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Chapter 16: Kiss

“Send him back.”

Lucifella spoke briefly without thinking long.

The maid who saw it replied.

“Lady, you said he could come.”

Lucifella tilted her head at him.

I think I nodded at what she was saying in the morning, but it seemed to be that.

“Should I send him back”

Unlike other maids, Royza bravely asked her again.

Lucifella pondered for a moment what to do with her, then shook her head.

She doesn’t know why.

It’s just, she wanted to see the man’s face.

Unmanaged, disheveled hair was arranged, and a thick outer garment woven with warm wool was applied on top of the negligee.

Lucifella was still hazy because the fever still remained.

“Am I going down”

When asked if she should go down to her parlor, Royza shook her head.

“Your Excellency should come up to your room.

You’re so sick!”


When the maids finished their final makeover, Lucifella looked out of the window next to her in a dazed state.

The sky was gray, and all the scenery was hazy, perhaps foggy.

Lucifella was lost in thought.

‘Where did Estelle go’

It’s a question she’s had ever had since she faced Khalid again.

Still, no answer came.

Then she heard footsteps walking in this direction and the door opened.

Nevertheless, Lucifella’s gaze was directed out of the window.

“Get out.”

A familiar man’s voice echoed quietly in the room.

Then the maid seemed to greet him, and then went outside and the door closed.

Then there came silence in the room.

The rattling footsteps spread, and soon they stayed next to the bed.

Then there was silence again.

A man’s voice was heard with a very small sigh.

“Are you really crazy”


Lucifella turned her head.

He was dressed in a black uniform as if he had been to the Palace.

Her eyes rested on the uniform.

“That’s the Knights uniform, isn’t it”


Zed looked at Lucifella with a puzzled expression on his face.

Zed said, moderately concluding, Lucifella must be sick and out of her mind.

“Yes, it’s the Knights uniform.”

“It’s cool.”

What are you talking about all of a sudden

Zed was dumbfounded.

He looked down at his Knights uniform.

Is this a cool design

When he heard something unexpected in an unexpected situation, he wondered whether the uniform really looked that good.

Red-brown eyes scanned her face with a helpless expression.

“Young Lady, you look really sick.”

Lucifella smirked at his words.

It was a gloomy smile that was completely different from the smile he saw at the banquet.

Zed couldn’t understand this woman at all.

Lucifella looked at Zed.

Zed was still standing so Lucifella could look up.

But she didn’t feel repulsive.


It was something she wore until her death.

“What did you do today”


“Did you practice swordsmanship”

“Yes, I’ve trained after a long time.”

“Even when it rains, you are diligent.”

“Isn’t that obvious as a knight”

Seeing Zed’s expression, Lucifella unknowingly bit her lips tightly.

It was something that made her cry.

On the day she accepted Estelle’s death, Lucifella realized that she could not avenge Khalid.

She wanted revenge, to be exact, but there was practically no means of revenge.

The swordsmanship that allowed her to be Estelle was lost after becoming Lucifella.

Lucifella could not kill Khalid, who was equally skilled even when he was Estelle.

Therefore it was impossible to avenge him.

“You are a Duke, so you must have great power here, not just on the battlefield, right”


Zed’s face frowned at the remark.

The glittering eyes looked somewhat hazy.

Lucifella was looking at Zed with a meaningless stare.

Lucifella thought.

However, it was impossible for ‘Lucifella’ to kill Khalid.

What kind of power did the young Count’s daughter have to kill the Duke If she were a man, she could at least have power and stamp him, but Lucifella was a “woman” who could not do anything.

Lucifella took her eyes off Zed and looked at her hand.

White, fine, and beautifully trimmed hands.

It was a hand that contrasted so much with Estelle’s hand, which was full of scars and calluses.

“I don’t understand the meaning of this conversation now.”

Lucifella turned to him and looked at Zed.

Lucifella looked blank and barely spoke.

“I’m just saying… that you’re cool.”

He was dressed in fine but not flashy clothes and had a knightly build.

He is a Duke of this Empire, so most political opponents will not exist.

He had enormous power in the high places of the empire.

He is a great swordsman, holds a sword that protects the country, and he has defended the country.

There was a man’s unique composure on his handsome face.

He had everything, wealth, power, honor, health, even his country.

“What are you talking about”

“You’re a very good man.”

To the point of envy.

She wasn’t judging Zed’s charm.

She was looking at what this guy had.

If she was going to be someone, how good would it be if she was a man Then she wouldn’t have been so helpless.

When she saw Zed, who had everything she needed, she was filled with jealousy.

“What are you talking about”

He will never be that man.

