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Chapter 2: The Lady Had a Fiancé Part 2

As far as she knows, Lucifella had jumped into the lake herself.

She’s her, but she’s not, why the hell did this woman jump in Even if she asked, she could not understand the reason.

Estelle closed her eyes and continued to listen to the Count’s sobs.

What should I do

Of course, she had never wished for a situation like this.

I was in despair, so I tried to die.

But now is this the right thing to do

Even if it’s Estelle who dies, it’s Lucifella’s body that dies.

It was not possible for her to die on her own when it was not her own body.

The Count looked after her with all his heart.

He even refused several times to go to the palace and participated in the convention and took care of everything about her.

She was originally infinitely vulnerable to weak people.

And in her view, the Count was a weak man.

Although he was not short, he was small and weak.

But only those eyes, those silver-blue eyes, were always full of love for her.

For her, her responsibility as a knight, her friendship with her comrades, and her sword were the reason and meaning of life, for this man, his daughter Lucifella would have been the reason of his life.

Is it right for her to take away the reason for the life of this man

It wasn’t that I didn’t hate the Jansgarites, but she knew that they weren’t responsible for the war.

And even the reason why Jansgar invaded Ersha was justified.

If Jansgar had done what her country had done, her troops would have crossed the border and advanced to Green Hill.

Then a warm hand was placed on her hand.

It was the Count’s hand.

After all, she could not be completely cruel.

Her character, which was not perfectly cruel to the enemy, was not so different.

Betrayal and anger belong to her, Estelle.

This woman, Lucifella, was not supposed to embrace.

No, if you think about it, there were many options for taking a life, not these passive options.

You could get a dagger even if you couldn’t lift a sword, or even jump out of a building, break a cup and cut your wrist with a piece, or hang yourself with that sheet.

But she didn’t, because she didn’t want to do that.

Let’s admit it.

She decided to admit that she wanted to die first but also wanted to continue her life.

The complex thought had already been concluded in three days of anguish.

She will not abandon her life.

And she had to be Lucifella, not Estelle.

It wasn’t just because of that man.

This affection may have weakened her, but he was a perfect stranger who had nothing to do with Estelle.

She had to see Ersha and know what had happened to the rest.

Thinking so, I felt very sorry for the life I was going to throw away.

She was not the one to dwell on negative emotions and kill herself in the first place.

Although becoming a noble under the ‘Emperor’ of Jansgar is a different matter, what can you do  I can’t do anything.

It happened already after Estelle died.

It is the last blessing Astra has given her, who was betrayed and died.

She decided to live for now.

And Estelle, no, Lucifella, opened her eyes.

The Count called her.

There was life returning to her eyes.

“Sorry, I’m sorry, my Lady!”

“What are you talking about No, you are”

Lucifella became truly curious about what kind of life the owner of this body lived.

When they came to their senses, the maids were too obsequious to her.

She knew this.

It was the appearance of the servants who were begging the king of the Ersha Kingdom.

“So a drop of tea….”

I looked where it fell, and there was a drop on the coaster where the tea was poured.

In fact, she had no talent for drinking tea gracefully, so she was gulping down, and the maid was pouring tea at high speed, so it had to happen.

Why is it such a big deal to spill a drop of tea She was genuinely curious about the law of the nobility.

When I saw the maid after checking the red tea water, the maid trembled and knelt.

Lucifella was dumbfounded.

Are you sure you’re kneeling because of that tea drop

“Why are you kneeling”

“Sorry, I’m sorry.

Oh, Lady, please…”

Please, what’s next She looked indifferently at the maid and said, looking into her eyes.

“Please don’t give me a beating.



How can a girl who seems to have no strength in her wrist beat a maid


“Yes, yes!”

“Did I hit you”


“Did I hit you with a whip Anything more”

“I, I put my hand on the floor and walked on shoes on the back of my hand.”

Once, the maid was too naive to tell her of the evil she had committed.

What would she do about what she just said if she didn’t have a heart

Lucifella said, putting her chin in her hand.

