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Chapter 21: The Tragedy of Count Aydin Part 2


“Ah, it hurts! Hurt! Louis, please kill me! Please! Kill me, kill me!”

The Countess’s face, who was suffering from a fever with a red face, came to mind.

The back face of the Count who was desperate.

“My Lady Are you okay”

Lucifella exhaled a deep breath as Matsy asked again with concern, and shook her head.

“Lucy, please, Lucy, tell your father to kill me.

I beg you.

I don’t think I can live like this.”

“No, I remembered a little.”

Lucifella put on a nonchalant look.

However, Matsy’s expression was seriously stiff, as if he had guessed.

“My mother must have been in a lot of pain.”


Lucifella was at a loss for words.

“And after that, a jewel mine was discovered in the estate”

“That’s right.”

Following by the Count’s suicide attempt.

Ironically, things have improved since then.

Jewels were found in one of the twin mountains that the small, unsightly estate had.

“It wasn’t a huge mine, but it was enough to enrich the estate.”

Lucifella nodded her head at Matsy’s explanation.

My heart was pounding with the feeling of the moment.

The shock that young Lucifella experienced has still been conveyed.

She sympathized with the real Lucifella.

The reason why she didn’t want to come down to the estate was so firm.

No one wants to go back to where their mother and father’s miserable past is.

Lucifella, who somehow knew the situation of these families, sighed at this uncomfortable feeling.

Then she saw her mother, the Countess, smiling.

What did the Count think when he saw his dead wife in this southern room

Lucifella didn’t dare guess the feeling.

Even in Lucifella’s body, she was already a different person.


It was about 20 days after Lucifella left, Zed who was shuddered with boredom, received the news.

In the northwest, news of a massive attack on the village was delivered to the capital.

“Are you going to go”


The capital is so boring that I can’t stand it.

I have to tell His Majesty.”

At Bernard’s words, Zed said, raising the corners of his mouth.

Bernard, who saw it, thought it was a start again.

Zed has been in the capital for more than a year since he became an adult.

It was a mistake to think that it would change a little after inheriting the title.

Zed hated the hustle and bustle of the capital, and also hated the insidiousness of the power struggle between them.

This point was quite the opposite of the previous Duke of Heint.

The previous Duke of Heint was the one who actively claimed what he wanted from the emperor.

So there were factions, and he was always in the capital.

On the other hand, Zed made an effort to win anything he wanted, but he wasn’t the type of person who was passionate about taking care of things.

Besides, if there’s something he doesn’t like, he would avoid it because it was just some nonsense, rather than trying to clean it up.

He didn’t want to get involved in everything unless someone touched him directly. 

Bernard knew that Zed would dispose of the mansion in the capital within a year or two and return his position as commander of the knights and return to the estate.

It just so happened that Zed had been doing his duties quite faithfully in the office of the First Knights to this day, so he only had to walk to the office of the Central Palace.

Due to the structure of the Imperial Palace, the buildings of the First and Second Knights were attached, and Zed had to pass there.

“Argh! Help me! Help me!”


Zed’s footsteps stopped at the sound of the woman’s small scream and then moved again.

He asked Bernard quietly.

“What is that”

“I heard that the Crown Prince has begun to bully the maids these days.

He seems to be bothering the Second Knights building just in case His Majesty knows.”

Bernard said, kicking his tongue.

“I thought he was being careful these days, but I guess he hasn’t changed.”

Bernard also nodded in agreement when Zed spoke with an expression of disgust.

“But they said he only picked black-haired maid and bullied them.”


Zed stopped his steps.

“All the black-haired women working at the Imperial Palace are scared and eager to dye their hair.”

Zed looked back as if to confirm.

In the vacant lot in front of the Knights’ building, members of the Second Knights were lined up, and one of them was whipping a maid.

In the middle of it, I saw the face of the Crown Prince, who seemed to know even if I didn’t say anything.

The smiling Crown Prince’s face was disgusting even from a distance.