Even if it’s Estelle, it can’t be the current Lucifella.

She couldn’t even take revenge on Khalid, let alone defend the country with her sword.

I want to get revenge on Khalid, but what and what should I do for it

“Lady Aydin”

She was about to get out of bed.

She struggled to get her body up by supporting her arms.

Her arms trembled so much that she was swearing.

A suffocating breath came out of her mouth.

“Young Lady.”

Zed raised her up, as if he thought it would be worse.

Zed and Lucifella’s faces got closer.

Zed’s reddish brown eyes and her eyes met.

At that moment, Lucifella’s action stopped.

After all, if you were born a woman and became his lady, wouldn’t you be able to seduce this man and put him in your grasp

You can use this man’s power.

Women are like that in this country or that country, so that’s how it works.

Besides, she was the most valuable lady.

Lucifella had a beautiful appearance.

It will certainly be easy to win the heart of this man.

If that’s the case, wouldn’t it be okay to belong to him and use his power There’s only one thing women can do…..

Yes, you can seduce this man.

His hand was firmly on Lucifella’s back.

Lucifella reached out, supporting herself in his arms.

Her stretched hand slowly swept down his hard face.


Regardless of Zed’s words, Lucifella reached out and put her arm around his neck and raised her knee to reach his face.

Then she kissed him without hesitation.

A soft sound rang in their ears.

“You don’t like it”

Zed seemed speechless at the question.

Her eyes, white face, and cheeks, which had a strange light, had a lovely flush, and his lips were also red as if they had blood.

And there was a curve on her lips.

Long loose black hair and white skin in contrast.

The red curve contained an obvious temptation.

Zed stared blankly at the dizzying figure for a moment.

He quickly raised one corner of his mouth at that short and simple provocation.

“Well, how about it”

He pulled Lucifella’s waist and stuck her close to his body.

Then their lips touched.

Although she started, everything was done under his hands.

Even though Lucifella tried to follow clumsily, Zed still took the lead.

Zed pressed his hand to her cheek and licked Lucifella’s lips open. 

In an instant, his tongue came in and brushed her even teeth.

The muddy sound of the wet parts touched my ears.

His flesh was hot.


The arm wrapped around his neck tightened, but Zed’s hand rubbed Lucifella’s back as if reassuringly.

At that, she shut her eyes tightly.

The black eyelashes trembled.

His hand, which had been on her cheek, moved behind her ear, stroking her head, and then went down to her neck and chest.

Lucifella flinched, her eyes trembling, and tried to push him away.

Zed also opened his eyes.

For a moment, something brushed against his reddish-brown eyes as his lips and body fell apart.

Lucifella’s breath was disturbed by the afterglow of a fierce kiss.

Zed was also weakly quick to breathe.

The men and women who had just kissed, a strange heat settled in the room.

Zed stared at Lucifella’s face for a long time with an incredulous expression.

Then he reached out a hand to tidy up his messy hair, and put his cloak back.

He stiffened his face coldly.

There was a deep anger on his face.

No conversation existed.

The heat that had heated up quickly cooled down.

Lucifella stiffened with a surprised expression with her hand to her lips, and Zed looked at it and frowned slightly.

Then he turned around and went out of the room.


Bernard has long learned that his master’s character is not so good.

So no matter what his boss does, he’s like, “Well, that’s possible.

He’s been a bit straightforward since he was a kid, so that’s possible.

I won’t be surprised and I’m not annoyed by anything.

It’s the beginner who gets annoyed.” He has a broad mindset, which is the knowledge of the Deputy.

If one day at the temple, “The oracle has been given.

You are a saint from God!” Even so, he was not surprised and confident to go there.

Because he was a saint.

When the master gets angry, he says, “Mountains are mountains, water is water, stars are stars, and that person’s personality is Jansgar’s black lion.

Animals are like that.

He’s not a man.” He had the same very positive thought.

This was his way of living the world wisely.

But Bernard boldly gave up calling himself a saint.

Straightforward What kind of crazy guy thought of that

And black lion What a black lion! That man wasn’t a roaring lion, but an arrogant, picky cat.

It wasn’t “Nyaaa,” and it showed signs of not feeling well, not for a day, but for nearly three days.

It was the first time he had been so sharp since the end of the War of Assumption of Ersha three years ago.

Bernard sighed.

I’ve been doing this job, I should have quit then.

“I have received a letter from the Cremad Blacksmith Guild.”

“What’s your business”

He sat at his desk, looking out the window and listening to the report.

After three days of everything, he was now in a daze.

“This time, ask for financial aid for the development of iron weapons…..”

