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Chapter 20: In A New Place Part 2


Did Lucifella hate it Lucifella had never come down here at any point from what she remembered.

You can’t guess all of Lucifella’s mind, but it could be because she roughly lost her mother and even her father tried to kill himself here.

“I have no aesthetics, so I can’t tell the difference, so let the butler take care of it.

You can tell just by looking at this dress, right”

Lucifella said, lifting the skirt of the dress she was wearing.

Yamin and Matsy’s eyes, who were bowing their heads, grew.

“Oh, my Lady! I thought it was familiar, but the dress you’re wearing is!”

“I heard it’s my Mother’s I borrowed it.”

“Is that so”

Matsy had a subtle look on her at Lucifella’s heartless words.

Lucifella looked uncomfortable at the apparent longing in the pair’s eyes.

I’m afraid the next thing to say is…..

“Oh, you look just like your Mother.”

Ugh, she knew these words would come out.

Lucifella, she was somewhat tormented by her guilt.

She herself is Estelle, because when she sees herself and thinks of this Lucifella’s mom, she feels like she’s cheating on them.

Lucifella scratched her chin awkwardly.

“Now, is there anything I need to do here”

“Oh, no, my Lady.

Just do what you want.”


Then I’ll have to eat breakfast first.

Lucifella tapped her stomach and thought.

The morning was dawning in a new place.


“You look pretty bored, Zed.”

Zed raised his head with a frown at Eozif’s voice.

“Why did the Prince, who should have stayed calm and read a book, come here  Are you going to say that you have a plan now”

Eozif put something on Zed’s desk.

Zed saw that it was a book.

The book, which was dyed purple, was written, “The Violet That Bloomed at The Knight Training Ground.” It was obvious that it was a love story.

If you said you came here because you wanted to know more about the knights with this, the knights would have sent Eozif with their heads shaking.

Zed shuddered when he saw Eozif’s natural “bookworm” performance.

If you know how black he is inside, everyone will avoid him.

“This is the best-selling novel in Green Hill these days.”

“What kind of violet blooms at the knight training ground It’s going to wither away.”


You cold man! You say that when you see a book that you can’t read without tears Violet means so much here! It symbolizes the true love of a knight! Read it!”

Eozif said enthusiastically.

What kind of dog chews grass As Zed threw the book he had held out, Eozif screamed, picked it up, and blew away the dust.

“I guess you came here to act like a beggar in front of me.”

“No, I thought you’d be bored.”

“Even if I’m bored, I don’t want to play with you and relieve my boredom.”

Zed’s cold words made Eozif sip the tea on Zed’s desk.

“Why Then would it be fun to be with Young Lady Aydin”

Zed’s face twisted at once.

“I don’t know why you keep talking about Young Lady Aydin.”

“You’re reacting too sensitively, Zed.”

“Shut up.”

Eozif laughed when Zed uttered abusive language again.

Eozif put off his glasses and said, with his green eyes shining.

“I’m very curious about Young Lady Aydin.

What the hell happened Why she’s so different Have you ever thought it was weird”

“You’re really overly interested.

Like your brother.”

Zed growled and Eozif laughed.

“Zed, have you ever held hands with Lady Aydin”


“Not at the banquet this fall, but with bare hands.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, don’t you know that this question is too much”

There was a chill in Zed’s voice.

Eozif saw it and said in a cold sweat inside.

“No, it’s weird no matter how much I look at it.

I’ve been hiding my swordmanship pretty well.

The attendants always my people, so they couldn’t have leaked from there.

But how did Young Lady Aydin notice that”

“….I guess you’re clumsy, so it’s not in your head, right”

“No, that was the first time I met Young Lady and talked properly to her to be perceived as clumsy.

You know, only you and my entourage know that I learned swordsmanship from the previous Duke.

But how did he notice it after having such a conversation only once.”

“It was because you were clumsy.”

At Zed’s words, Eozif shook his head with excitement.

“No, I thought about it and I got the answer.”

Seeing the interest in Zed’s eyes, Eozif smirked.

He removed the gloves from his hand.

The back of my white, fine hand caught my eye.

“The only time I hold hands with women is when a banquet is held.

Even holding hands with gloves on.

I like women in the first place, so I don’t have to hold hands with men.”

Eozif laughed and turned his hand upside down.

Then, the palm of the hand covered with calluses came into eyes.

“Just once, I put my bare hand on young lady’s hand.

It was then.”


“There is no other answer than that.

It seemed that I was carrying all these books so easily, but there’s too little evidence for her to realize that I learn swordmanship…..”


“This hand.

She figured it out by the feel of the calluses on my hand.”


When Zed heard that, he answered as if he understood it.

It was only then that Eozif realized that Zed was agreeing with his opinion.

“Yeah, so there was an event that hand deserved to be held You hid it well from me.”

But the answer was completely different from what Eozif had expected.

With Zed’s cold tone and disapproval on his face, Eozif made a curious look and soon burst into laughter.

“Ah, Zed! Zed! You’re so funny!”


“We were just trying to pick up a fallen book at the same time, and I stumbled across it! I didn’t catch her hard!”

“Yeah, let’s say so.”

Zed replied with a disapproving look.

Zed was displeased with Eozif’s interest in Lucifella.

Why do you talk about someone else’s fiancée like that when you only met her once

So was it that I deliberately visited her and saw her before she left.

In Zed’s head, the scene where Lucifella and Eozifs hands met clearly came to mind.

Why do you hold hands It was clear that Eozif had approached her to act as a chatterbox.

Then suddenly, Zed recalled what happened at the palace that day.

He met Eozif at the Imperial Palace Library and said that Lucifella had thrown herself from the Imperial Palace.

Eozif seemed to know something.

What the hell is it As Zed expected, did she really jump because she couldn’t forget the Crown Prince

Zed looked at Eozif.

But if you ask that Eozif for information, he’ll need to pay the price.

He thought the other way again.

Why the hell does Lucifella know the feel of a sword-hardened knight’s palm

Of course, Zed’s hands were also covered in calluses.

And if they say they held hands, they have.

When we dance.

But that time Zed was wearing gloves.

Could it be that she noticed because she ever holding the Crown Prince hand

However, although the Crown Prince learned swordsmanship as part of his education, he did not practice swordsmanship thoroughly enough to make his hands rough.

Don’t tell me she had anything to do with other knights

‘What is it What is it’

Zed made a grimace.

When he thought of Lucifella, he felt like he was getting more and more into a labyrinth.

A person who fell into the Crown Prince and was betrayed, a woman who was in bad condition who couldn’t forget the Crown Prince and fell into despair.

Shouldn’t you be this easy-to-understand human

Thinking about Lucifella, she was somewhere different from the ladies he had met.

Once again, Lucifella’s twinkling eyes came to mind.

He went crazy because he couldn’t figure out why he was reminded of those eyes.

Sometimes he remembered her bright smile, her twinkling eyes, even as he looked at his work or swung his sword.

It had already been over two weeks since she left.

It must have been a long time since you arrived.

No, but isn’t it polite as his fiancée to send a letter saying that she has arrived safely I’ll go home and see if Bernard got a letter.

Maybe the letter was misrepresented, so I’ll have to track it down.

Thus, the suspicious question about Lucifella that Eozif brought disappeared from Zed’s head.


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