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Chapter 10: The Lady’s Truth Part 1

What She sat crookedly on the sofa, looked up at the Crown Prince, and the Crown Prince came to the sofa where she was sitting with a wide smile.

A neatly tucked hair, good-looking appearance.

Even though Lucifela obviously had a likable face, she somehow felt an unpleasant uncomfortable feeling as if her heart was tightening.

She’s not afraid of that man, but her heart raced.

“Why are you doing that”


“Lucy, are you still mad”


Are you angry Is it normal to ask that to a woman who jumped in while begging for love

“More than that, Lucy, there is a limit to recognizing the signal only with your eyes.

I’m in trouble if you keep coming to the imperial lounge.”

No wonder it was the last room, and this seemed to be the imperial lounge.

But why the hell did he come here Lucifella observed the man in front of her with a wary look.

“What were you going to do when the Empress or Eozif came in  I was glad I came in, but from now on, think ahead before you act.”

Standing in front of her is the Crown Prince.

Lucifella chose to remain silent, as she should not speak carelessly.

“Say something.”

He asked her to speak, but he was coercive, as if giving orders.

Still, when Lucifella did not answer, the Crown Prince sat next to her, swept her chin, touched her lips with his thumb, and went down below her shoulder.

He grabbed her wrist tightly as she tried to hit his hand with a grimace at the subtle gesture, wondering what he was doing.

“It’s no fun if you keep doing it all the time.”


As Lucifella tried to get up, her prince pushed her harshly and forced her to lay her on the couch.

The heavy man’s body weighed on her.

“I missed you.

Huh I missed you so much.”

She tried to twist her body and escape, but the Crown Prince reached out and pressed her arm with great force.

In an instant, the lips were forcibly opened, and the tongue was pushed in.

At the same time, the other hand touched her chest.

Damn it! Lucifella uttered a swear word inside.

He asked her if she was angry, but she didn’t expect him to do this all of a sudden.

Are all Jansgar out of their mind

“You didn’t do anything to the scum who only killed woman, did you You’ll still be my Lucy.”

“Let go of this…..!”

This madman! Lucifella tried to push, but her strength was too weak.

Was there such a big difference in strength between women and men

Even in this irritating and filthy situation, Lucifella felt a sense of resentment.

How can they be so different when they’re the same human beings

As she resisted, shaking her head as he tried to kiss her again, the Crown Prince looked down at Lucifella as he stopped kissing her.

There was a hint of anger on his face.

Looking at his angry face like that, he looked like a complete lunatic.

“I told you to stop being angry.”


“Your love has touched me enough.

So now you’re going to accept my love calmly.”

“Touching love”

“I was so touched, Lucy.

Don’t tell me you jumped into the lake with that weak body to prove your love for me.”

Lucifella frowned.

Apparently, Lucifella jumped into the Imperial Palace Lake while begging for love from the crown prince.

But jumping into the lake to prove love, is there anything else It was a time when I tried to recall.


Her head was throbbing and aching.

She moaned and bit her lip.

However, seeing that the Crown Prince’s mouth remained the same, it was clearly the voice in her head.

And in her head, a scene that the stranger, Estelle, was completely unaware of began to come to mind.


With that expression of desperation, the real Lucifella was looking at the Crown Prince.

Although publicly known, Lucifella wanted to be officially recognized as his lover.

If that happens, she will be able to suppress the unlucky socialite girls, especially Princess Clorence.

But the Crown Prince didn’t want it.

As a result, they fought, and shortly afterward, rumors spread in society that the Crown Prince had abandoned Lucifella.

And now, the Crown Prince was humiliating her in public.

“I hope you don’t bother me and get out of here right now.”

At the words, the people surrounding the Crown Prince giggled.

With a desperate expression on her face, she hoped that he would smile at her, telling her that she was his lover.

“Does Young Lady have no pride Why are you so persistent”

Lucifella tried to remain calm despite the heart-picking words.

“Get out of my sight right now.”

Lucifella smiled rather brightly when she heard it.

She was very happy.

Because the Crown Prince, Temir, was giving her a signal.

Not long after they quarreled, the Crown Prince and Lucifella met in a secret place.

The Crown Prince confessed that his love for her had not changed and promised her place as Empress.

Then he put a condition on Lucifella.

“Show me your love for me, Lucy.

You know, we don’t believe in love for too long.

So prove your love.

Show it in front of me the faith you deserve as my lifelong companion, Empress Jansgar.”

Lucifella said she would do anything to prove her love.

And the Crown Prince said.

“Lucy, listen carefully from now on, I’m going to treat you coldly.

But it’s just to protect you because the Emperor doesn’t like you.”

The Emperor looked displeased at her, and she didn’t know what kind of person the Empress was, but if Temir said he was displeased, that was the case.

“Because I also need a justification to accept your love.”


“When I say ‘disappear’ at the banquet, prove if to me.”

Lucifella nodded with joy.

I’d be happy to.

Temir, I’ll do that again and again if you want.

If I could be next to you.

If we could love each other without any interruption.

If I won’t be lonely anymore.

As a result, Lucifella smiled broadly at the Crown Prince’s insult.

Then she jumped into the Imperial Palace Lake without hesitation.

To prove her love to the prince, she wants to show that she could risk her life for him.

And the last thing she saw in her drowning state was….

“Isn’t he a pure bastard”


Lucifella, no, Estelle was furious when she saw the real Lucifella’s memory.

So, without hesitation, she kicks the prince between his two legs.

The desperate scream of the Crown Prince resonated in the lounge.

The hand that was fumbling her body now wrapped around his important part.

The crown prince screamed quite a lot as he rolled around the lounge.

The last thing I saw as Lucifella, who jumped into the Imperial Palace Lake, sank into the water, was the crown prince who burst into laughter pointing his finger at her as she was dying.

Before she died, Lucifella realized that her beloved lover, who gave her life, had been playing tricks on her.


Zed was in a bad mood again today.

Because he met the second least favorite person in this palace today.

His first dislike, Duke Louirk, was not seen face-to-face unless he claimed to be in charge of the Imperial Palace’s security during this banquet and went to the guard area.

That was good.

However, because of the Emperor’s invitation, he was forced to face the man, Crown Prince Temir.

A few hours before the banquet, the Emperor summoned Zed.

He arrived in the drawing room, there were Crown Prince Temir and Second Prince Eozif.

When he faced the Crown Prince, he rolled up the corners of his mouth and smiled meaningfully.

“Long time no see, Duke.”

“Long time no see, Your Highness.”

He knew what that smile meant.

After all, it was already known to everyone that Zed’s fiancée was Lucifella.

And the fact that Lucifella’s ex-lover, who hung her like that, is the Crown Prince.

The Crown Prince was mocking him.

It was nothing new.

There was no way that a dirty person would let it go.

He was told that the Empress had sent an invitation to Lucifella Aydin, who was not feeling well, but Zed never believed it.

It was obvious that he had made a move.

It was not that he didn’t know the twisted personality of the Crown Prince.

The Crown Prince did not like the previous Duke of Hint, who was not friendly to him from the beginning.

Zed also disliked the brutal and promiscuous Crown Prince.

With Zed in front of him, the Crown Prince said nothing about his engagement with Lucifella.

That was a wise thing.

If he had insulted his fiancée by bringing it up, it would have been obvious that the Emperor next to him would not let him go.


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