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Chapter 13: The Meeting Part 2

Of course, she know that all the knights are concentrated around the Emperor’s office, but isn’t this too much

She sighed as she tried to recall the path she walked by followed the attendant at least roughly.

Because she didn’t remember the way.

Eventually, as she walked her steps everywhere, she found her stairs in a remote place.

This is the third floor, so you can go down to the first floor.

Then it occurred to her that she didn’t know exactly which way it was.

She walked up the stairs, not down the stairs.

It was to look down from a high place and figure out where she was.

If there was a prohibited area here, there would be a knight guarding it, so she could ask for directions then.

Lucifella went up her stairs one more floor and walked down in the hallway again.

There was no noise here because there was a soft carpet.

If it’s like this, it will be difficult to find the guard because she can’t feel the presence.

Thinking like that, Lucifella found a man coming back from the hallway.

It was a man with thick glasses and a drop of blond hair that came down to his shoulder.

The man’s dark blond hair sparkled in the sunlight from the window of the hallway.

The man was walking with difficulty with several books.

Then, through the book, Lucifella and the man’s eyes met.


He dropped all the books he was holding as if embarrassed by the sudden encounter.

There was no loud sound because of the carpet, but the book fell and spread out.

Lucifella unintentionally began to pick up books.

When she looked into the book, she noticed that it was a love story with an unusual title.

“Lady Aydin, this is heavy.”

Do you know me Then Lucifella came up with the idea that the man was the Second Prince, Eozif.

“I greet His Highness…..”


The man tried to wave his hand so that she could skip the greeting, but he finally dropped the book he picked up again.

What, aren’t you an idiot She began to pick up the book again.

“Ugh, I’m sorry, Young Lady.”

Jansgar is screwed.

The Crown Prince has a dirty personality, and the second prince is lacking.

Lucifella evaluated it coldly.

When she put my hand on the last book, Eozif’s hand was on it at the same time.


The familiar touch on the back of her hand made her eyes wide open and looked at Eozif.

He smiled, as if he didn’t know why.

Lucifella frowned very slightly.

She had to keep her distance from this man.

“Give it to me, Young Lady.”

At the soft voice, Lucifella quietly removed her hand from the book.

She lifted up the book he had arranged.

Lucifella squinted at him.

“Is there a book you want to find so much that Young Lady visits the Imperial Palace Library”

“This must have been the Imperial Palace Library.”

“Yes, everything from here to the top floor is a library.”

Eozif smiled at Lucifella and said.

“If you are looking for a book here, I can help you find it.”

“No, I was simply lost.”

“Um, you’re lost, but you’re a strange person coming upstairs.”

“The higher the floor, the easier it is to find your way.”

Oh, he exclaimed softly and said with a sociable look.

“Let me guide you, Young Lady.”


As Lucifella’s eyes turned to the pile of books, Eozif smiled sheepishly and put the book down.

Even though there were quite a few, the books in Eozif’s hands were almost invariably dropped down the hall.

It was completely different from when I struggled to pick up the book earlier.

“The stairs that Young Lady came to are stairs that only lead to the study.

There will be no exit even if you go to the basement, so follow me.”

With a snap of his hand, Iwojif smiled at Lucifella’s wary expression.

“What’s wrong with you, Young Lady , Is there anything on my face….”


She shook her head.

Her eyes rested on the books piled up in the hallway.

“It’ll be okay to leave it here for a while.

It’s not an old book, it won’t be a problem.”

Eozif spoke to Lucifella in a friendly way.

“Let’s go down, Young Lady.”

Lucifella nodded her head.

It was funny that she was guided by the prince, and this man made her felt uncomfortable, but she thought there was nothing she could do about it.

“It would have been better if you turned right, not this way.”

After a while, she passed through the haalway again, and Eozif explained the right way.

Lucifella silently observed the man.

A handsome man with a docile, scholarly impression.

he tone was soft like flowing water rather than strong power such as the crown prince or Zed.