“……Those bastards tarnishing the Knights’ face.

That’s right.

That’s the kind of guy the leader is…..

Come to think of it, where’s the Duke Louirk”

“He applied for a vacation.”


“I don’t know the details.

It’s personal…..”


“It is also….”

Zed smiled coldly.

The corners of his mouth were smiling, but his eyes were fierce.

Bernard broke out in a cold sweat.

If it wasn’t for the Imperial Palace, I would have heard one at a time.

But he also has something to say.

Khalid quietly left the capital without being noticed by the intelligence guild.

It seems that the knights guarding the gates of the capital at that time were able to escape more easily because they were the Second Knights.

“What else did the dog of the Imperial Palace sneak out of the capital do”

Zed murmured, twisting the corners of his lips.

Then Zed looked back.

Still, the maid was being whipped and screaming in agony.

When I saw that only black haired women were tormented like this, I could feel even the tenacious malice that the Crown Prince had toward black haired women.

It was obvious why he had done this.

It was just that he wanted to avenge Lucifella.

No matter what he wanted to do, it was difficult for the Crown Prince to use his hand as she went down to her estate.

It was hard for the Crown Prince to use his hands…..

Somehow I felt suspicious, but I ignored that thought….

“Are you going”

“There’s a crown prince over there.

How can I”

Zed said sarcastically.

“It’s been a while since I’ve told you.

I also owe you one last time.”

Zed’s steps to the palace quickened.

Too bad for that poor maid, but in this situation, Zed’s judgment was most effective in getting things done.

Shortly after Zed entered the palace, the Crown Prince’s forbidden order was issued by the Emperor.


Lucifella looked displeased at the knights.

She knew it very well because she was Estelle.

Of course, there are limits to the level of the knights selected by the territory owner.

In addition, the Count’s estate was a border area in the past, and she knew that in Jansgar, where the territorial boundaries were extended, it was almost inland, so there was no need for defense.

Nevertheless, Lucifella endured the itching of her lips to say something after seeing their training.

Yes, this is Jansgar.

They are not citizens of Ersha.

It’s none of my business.

At the same time, seeing this situation made me angry and couldn’t stand it.

Let’s say the equipment is old.

No, how do you think this is so! Why the hell does a sword have a tooth out

She wanted to ask the blacksmith to repair all the swords right away.

In addition, the sound.

Lucifella sighed when she heard the sound.

The sound of swords clashing was clearly the sound of a bad iron sword.

If this is the case, the sword may break when it collides with a really good sword.

Unlike the ‘Royal Knight’ selected by the Emperor himself, the ‘knight’ selected by the nobles themselves had the meaning of being a knight of the nobility rather than a formal knight.

But it’s a knight.

Knights are the idols of commoners who are like semi-nobles! It means that you shouldn’t gather idiots and have them raise their swords.

Somehow, I thought it was strange that all the knights in the count were hired, but it seems that it was because the quality of the knights was poor.

How Duke Heint would laugh at this.

I gritted my teeth.

Just as colorful clothes and buildings symbolize the family, solid military power symbolized the power of the family.

Naturally, the level of knights was different by family.

For example, it was the knights of the Heint family that were considered the most among the high-level noble knights in Jansgar.

Even before the war broke out between Jansgar and Ersha, the level of the knights of the Heint family was so high that can even be heard in Ersha.

As the war progressed more slowly than expected, the King of Jansgar requested assistance from the Duke of Heint.

When the knights and elite soldiers trained directly by the Heint family entered the field, Ersha’s defeat accelerated out of control.

Lucifella recalled the unlucky Duke of Heint, Zed.

The appearance of a knight wearing black armor and freely swinging a huge sword remained the same as the nickname Black Lion.

“…..I’m so unlucky.”

Lucifella muttered, biting her lip.


Matsy and Royza, who were next to her, asked at the same time.

It was the first negative word that their Lady, who had always been calm, if not sweet, said.

It was time for them to talk more.

“Hey, there, come here.”


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