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Chapter 2: The Lady Had a Fiancé Part 1


Lucifella Aydin.

It was the name given to herself, this body.

The only daughter of Louis Vos Aydin, who was a Count among the Imperial Jansgar nobles.

A 20-year-old woman who lost her mother at the age of nine and lived alone with her father.

She looked over the mirror at her unfamiliar face.

Her height was reduced, and her gray hair, which was cut short and crooked, became long, coveted black hair.

Both eyes turned silver-blue, like a snowy winter sky.

If Estelle knew about this woman, she would think of her as one of the most common, pretty-faced aristocratic women.

Oh, her face is pretty so it may remain in my memory for quite a while.

The body was thin, and the chest, which was a symbol of a small woman, was also full, and the waist was also thin.

In other words, it was a body that was not trained at all.

She became a Lady that had never properly carried a sword, and without the sword she received from the King of Ersha.

The doctor saw the Young Lady of Count Aydin, who had become a different person, and diagnosed that she was too shocked and temporarily confused in her memory.

It was natural.

Even if the priest comes, there will be no one to explain her symptom.

Loss of memory was a good excuse even though people were changed.

The main owner of this body seemed to have a great personality, and the maids took an excessive attitude toward Estelle.

For example, she asked them to bring her ‘history book’, so the book was delivered in a short time.

She now recognized that she had become a certain Countess and had no hesitation in using it.

Estelle was by nature such a person.

Picking up the history of the Jansgar Empire, she opened the book.

Three years ago, finding the part of the fall Kingdom of Ersha, she read the page.

―The great army of Jansgar, led by Emperor Baidu, swept through Ersha like a roar.

All the nobles of Ersha knelt before the forces of Jansgar.

Who’s the one who lost to him and ran away like a dog running away with its tail between its legs

She frowned.

―The knights of Ersha resisted.

In particular, the resistance of the Third Knights known as the Knights of Sitora was the fiercest of all the Knights.

Estelle Supert, the commander of the knights, was very ferocious, holding a sword and ascending to the position of commander, even though she was a woman.

The people of the Ersha kingdom called her Ishtar, ‘The Morning Star’.

But she claims an unreasonable resistance in a battle that is sure to lose, with the irrational judgment peculiar to women who are intoxicated with victory, she was killed by her second in command who couldn’t stand it.

Their men held out her neck and surrendered to Jansgar to open the gate.

And that was the last day of the Ersha kingdom.

She bit her lip and threw the book.

The maid, who was watching her carefully next to her, screamed in surprise.

Estelle’s face flushed with anger.

“Lady, if you breathe like that, you’ll collapse again!”

As she said, her breathing became more and more rapid, and her vision became blurry.

Fever rose on her forehead.

If she had a sword at the moment, she would have taken the sword and gone to cut the author’s throat.

An irrational decision of a woman What are you talking about!

They all swore to protect the country.

Even if they died and became stars in the sky and embraced by the Goddess Astra, they wanted to show Ersha’s pride until the last day.

I expected to be defeated from the start.

However, the knight who protects the country tried to protect the country.

Is that an unreasonable judgment

But at the same time, she felt her heart sink.

Estelle was alive and confirmed to be dead.

Jansgar’s army must have identified her neck.

She was right, she was betrayed by Khalid.

Even when she decided on the final battle, she had no doubt that her men would follow her.

But it was her men who cut her head.


Tears formed in her eyes.

But she opened her eyes wide, trying not to cry.

She shuddered before the cruel truth that was simply unbelievable.

The maid again called the doctor urgently.

Estelle eventually began to feel nauseous.

She never blamed the Goddess until the day she died.

But she resented Astra for the first time.

I would rather die and end it as it is, so I wouldn’t have to look at this.


“We will be the stars in the night sky.”

Estelle was smiling brightly.

Her short, ash hair reflected in the moonlight and shone like starlight.