And it was a little too much talk.

But he had a lot of disgusting parts.

“Young Lady”

“Oh, no.”

He smiled again.

When Lucifella saw that bastard face, she thought she had to get out of the Palace.

“Ah, but I was surprised at the idea of ​​going up to a high place to find a way.

I know that travelers find their way that way.

Young Lady also reads a lot of travel books.”

“Well, yes.”

Now, she answered as Eozif’s ask about travel books with a glittering face, and looked down at the Imperial Palace over the glass of the huge arched window of the hallway.

As they were walking, she saw men in purple uniforms lined up.

These were the kngihts she saw before entering the audience room earlier.

Iwojif followed Lucifella’s gaze and said, looking down at the gathered knights.

“Unfortunately, it’s not the Firstst Knights.

The Duke of Heint rarely works for the Knights Templar.

It’s a shame that you could see your fiancé’s face, right”

Ah, it seemed to be the Second Knights.

Lucifella thought so and looked at the Knights at a point.

Then her steps stopped.

“Uh Young Lady, would you like to appreciate the gardens of the Imperial Palace The garden is the pride of the Imperial Palace.

We will guide you to the place where you can see the most beautiful scenery of the Imperial Palace at some point.”

But without responding to Eozif’s words, Lucifella suddenly rolled up her skirt and started running in the middle of the hallway.

Her eyes were fixed on the window of the hallway as she ran.

“Young Lady!”

In the distance, she heard the voice of Eozif chasing after her.

But none of that voice could be heard.

She needed a place to see them more clearly.

However, she couldn’t go down the stairs because the moment that human she saw disappeared from her view, her anxiety rose.

She ran to the window just above where knights in purple uniforms were gathered.

Thinking about what to do, she saw the balcony connected as soon as she opened the window and unlocked the window.

After opening a window the size of her own height, she went to the balcony right in front of it.

As if she could not hear Eozif’s words, Lucifella leaned over the balcony railing.

Her heart was beating like crazy.

Her eyes were fixed on one place, not knowing that she would fall.

A young man in the center of men in a dark purple knight uniform.

How can I forget.

How can I forget.

How can I forget that figure

His bright blue hair shines under the sunlight.

The uniquely elegant features penetrate into the eyes.

What he was talking about, he was moving his lips.

His beautiful face, tall height, and elegant hand gesture, even though he was a knight, she never forgot.

She couldn’t forget it.

Is it good to see you Or miss you Is it resentment

“What’s wrong with you, haah….


Young Lady What’s going on”

When Iwoziff, who had followed her gasped for breath, Lucifella asked him.

“That person, who is that person”

She wanted to check even though she knew it.

Her voice was trembling.

Her eyes were shaking.

Eozif took a deep breath and said.

“Young Lady, huck, wait a minute….

I ran too much….”

“I know you’ve practiced a decent amount of swordmanship! So don’t pretend to be clumsy and tell me!”

Eozif’s breath, which had been panting at Lucifella words had lost his composure and slowly subsided.

Then his eyes changed in an instant.

A weak prince who gasped even at a short distance, he turned into a surprisingly undisturbed figure.

A sly smile spread across his gentle-looking face.

He looked at Lucifella like a child observing something strange.

He seemed to be very interested in the situation now.

He looked where the tip of her finger was pointing and deliberately pause, looking at Lucifella’s fierce face, he said.

“If it was Duke Louirk, wouldn’t you have seen his face once or twice, so why don’t you know No, you wouldn’t even know.

Young Lady was a person who only looked at my older Brother.”

“…..Duke Louirk”

“Yeah, he was the Duke of Ersha, and he is now the Duke of Jansgar.

Young Lady, did you have any interest in that man over Duke Heint”

Her face went pale with Eozif’s words.

Her heart raced as a beat rang through her head.

Without a second thought, her lips and tongue moved steadily to pronounce the familiar name.


That was the name of the man.


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