“Stop bringing the tea.”


“Oh, yes, stop bringing the tea.”

Lady’s tone, which she thought, was too glorified, so she sometimes used an unnatural tone of speech.

The maid was astonished at the excessively gentle tone and then stepped down after realizing that it was an expression of forgiveness.

Lucifella looked at the window.

The season is the period from summer to autumn.

It hasn’t been a few days since she woke up.

First of all, I tried to live as a Lucifella, but living as a different person was not as easy as I thought.

First of all, she had no so-called aristocratic culture or elegance at all, so she drank as soon as she was given tea.

Even though she knows she goes to the bathroom often.

The diagnosis, which was pronounced memory loss, was unexpectedly applied as an all-around, so she could not be suspected.

However, I sighed until when I had to live such a weak life.

Then the door opened and the Count entered.

Lucifella hesitated to do what to do and smiled politely.

But that alone filled the Count’s face with happiness.

“Lucy! You look a lot better.”

“Yes, that’s right.”


“No, I’m just saying.”

She would occasionally have Ersha’s accent or military accent.

The Count smiled contentedly and handed over the gift.

“What is this”

I made a mistake again this time, but the Count did not seem to feel uncomfortable in the way she spoke because of the joy of giving a gift to his daughter.

I unwrapped a satin ribbon that was beautifully hooked into a high-quality paper box.

I didn’t expect it at all, but it was a hard task to have to look forward to it.

Sure enough, there were blue earrings in the box.

It’s so shiny.

“I bought the best one that came in this time.”

She heard that the Count owned a small jewel mine on the estate.

So selling jewelry is his source of income.

She doesn’t know much about this except that it’s a blue jewel.

She just smiled awkwardly and said thank you.

“I don’t know when we’ll go out again, but even if we go out again, Lucy should stand out the most.

Of course, you would be the most beautiful without these earrings.”

Well, it must be.

She was also aware that the face of this body was beautiful.


Is that something to be involved in Of course, it was something to do if you were a noble.

It was terrible to think of seeing the faces of the nobles of Jansgar.

“I’m glad you’re happy.”

“Me too.”

The count smiled cheerfully at the words.

It was nice to see a handsome middle-aged man with such a face.


Cuddling like this was still gross and burdensome.

The Count said after a long dreadful embrace.

“Oh, I have good news.

In fact, I tried to tell you when you woke up, but I couldn’t.”

Naturally, she was in that situation, so he couldn’t tell.

Good news She asked, wondering.

“What is it”

“It’s a fiancé.

You have a fiancé.

Can you guess who it is”


Come to think of it, Lucifella was twenty years old and had to start a family long ago.

But getting married at a time like this, it’s getting worse.

“Who is it”

It was a half-hearted tone, but the Count shouted as if it were enough.

“The Duke of Heint asked for a marriage!”

Heint I’ve heard of his name.

And at the thought of the face, her face crumpled.

It’s Heint.

How can I forget!

“Zedekiah Heint!”

“Yes! You got it right away.

Lucy is so smart.

It’s your fiancé’s name.

Unfortunately, the previous Duke Heint passed away, so he took over the title immediately.”

Aww, you’re smart.

Rubbing her cheeks, I wondered if this was what I would do to my 20-year-old daughter.

Zedekiah Heint, he’s the black lion of the battlefield.

A cruel beast that will burn everything in the kingdom of Ersha.

The place where he passed was famous for not even let a grain of grass grow.

In addition, he even had an acquaintance with Estelle.

Why, after all, that guy! I couldn’t believe that the enemy general was now her fiancé.

Paradoxically, in this incredible situation, she realized that she was completely Jansgar and had entered the body of a woman named  Lucifella Aydin.

“I’ve been told he’ll visit you in two days.”


“You were surprised, right It seems that the previous Duke Heint really did what he said.”


When asked by Lucifella, Count Aydin shook his head as if it were nothing.

“Lucy You don’t like it You still haven’t forgotten about the Crown Prince”

The Crown Prince What does that mean


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