It was on the verge of a battlefield and a battlefield full of war clouds.

“Even if I become a star, I don’t want to be next to the Commander, you are the person who will tell me to enter the Milky Way in winter.”

Estelle looked back at him.

The words came from the mouth of a man in a slouching position.

He was talking about the last winter training and still saying that it was terrible.

“Do you want to get first in that river over there before you get into the Milky Way, Liam”

Estelle pointed at him with her sword.

The man’s face paled and he shook his head desperately.

At the same time, the man grumbled because his pride was hurt.

“Keck, what kind of speech is that the Knight Commander uses! Wandering prosecutors or something like that.”

“If you say one more thing, I’ll kill you on behalf of the Commander.”

A blonde woman raised her dagger and said savagely.

Then she turned her head and smiled at Estelle.

Estelle also rolled up the corners of her mouth.

She turned her head and saw the men lining up behind her.

They were all her Knights.

Members of the Knights of Sitora, her precious lieutenants and colleagues.

And the soldiers fighting for Ersha were seen.

Eyes filled with trust.

And a group of people united with one goal.

With these people, I was not afraid of death.

Then someone put a hand on her shoulder.

It was Khalid, who had been next to her for a while.

Khalid, as always, had a gentle smile.

Placing her hand over Khalid’s, Estelle nodded.

“I can’t say nice things.

You guys are good, so I’ll just say a word and end it.”

Turning the horse’s head forward again, she raised her sword.

The golden sword from the kingdom flashed.

Before the battle, she was standing on a white horse under the night sky.

She was already like a star, shining white in the night sky.

She shouted out loud.

“For Ersha!”


A shout rumbled the ground.

Then Estelle’s horse took the lead.

It was the first battle against Jansgar.

Khalid followed beside her.

Estelle and Khalid faced each other and smiled.

Then, with a serious look, he stares at the enemy rushing in.

The swords clash with each other.

No negligence is allowed here at the crossroads of life and death.

The necks of the enemy fall down on Estelle’s sword.

Estelle was alive in that fierce place.


“God, please don’t take my daughter.

I’d rather You to  take me.”

Estelle opened her eyes as she listened to the Count.

Until a little while ago, she was on the battlefield.

Where’s this place

After a slight memory confusion, she recalled that she was now in the body of a female aristocrat in Jansgar.

Even though she was conscious, she kept her eyes closed.

She didn’t even have the energy to open her eyes.

In her head, she remembered the scene she had seen in her dream.

How good it would be if she died in the first battle.

If she had died in that state at the time, she didn’t have to think of betrayal, she wouldn’t have felt this feeling.

Everyone’s sparkling eyes were still in my memory.

And Khalid’s trusted smile, too.

In her dream, he was still beautiful, warm, and strong.

So it was even more heartbreaking.

After hearing Ersha’s news, she had been starved for three days.

She had lost her will to live, and she resented it, knowing that the Goddess had given her grace and given her a new life.

A knight who lost her country, a knight who was betrayed by her comrade in arms, did not deserve to be alive.

It was better to just die, even if life was given back.

She thought so.

“Please, please, don’t take my daughter away.

God, please.”

She had no father as a child, and her mother abandoned her when she reached a certain age.

So she survived in the back alley.

Thus she had never felt the warmth of an adult.

“Lucy, please don’t abandon your father.”

It’s Jansgar.

The aristocracy of the enemy.

She felt guilty when she looked at the Count strangely.

Even now.

Now that she’s unconscious, she just fainted because she didn’t eat anything.

Estelle had given up her will to live.

Nevertheless, why is the man crying like that It’s just blood connected.

He was so naturally giving infinite affection.

Is that what a father is But Khalid’s father was also not in a good relationship with Khalid.

Khalid’s father, Duke Ilkay, was a sword-madman, and they just lived together.

This man is unusual, this man love and cherishes his daughter, the owner of this body.

“Lucifella, please…”


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