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Chapter 9: Unexpected Victory Part 1

Jansgar has been fighting an active war of conquest for over 20 years.

In the meantime, the reason why Ersha, who was adjacent to the east, survived is that Ersha was a country of brothers from one root.

The twin brothers who founded the country claimed to be Ishtar’s children, Ha-zohar and Ha-bahir, and were called the twin stars as they became the symbol of their country.

Ersha and Jansgar were longtime allies and were always friendly to each other.

But Jansgar eventually invaded Ersha.

Lucifella saw the scene of the Jansgar Palace.

She closed her eyes when she saw a building built in a style similar to Ersha.

Ersha used to be like this.

It was simpler than Jansgar, and not as big as it was, but it was very noisy when the banquet was held.

Of course, she was always busy when the banquet was held.

A cool autumn breeze blew.

Wearing a dress instead of a uniform, she carefully climbed the stairs, holding the Count’s hand, and walked into the glitzy light of the Imperial Palace.

There was a fragrant smell and beautiful music playing.

There was another creaking sound as she stepped on the cold marble.

She walked along the corridor to the ballroom with the Count.

There were many people there, but they were all quiet because everyone was looking at her.

Lucifella knew that gaze, curious and sarcastic.

In fact, she was not that strong to the point of not getting hurt by these eyes.

However, she was not intimidated even if she felt bad because it was not ‘Estelle’ who received such attention.

Soon after, the door of the banquet hall opened and the servant announced their position, and everyone inside saw them.

She walked slowly, one step at a time, and looked at the faces of the Jansgar nobles.

Because she was curious about what kind of face they make.

Then people avoided eye contact with Lucifella.

They looked at her like that when she stay still, but when she looked at them, they realized what they were doing.

As she gazed at Count Aydin with a laugh, Count Aydin looked at her with a concerned gaze.

“Let’s go to the wall over there.

Then you’ll get less attention from people.”

Lucifella nodded at the Count’s words.

It may be uncomfortable and shameful in this situation, but the count’s expression was calm.

How did Lucifella think to jump into the lake with such a loving father

Lucifella thought it was not as difficult as she thought to endure the gaze that was pouring on her.

Because Count Aydin was right next to her.

There is no one to say anything to the Count, so he will not have any trouble against it.

The Count knew it too and did not fall away from Lucifella for a moment.

Come to think of it, the Count was an ideal and friendly father.

In a way, the count showed warm affection for her, even though Lucifella had a great disadvantage to the family.

The only regret he had was that he always looked busy.

Lucifella looked over the podium where her royal family would sit.

It was still empty.

The Emperor had not yet come, and the princes, including the Crown Prince, did not seem to have come.

Even her fiancé, whose got a bad personality.

At that moment, she smiled softly, vowing to relieve the irritation she felt while learning dance and etiquette by stepping on Duke Heint’s feet.

However, soon after feeling bored, she looked around the nobles of Jansgar in colorful clothes.

She held back the thought of not having an accident.

“Count Aydin!”

Someone called him in the distance.

The Count turned his head.

Who is it She looked over to see a man with her blonde hair and overly glamorous clothes calling out to him.

When I looked at him as if asking who he was, the Count replied with a firm face.

“Your Uncle.”


Her brain wasn’t stupid, but Estelle was weak at this kind of silliness.

Who is related to whom What’s that

“This is Duke Idris.

He’s the maternal uncle of the Crown Prince as well.”

As Lucifella tilted her head, the count added an explanation.

Then she nodded her head and was surprised by an idea that passed through her head.

Does that mean that she was related to the Crown Prince who was her lover

Come to think of it, it was.

She heard that her father, Count Aydin, had a cousin relationship with the deceased Empress, that is, the mother of the Crown Prince, so he was naturally part of the Crown Prince faction.

It was not that there were no blood ties in the royal family tree, but it is a little strange that they were dating each other.

Jansgar was a very strange place.

Then shouldn’t she say hello to that relative The Duke of Idris frowned as she stepped forward with a glance at the Count.

He didn’t seem to welcome her.

All the Duke of Idris wanted was Count Aydin.

What should I do As she unwittingly looked back at her Count again, the Count made eye contact with her.

Her mouth opened at the hard face.

“See you later, Father.”

She was startled by the voice that came out of her unconsciously.

She didn’t mean to say anything like that, so why is her mouth moving

‘You’re going to leave even if I tell you not to.’

Huh What was that thought that just cross my mind

She was taken aback bewildered by the sudden thought in her mind.

The Count smiled at her words and patted her on the shoulder a few times.

“I’ll be back soon, so hang out with your friends.”

The Count then turned his back on her and turned to the Duke of Idris.

Lucifella was distracted by the words that came out of her mouth and the thoughts that crossed her mind at the moment.

Even though she knew she had entered into someone else’s body, she didn’t think deeply about it.

Is Lucifella dead Or is she in this body

That was definitely Lucifella’s thought just now.

She tried to focus on it, but her thoughts did not come back.

Feeling uneasy that she wouldn’t do much for her to keep thinking about it, she looked around and stared at the people whispering.

The Count will probably never come back.

Somehow her intuition was saying that.

When the Count left, she was exposed to ridicule for her to hear.

This was definitely not a good situation.

She tried to cross her arms, as is the habit of immersing herself in her thoughts, and then quietly put her hands together and thought.

“Oh my gosh! I didn’t expect you to keep your face up.”

“Oh my gosh, how shameless.”

The giggles of others followed the voices of the women talking in a fuss.

But Lucifella remained calm despite the blatant derision.

When I looked up, the men were glancing at her as well as the women in front.

It seemed to show that women are not the only ones who like rumors.

“Are you feeling better now, Aydin Young Lady”

It was then.

With a gentle voice, Lucifella turned her head towards the voice, and a woman in a green dress approached Lucifella.

Although she covered her face with a fan, the fact that there was a sneer underneath was a fact that even Lucifella could know.

Should she keep quiet even when they ask questions to her Lucifella is in trouble.

“I heard that a lot of things have happened to Young Lady recently…..

It’s famous.

You met that Green Hill killer Thay said you were in a wagon pulled by a killer, so you were in big trouble, were you”

People’s eyes became strange because the meaning of the word “I had a big problem” was somewhat uncomfortable.

Lucifella remained calm at the words.

“Young Lady, they said you were strangled, did you lose your voice”

What should I do In fact, as Lucifella, these people’s words did not pose a threat.

If these women fight with their tongues, Estelle has fought for her life on the battlefield.

However, there was a saying that sometimes words are scarier than knives.

There were obviously a lot of intrusive things about what she said.

“You just have nothing to say I’m asking because I’m so worried.”

She heard people laughing again.

Madam Erene told me to keep my mouth shut, but I decided that if I kept my mouth shut here, it would look less distant.

“The reason why I don’t talk….”

Lucifella opened her lips.

All eyes were on her.

Lucifella looked straight at the woman at with an excited gaze.

“Because I don’t know who Young Lady is.

Who are you to worry so much about me”


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