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Chapter 17: Unexpected Worries Part 2


At the Autumn Banquet, why did he leave Lucifella and go away What did the Count do until the real Lucifella jumped into the Imperial Lake

Even when Lucifella confessed her feelings for the Crown Prince to the Count, the Count listened to it silently.

Even when she jumped into the Lake because of the Crown Prince, he didn’t even get angry at the Crown Prince.


The Count looked wounded.

But the real Lucifella has suffered more than this.

She shouted to the Count, “Shut up,” Lucifella in her heart at the constant urge not to be angry.

“I’m not okay at all.”

She doesn’t know much about the real Lucifella, but she has said that the vicious Lucifella is only say ‘okay’ to the Count.

But now she was Lucifella, and she didn’t intend to say that.

The Count sighed and reached out and put his hand on Lucifella’s head.

“Later, later you’ll understand everything.


When is the latter In the end, the Count gives up on his daughter.

Lucifella looked at his face without answering.  Then he dodged that gaze.

On the other hand, Lucifella hurriedly closed her mouth as she tried to say whether she felt sorry for his daughter.

The count’s words were not wrong.

I might do something crazier here.

I had to leave the capital right away.

Whether she’s Estelle or Lucifella, things will get worse if she gets more emotional here now.

Anything worse than this had to be avoided.

Lucifella struggled to coldly suppress her boiling feelings.

“All right, I’m going.”


Preparations for going to the estate were quickly finished.

Apparently, the Count had been preparing for her since she lay ill.

Originally, she had to lie down a little longer at the recommendation of the doctor, but Lucifella said she would leave on the next day immediately, saying she would leave quickly as she had decided.

The maids and the Count dissuaded her, but to no avail.

Wouldn’t this crazy reason be properly awakened if you were left alone, away from the Count, from the Emperor, from Khalid in the Palace

He might come up with an answer to the existence of Estelle.

That was her idea.

On the day of her departure, Lucifella’s carriage was a luxurious carriage prepared with great care by the Count.

The maids standing next to me briefly admired.

The carriage was large, with delicate golden patterns, the horses were of good quality, and the wheels looked strong.

“I prepared it for you.

There’s a cushion filled with goose feathers in there.

You could sleep on your way.”

Meanwhile, Lucifella was thinking about how many escort knights would be and how her guard would be, remembering that her fancy carriages could easily be targeted by thieves.

Fortunately, the road to the estate seemed to be safe because there were hired escorts.

“While you’re there, you can also see the gems being mined.

If there’s a gem you like, you can tell Matsy.”

Lucifella did not respond to that.

She knew that what the Count wanted was Lucifella’s “okay” and a farewell smile.

But she didn’t want to give the Count what he wanted.

She tried to get into her carriage without saying goodbye.

But somehow, she felt uncomfortable.


Now the word father has come out smoothly.

“I’m not okay.”

The Count’s face hardened again.

Lucifella sighed lowly and said as her face was stained with unknown sadness.

“But if I’m okay, let me come back.

I won’t cause you any more trouble then.”

This was her promise.

She promises to be okay.

If she returns to the capital, she will no longer act clumsy and weak.

“You’ll do that for me right Father.”

At her words, the Count was about to say more.

She guessed it was a refusal, but he soon sighed and laughed.

The Count came up to her.

I felt a warm pressure.

The Count embraced Lucifella.

He stroked Lucifella’s hair gently.

“Yes, I will.”

His eyes were red with tears.

“When you’re okay, I’ll do it if that’s what you want.”

While feeling the affection of her father, Lucifella felt an unknown resentment and loneliness.

That may be how real Lucifella felt for the Count.

“You should because you’re my daughter.

She definitely will.”

Lucifella smiled at the answer.

After that short and long goodbye, Lucifella, who lower her body, grabbed the hem of her skirt, bowed gracefully, and climbed into her carriage.

Her heart raced at the thought of going to a new place.

Let’s take it easy on everything.

And let’s get back to health.

It won’t take much time.

And Khalid won’t be running anywhere.

I could hear the sound of the carriage wheels rolling and the sound of the horse crying.

The carriage was certainly comfortable, and she thought she could go comfortably during the long journey down to the estate.

The view of the capital flashed through the window.

At that time, even in the Duke Heint’s carriage, she watched the evening capital scene.

‘Come to think of it, what happens to the Duke of Heint’

Rumors spread that she was crazy, and she came to think of it, but now that I think about it, he must have heard the rumor and came to see me She opened her eyes wide to the fact that she had realized for a moment.

‘Or did he not believe the rumor in the first place’

But Lucifella’s father thought she was crazy, too….

Lucifella then shook her head.

‘No, you must have wanted to check with your own eyes if I was really crazy.’

She told herself.

Then she frowned and shook her head faster.

The embarrassment she had done kept trying to come her mind.

The kiss came to her mind again.

She kept trying to get rid of those thoughts from her head.

Royza looked anxiously at her.

It was when she was struggling to come up with another idea.

She heard a murmur, and the carriage stopped.

What is it She naturally tensed up and raised her back. 

Knock, knock.

I heard a knock on the door.

She looked at Royza, who was sitting in front of her.

Before she knew it, she, who was dozing off, quickly opened her eyes and opened the wagon window.

“His Highness the Second Prince is here.”

At the words of the escort, Lucifella opened the door of the carriage with a frown.

It was because the royal family could not be greeted irreverently in the carriage.

As I held the hand of the escort and slightly grabbed the skirt, I saw a prince riding a white horse.

As Lucifella approached him, Eozif jumped from his horse pretending to be clumsy.

“Wow, I almost parted with Young Lady without seeing her.”

He looked like a picture.

It could have looked like that if it weren’t for the thick glasses frame.

With his long, dark blond hair tied up, he smiled sweetly over his glasses.

Then he looked at Lucifella’s face and burst into laughter.

“I’m so worried about Young Lady’s health.

At that time, you collapsed and was taken to the mansion, so I didn’t even had a chance to ask about your condition.”

Lucifella was swearing at the impudent Prince inside.

A person with such a scheme was the kind of person Estelle hated the most.

“For what purpose did the Second Prince come out of the Palace”

“Oh, me I came out because I had a limited edition book that I wanted to buy.

A manuscript written by the author of “Play in a Mimong” was found! And as soon as I saw Young Lady leaving the capital, I chased you in such a hurry.”

Collection of handwritten manuscripts.

It would be almost like a body handling a sword, but it seemed to keep the false appearance disguised as a bookworm really solid.

Eozif, who saw Lucifella’s heartless expression, said.

“So the Second Knights suffered a lot.

Remember The person who was under that balcony the last time we met.”

I was blown away by those words.

His expression, which had been relaxed, hardened sharply.

Lucifella almost glared at Iwozef, and asked, “Would you still like to make that expression” His face was filled with a deep smile.

He looked at Lucifella’s face and said excitedly.

“Ah, Young Lady Aydin, the Second Knights Commander, helped Young Lady a lot when you collapsed.

It’s better to say hello, right”

Eozif turned his back and gestured.

“Sir Louirk.”

Her heart was beating like crazy.

That Second Prince doesn’t seem to have any intention of letting go of the outburst of emotions that she showed to Khalid from the beginning.

The Second Prince, who smiled with an innocent expression in spite of Lucifella’s scorching gaze, looked docile and kind.

The sound of footsteps was heard.

Lucifella could not dare to turn her head and look over at the sound of footsteps behind her.

“It’s pleasure to meet you, Lady Aydin.”

A very familiar voice was heard behind my back.


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