.

The power of the family.”

Upon hearing that, Lucifella had a question.

If so, are women like family accessories

For Estelle, who was a commoner but grew up as a semi-nobleman and almost a man, the part of women’s manners was the most difficult to understand.

“It’s the same for men…..”

“No, men have a lot to show their dignity other than education.

It’s not just etiquette, but learning and swordsmanship.

But unlike men, all women can do is show.

There is nothing but the wrinkles on the skirt and the meticulousness of the words.”

Madam Erene gave a simple and clear answer.

Lucifella was at a loss for words.

The women of the nobility really only had to ‘show’.

Because they became part of the family.

Following the courtesies of the nobles, she did not properly think about the extravagance and vanity characteristic of women.

She was Lucifer, and when she was an Estelle, she reflected inwardly that she had despised thoughts of the ‘Lady.

In a way, they were women who were not given a chance to show anything.

Estelle-like people who forced protection before they could protect themselves were treated as men, not women.

She forgot about it even though she knew it was herself who was disadvantaged because she held the sword.

She sighed and looked at the ceiling.

This side has its own reasons.

They weren’t idiots who just cared about clothes.

If what reveals the power of the family is armed with a fancy dress and a tongue like steel, she should also respect their way of life.

Come to think of it, it’s funny.


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