“Are we philanthropists Throw it away.”

“What do you mean….”

Isn’t it suicide not to provide funding to the weapon-making guild The price of weapons jumped because of the long war, especially because there were no high-performance weapons, so they could not be sold.

The pride of the weapon makers pierced the sky, and if they went against their will, there were restrictions on obtaining rare weapons in the future.

This was no exception to the Duke of Heint.

There were many blacksmiths from the Duchy in that guild, but these were also because they followed their interests.

This is the wrong judgment of the master.

We have to stop it! If you make foolish choices that are swept away by emotions, you will all be ruined.

Then the duke’s reddish-brown eyes glared at Bernard.

As if he knows what he was thinking.

Bernard flinched at him.

“You don’t think my decision is emotional and reasonable right I don’t know when the war of territorial expansion ended and I’m not sure if they’re eager to develop weapons.

If it’s the top part of the Kremad, isn’t it mainly the development of siege weapons It’s not a weapon against monsters, and we’re going to wage a territorial battle If you want to be ripped off, you invest your money.”

“No, I’ll follow it.”

“If you want to report in the future, think about it before you do it.

Is your head a flowerpot for growing hair”

I said it for no reason, and even the nagging got me into the stomach.

Bernard squeezed his eyes shut.

Wouldn’t it be better to get out of here He didn’t have a family to take responsibility for, and he couldn’t get married because he didn’t have time to do that because of the migrant army.

Next, there were reports about the soldiers who were caught and arrested for causing a disturbance in public morals in the standing army stationed in the territory.

The Duke’s irritation began again.

This time he imposed a brutal punishment of coal mine labor for a week.

It was normal to end up with a few slaps.

In addition, when the 101st letter from Count Yenia Young Lady, who was courting the Duke whether he was interested in her, arrived, he threw it into the fireplace, saying that it was a waste of ink and time to write a letter.

The young lady’s flame-like love became a real flame in the fireplace and disappeared.

Even so, he was Count Yenia, and he was trying to say something because he was a Count working in the Ministry of Finance, but he knew he didn’t want to become firewood and shut his mouth.

The fire was hot, and Bernard hated it.

This time tea time was the problem.

Tea, that tea!

He drank hot tea in a gulp, and his arrogance was exhausted.

It was his master’s fault for not listening with his ear to what the maid said, “It’s hot, please dreak it with caution.” Then he looked out the window and shouted.

“Damn rain!”

He was annoyed that it was raining now.

“Damn it, it’s raining heavily!”

Wouldn’t it be annoying to this person that the clouds are white, the sky is blue, the desk is wooden, and the teacup is ceramic But why isn’t it annoying to tell the truth about yourself

At that point, you might feel skeptical about your dirty personality.

At that point, you can be skeptical about your dirty personality.

I want to leave the office.

I want to go back.

But to his tears, Bernard’s residence was here.

Bernard was guessing the reason why the master was doing this.

He became strange after visiting Lucifella Aydin.

As soon as he went, he came back like the wind, and he was getting all kinds of irritation.

What on earth happened to the crazy Yeong Lady, and on the first day after going there, he was blowing out low pressure, and on the second day, he was exploding his anger, irritation, and on the third day, he was exploding his picky and sensitive like a cat.

Don’t tell me, this snooty master of his own fell for Lucifella Eidin

The background of the Aydin family did not matter because the master’s background was excellent, but things are different if the woman is crazy.

She doesn’t seem to be in her normal condition from the information he hears, what the hell happened What’s so attractive about her

“What in the world was so attractive”

“Yes, yes!”

Bernard almost fainted at the words that seemed to have dug into his head.

Has the master finally mastered the mind-reading technique He really thought his heart was popping out.

Long live the Duke of Heint.

Prosper forever! He quickly enumerated the merits of his master in his head.

He did not dare to think that the Duke was like a cat.

He has no idea…..

“It is nothing.”

This man murmured gloomily, not knowing what obsequious admiration for him had opened up in Bernard’s head.

“I’m just a crazy guy.”


“To someone who is insane…..”

Bernard decided not to jump to conclusions because he had not yet obtained any conclusive information.

But he was almost sure it was related to Lucifella.

When he heard the words, Lucifella, he decided that he would make a report that he couldn’t deliver when the Duke made a fuss with his tea during tea time.

“Your Excellency.”

The Duke looked at him indifferently as if to answer.

“Count Aydin Young Lady.”

“What Why!”

When Bernard saw him leaning toward him and asking right after he had been loosened, Bernard felt his conjectures almost right.

“She’s going to the Count Aydin’s territory.”


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